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DTA Instructions to admit Re-apportioned Teachers Salaries in NHRMS

Memo.No: FIN02-18025/3/2021-H SEC-DTA Dated: 06/04/2021
Sub: DTA - Re-apportionment of teaching staff working in the Govt.,/MPP/ZPP Schools in the State - Admittance of supplementary bills into audit - Instructions - Issued-Reg

DTA Instructions to admit Re-apportioned Teachers Salaries in NHRMS

1. Telephonic message received from CEO, APCFSS on 06-04-2020.
2. Lr.No.4/2021 from Shaik Sabjee, MLC dated 06-04-2021.
3. Lr.No 12/2021 of President/General Secretary, AP United Teachers Federation Dt 06-04-2021.
4. This ofce Memo.No: FIN02-18025/3/2021-H SEC DTA Dated: 22-03-2021
5. Lr.Rc.No.13029/11/2021-EST 3 dated 15-03-2021 of Director of School Education dt:15/03/2021
6. G.O.Ms.No.53 School Education(Ser.II) dept., dt 12-10-2020. 
  • Attention of all the Deputy Directors of District Treasuries in the State is invited to the subject and references cited. In continuation of orders issued in the reference 4th cited and as per the telephonic instructions of CEO,APCFSS they are hereby requested to admit the supplementary bills(through NHRMS) of the re-apportioned teachers, who are relocated to new places based on the instructions issued in the reference 6th cited. Further they are instructed to take utmost care while admitting the bills into audit and these instructions are applicable for supplementary bills as a one time measure only.
  • This is for favour of information.


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