JAGANANNA SMART TOWN Layouts - MIG Plots Scheme for Middle Class People/ Employees

JAGANANNA SMART TOWN Layouts - MIG Plots for Middle Class People/ Employees . AP Govt has proposed for MIG Plots for Middle Class People nearby to Towns / Municipalities/ Municpal Corporations. AP Sachivalyam employees will conduct Demand Survey and submit report to CM. Details of the JAGANANNA Smart Town Layouts - MIG Plots for Middle Class People and Employees are explained in Details in the Video and below. Jagananna Smart Town Application Form Download.Jagananna Smart Town Scheme Details | MIG Application Andhra Pradesh Government and CM Launch Jagananna Smart Town Scheme Details for MIG (Middle Income Groups) Application Form, జగనన్న స్మార్ట్ టౌన్ పథకం Eligibility Criteria, Documents required. 18 smart layouts to be developed in 12 towns across Andhra Pradesh Distribution of affordable plots to middle class will be continuous process, a land bank will be created, says CM
Development of MIG Layouts in Urban Local Bodies/Development Authorities - Constitution of Committees at District Level and State Level – Terms of Reference and Guidelines – Orders Issued

JAGANANNA SMART TOWN Layouts - MIG Plots for Middle Class 

The JAGANANNA SMART TOWNS (JST) will be situated within five kilometres from the city limits.
They will have all the facilities including wide roads, drainage system, street lights, drinking water, parks, community hall, schools, health centre and shopping mall, etc.,
Each smart town will be provided with overhead tank to supply drinking water, electricity substation, plantation, solar panels and other facilities
Andhra Pradesh CM Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy is planning to develop areas near by the cities. State government planning to develop and sell plots near town for the middle income group families. This scheme is known as Jagananna Smart Town Scheme. Under this scheme there are lots of having area of 200 to 240 square yard will be created and that will be distributed to the MIG group. To follow the orders the municipal administration as well as the Urban Development and their ministers and director of Town and Country planning and director the Commissioner of urban local bodies can check out the demand survey. These are the authorities that are conducting the demand survey and then they will provide information to government about the size and features of smart town which is created in each town and city.

The Government have observed that, middle class people are approaching Real Estate developers and purchasing plots in unapproved layouts and thereby resulting in haphazard growth of town and cities leading to legal disputes, traffic problems and lack of lung space, physical and social infrastructure etc.
In order to promote planned/integrated developments of various towns by providing the basic infrastructure facilities and to safeguard the interest of the public at large by ensuring availability of clear title residential plots at affordable prices, it is decided to develop well planned layouts by Government authorities with proposed Plot Size of 200 / 240 Sq. yds.

Watch the Video for JAGANANNA SMART TOWN Layouts - MIG Plots Complete Details

Guidelines for selection of MIG layout sites:

Eligibility criteria of Jagananna Smart Town Scheme
Applicant who is permanent resident of Andhra Pradesh is eligible for this scheme.
Only middle income group (MIG) families are are eligible to apply for this scheme.
The plot area size is 200 TO 240 square yard. If this size is good for you then you can apply for this scheme.

The government also formed district and state-level committees with joint collector and commissioner and director of municipal administration as chairpersons respectively, with officials concerned, and ordered them to submit proposals for approval
  • i. The location of the site proposed for MIG layouts shall have demand for house sites.
  • ii. Interior areas which do not have any future growth shall be avoided.
  • iii. Existing employment opportunities available in the area need to be considered to decide site location.
  • iv. Site should have existing approach road.
  • v. As far as possible, avoid lands having weak soil bearing capacity.
  • vi. The site should be on elevated ground. It should have appropriate slope to afford good facility of drainage. Site prone to submergence due to heavy rains shall be avoided.
  • vii. Sites nearer to ponds, pools of water, water logged areas must be avoided.
  • viii. The site should be contiguous and as far as possible regular shape. 
  • ix. The source for Potable water should be ensured.
  • x. The surrounding of site should be expandable.
  • xi. The orientation of site should be such that it receives natural light and air in plenty.
  • xii. The location of site is such that the common facilities like school, transportation, medical facilities etc are within reasonable range.
  • xiii. Within ULB maximum 3 KM from developed area in case of Municipality, within ULB or maximum 5 Km from the developed area in case of Municipal Corporations.
  • xiv. Nearby contiguous to the Pedalandarikiillu sites.
  • xv. Cost involved in providing trunk infrastructure and Cost for Infrastructure development shall be kept in mind while selecting the site preferably existing infra / Jagananna colonies.
  • xvi. Site selected Must be free from litigation.
  • xvii. Master plan Land use to be considered. If site is suitable for residential development and requires CLU, the same shall be indicated
  • xx. Three (3) categories of plot with the following size and household income is proposed:
Category Plot size Household income
MIG – I 150 Sq.Yards For households with an annual income of above Rs. 3.00 lakhs and up to Rs.18.00 Lakhs
MIG – II 200 Sq. Yards
MIG – III 240 Sq. yards.
"జగనన్న స్మార్ట్ టౌన్" మధ్యతరగతి ఆదాయ వర్గాల వారి (M.I.G) ఇండ్ల స్థలాల పథకం ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వం మధ్య తరగతి ఆదాయ వర్గాల వారికి సొంత ఇంటి కలను సాకారం చేసేదిశగా “జగనన్న స్మార్ట్ టౌన్" పేరుతో ఇంటి స్థలాలను పట్టణానికి 3 km. దూరంలోనే అందుబాటులో ఉండే విధంగా ఏర్పాటు చేస్తారు. 
3 లక్షల నుండి 18 లక్షల లోపు సంవత్సర ఆదాయం కలిగిన వారందరూ (ప్రభుత్వ ఉద్యోగులు కూడా) పథకానికి అర్హులు. ఆసక్తి గల వారందరూ మీ వివరాలను మీ సమీప సచివాలయ ప్లానింగ్ సెక్రటరీ కి తెలియజేయగలరు. స్థల వివరములు
అర్హత (సంవత్సరాదాయము పరిమితి) 
  • M.I.G -1- 150 చదరపు గజాలు (3 సెంట్లు) 3 లక్షలు నుండి 6 లక్షలు 
  • M.I.G -2 - 200 చదరపు గజాలు (4 సెంట్లు) -1 6లక్షలు నుండి 12 లక్షలు 
  • M.I.G -3-240 చదరపు గజాలు (5 సెంట్లు) 12 లక్షలు నుండి 18 లక్షలు
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  1. Good programme initiated by the government.government previously initiated name of Rajeev swagruha not completed in successful manner.any how alloting land according to their income level is good.it will not only solve the housing problem of individuals but also generate income to the government to implement welfare schemes to the download people in society

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    The honble CM sirPlease provide some special quota for Indian army service person's

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  6. Government has lot of debt already lakhs crores
    Being teacher and educated you should think and act wisely.. dont fall for this kind of schemes. Government doesn't have money, this scheme is just for collecting money.. when this will complete no one knows

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  16. I checked with my volunteer they said there is no scheme in this area, I don't know particular district or all Andhra for this MIG SCHEME, please let me know, this is from TIRUPATI near KOTRAMANGALAM VILLAGE.

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