AP on Curfew form 5th May - Guidelines Exempted categories from Curfew Detailed Instructions

HM& FW Department – Imposing of Curfew in the State to contain the spread of Covid-19 - Orders – Issued. HEALTH, MEDICAL AND FAMILY WELFARE (B2) DEPARTMENT AP on Curfew form 5th May - Guidelines for Shops open from 6-12 am under 144 Section
G.O.RT. No. 192 Dated: 04-05-2021. Read the following: AP on Partial Lockdown form 5th May - Shops open from 6-12 am 144 Section  రాష్ట్రంలో కోవిడ్‌–19 నియంత్రణ కోసం ప్రభుత్వం కీలక నిర్ణయం
బుధవారం నుంచి ఆంక్షలు. పాక్షిక కర్ఫ్యూ అమలు
ఉదయం 6 గంటల నుంచి మధ్యాహ్నం 12 గంటల వరకు అన్ని షాపులు
ఆ తర్వాత అత్యవసర సేవలు మాత్రమే
రెండు వారాల పాటు ఆంక్షలు అమలు
ఉదయం 6 గంటల నుంచి మధ్యాహ్నం 12 వరకు అన్ని షాపులు తెరుచుకోవచ్చు.
ఆ సమయంలో 144వ సెక్షన్‌ అమలు

 AP on Curfew form 5th May - Guidelines Exempted categories from Curfew Instructions

HM& FW Department – Imposing of Curfew in the State to contain the spread of Covid-19 - Orders – Issued. HEALTH, MEDICAL AND FAMILY WELFARE (B2) DEPARTMENT G.O.RT.No. 192 Dated: 04-05-2021. 
Read the following:
1. G.O. Rt. No.161, HM&FW (B2)Dept ., Dated: 20.04.2021. 
2. G.O. Rt. No.169, HM&FW (B2)Dept ., Dated: 24.04.2021. 
3. G.O. Rt. No.175, HM&FW (B2)Dept ., Dated: 26.04.2021.

O R D E R:
Government of Andhra Pradesh has taken several steps to contain the spread of Covid-19 with focus on test-trace- treat-vaccinate and inculcating COVID appropriate behaviour among people of Andhra Pradesh.

2. While reviewing the status of covid pandemic situation in the state and in the wake of surge in cases reported in the last one month, Government after examination, hereby impose the curfew from 12 Noon to 6 AM with effect from 05.05.2021 for a period of two weeks (05.05.2021 to 18.05.2021).

3. During the period of implementation of the curfew, all firms, shops, establishments, offices, educational institutions, restaurants etc. shall close at 12 Noon and reopen after 6 AM except hospitals, diagnostic labs, pharmacies and those dealing with supply of essential services such as the following:
Exempted Categories -1
  • a. Print and electronic media.
  • b. Telecommunications, Internet services, Broadcasting services, IT and IT enabled services.
  • c. Petrol pumps, LPG, CNG, Petroleum and Gas outlets.
  • d. Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution.
  • e. Water supply and Sanitation.
  • f. Cold storage and warehousing services.
  • g. Private Security Services.
  • h. All manufacturing industries shall operate duly following covid appropriate protocol SOPs which shall be issued by the Industries Department.
  • i. All agricultural operations including procurement of agricultural produce shall be allowed duly following covid protocol which shall be issued by the Agriculture Department.
  • 4. Movement of all persons shall be prohibited from 12.00 Noon to 6 AM except the following categories of persons:
Permitted Categories during Curfew:    
  • a. Persons engaged in the activities listed in Para - 3 above.
  • b. Officers/Officials of Government of India and Government of Andhra Pradesh including those of High Court of A.P. and other courts, Urban Local Bodies and Panchayat Raj Institutions on emergency duty on production of valid duty pass with identity card.
  • c. All Medical personnel such as Doctors, nursing staff, paramedics and providers of other Hospital services (both Govt. and Private) etc. on production of valid identity card.
  • d. Pregnant women and patients for the purpose of receiving medical care.
  • e. Persons availing covid vaccination in designated health facilities. f. Persons availing health care in public or private health care establishments.
  • g. Transportation of persons in private vehicles for availing health care services.
  • h. Persons coming from/going to airports, railway stations, bus stands on production of valid ticket. The local administration shall make appropriate arrangements at the airports and railway stations to enable such travel.
  • i. All Inter-State and Intra-State movement of essential and non essential goods are permitted.
  • j. Local transport services including autos and taxis and city bus services shall be allowed to function within the stipulated time (6AM to 12 Noon) duly following all covid protocols communicated from time to time.
  • k. Intra and inter district public transport shall not be allowed. Inter state public transport shall also remain suspended from 12 Noon to 6 AM.
  • l. Functions like marriages etc., which are already scheduled and can not be rescheduled shall be carried out with a maximum of 20 persons with due permission from the local authorities, duly following covid appropriate behaviour.
5. All Departments of the Secretariat/Commissioners of Police/District Collectors shall issue consequential orders/ notifications to implement the above instructions. They shall also make arrangements to issue passes to the exempted category of persons to facilitate their movement.

6. The above regulations shall come into effect immediately and remain in force for two weeks starting from 5th May, 2021.

7. The District Collectors & Magistrates of the State shall impose regulations under Section 144 of Cr PC in prohibiting the gathering of public not more than five even in permitted hours of movement. This shall not be applicable for people standing in queues following social distance norms for purchasing goods and services. However, the exemptions specified in Para-3 shall be applicable throughout the day.

8. Any violation of the aforesaid instructions, shall result in prosecution under Sections 51 to 60 of Disaster Management Act, 2005 and Section 188 of IPC as well as other applicable laws.

9. The Collectors & District Magistrates and District Superintendents of Police and Commissioners of Police shall enforce these orders in the State scrupulously.