TMF Supply of Cleaning Tools -for Toilet Maintenance - instructions - Memo 27023

Memo.ESE02-27023/1/2021-MDM-CSE Dt:03/06/2021 Midday Meals & School Sanitation - Toilet Maintenance Fund TMF Supply of Cleaning Tools -for Toilet Maintenance - instructions - Memo 27023

TMF Supply of Cleaning Tools -for Toilet Maintenance - instructions - Memo 27023

Sub: - (TMF) – Supply of Chemicals/ Cleaning Tools/Accessories to all Govt., Schools/ Junior colleges for Toilet maintenance – Receipt/Storage/Distribution – instructions – Issued-Regarding.

1.G.O.Ms.No.22 School Education (Prg-1) Department, dt.12-03-21. 
2. Procurement of material through e-procurement process.
3.This Office Pro.R.C.No. 27023/1/2021, Mid-Day Meal & School Sanitation dated; 25-05-2021
The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the State are drawn to the reference read above, the Government have issued orders for setting up of Toilet Maintenance Fund (TMF) for maintaining clean toilets in all Govt. Schools and Junior Colleges in the state. For this purpose, the Government have ordered to (a) have care takers called Aayahs engaged by the Parents Committee/ College Development Committees in all schools based on enrolment. (b) Capacity building and training (c) to procure and supply the (i) leaning Agents/Chemical (ii) Cleaning Tools and (iii) Bathroom plastic accessories (d) constitute a Project Monitoring Unit at state level and in all the districts. Accordingly, separate action for engaging Aayahs, Trainings, procurement of material is already initiated.

It is further informed that, for effective monitoring of the TMF programme the Government at para 8 of the G.O. read above, ordered to procure and supply of cleaning tools/cleaning material through e -procurement to maintain uniform quality and to invite reputed national level companies etc in tenders and deliver the material at MANDAL points . The MEOs/ RIOs shall facilitate the delivery of the material to the School points.

E-procurement tender process is taken up /being taken for supply of Cleaning Chemicals/ Cleaning Tools/Accessories and supply orders are given/ being given. The supply process will commence soon to all Mandals in the state.

The following Category of items will be delivered to all Mandals:

A. Cleaning Chemicals: 
(i) Bathroom cleaner/ sanitizer 
(ii) Toilet Cleaner and 
(iii) Air freshener. 
The delivery of these materials will start immediately.

B. Cleaning Tools: 
(i) Bathroom Wiper with long handle 
(ii) Refill Wiper 
(iii) Mop with Long handle
(iv) Refll Mop 
(v) H for storage ard bristles brush with long handle 
(vi) Toilet brush

C. Bathroom Accessories; 
(i) Reflective safety Jacket 
(ii) Spray Bottle 
(iii) Silicon/Rubber gloves with wombs 
(iv) Cob-web broom with long handle 
(v) Caddy Tray with bottle holder.

Further, the school/ Junior college wise / Mandal wise details of quantities of each item to be supplied will be communicated separately.
The following instructions are issued to the District Educational Officers with regard to receipt/ storage/ supply and distribution of material to all schools/Junior colleges within the stipulated schedule to give instructions to DyDEOs/ MEOs.
  • a. Based on the quantities / volume of supply to the Mandal, a proper, spacious, secured accommodation for storage to be identified at the 1st instance in consultation with the District Educational Officer/ Regional Inspectors of Intermediate Education.
  • b. The District Educational Officers have provided the name/mobile no. of the Mandal Educational Officers and the same is communicated to the suppliers.
  • c. The details of suppliers/ their representatives, contact no.s will be provided to the DEOs/Mandal Educational Officers for easy interaction and receipt of material on time / as per schedule.
  • d. On receipt of material, (i) it should be verified whether the material is received in good condition and the quantity and shall be acknowledged on the same day. (ii) Simultaneously, the quantities received item wise shall be uploaded in the format in IMMS App on the same day.
  • e. For receipt and storage of Cleaning Chemicals, adequate / proper care shall be taken to store such material in a more spacious room with adequate ventilation free from sunlight etc., both at Mandal Point and school point.
  • f. The District Educational Officers / Regional Inspectors of Intermediate shall prepare school wise / Junior College wise distribution schedule/plan and shall give suitable instructions to all Headmasters/ Principals of the schools/ Junior colleges for receipt of material
  • g. Proper accounting procedure shall be followed in receipt and distribution of each material to the school / Junior college by the Mandal Educational Officer.
  • h. Every school/ Junior college shall maintain a stock register of receipt and utilisation of material received in a proper format. i. The Regional Joint Director of School Education /District Educational Officer/ Regional Inspecting Ofcer, Intermediate Education shall supervise the receipt and distribution of material from time to time.
Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the State, are requested to take immediate action in the matter.