JAGANANNA LAYOUTS Smart Town Ships Comprehensive Guidelines - Eligibility Application Payment

JAGANANNA LAYOUTS Smart Town Ship Comprehensive Guidelines - Eligibility Application Payment Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department - G.O.MS.No. 76 Dated: 28-07-2021 Development of MIG Layouts/ Jagananna smart townships in Development Authorities – Comprehensive guidelines – Orders Issued. The Government hereby issue following comprehensive guidelines for developing well planned MIG layouts/ Jagananna Smart Townships by the Development Authorities in the State
Key Points explained in this G.O.MS.No. 76 Dated: 28-07-2021
JAGANANNA LAYOUTS Smart Town Ship Identification of Lands, Clearance for Land Proposals & JAGANANNA LAYOUTS Smart Town Ship Fixation of Sale Price of Plot.
JAGANANNA LAYOUTS Smart Town Ship Identification of Lands
JAGANANNA LAYOUTS Smart Town Ship Submission of Proposals & Clearance by the State Level Committee (After identification of Lands):
JAGANANNA LAYOUTS Smart Town Ship Preparation of Layout
JAGANANNA LAYOUTS Smart Town Ship Eligibility criteria, Application and Allotment Process, JAGANANNA Smart Town Layouts Payment by Allottee
JAGANANNA LAYOUTS Smart Town Ship Application Allottment and Process
JAGANANNA LAYOUTS Smart Town Layouts Payment by the Allottee:

JAGANANNA LAYOUTS Smart TownShips Comprehensive Guidelines - Eligibility Application Payment 


Read the following:

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In Brief: 
The Government hereby issue following comprehensive guidelines for developing well planned MIG layouts/ Jagananna Smart Townships by the Development Authorities in the State:

1. The following State level committee shall be constituted in place of the Committees stipulated in the earlier G.O.Ms.No.38 Dt.09-042021, of MA&UD Department, to perform the functions elaborated hereunder.

i) Secretary to Govt, MA&UD - Chairman ii) Special Officer MIG Project - Vice Chairman iii) Managing Director, APRSCL - Member iv) DTCP, AP -Member Convener v) E-in-C(PH) - Member vi) Joint Collector, (RB & R) Concerned - Member vii) VC/MC of the concerned UDAs/MRDAs - Member

The State Level Committee shall scrutinize the proposals sent by the concerned Development Authority/District Administration and give clearance for suitability and shall submit to the Government for issue of orders along with requisite clearances and recommendations.

The State Level Committee shall also carry out any other work entrusted to it by the Government from time to time under the MIG Project, including scrutiny of Project Proposals, to steer and materialize the deliverables in a time bound manner.

2. Identification of Lands, Clearance for Land Proposals & Fixation of Sale Price of Plot.

2.1 Identification of Lands

The Joint Collector (RB&R) on behalf of District Administration and the concerned VC/MC of Development Authority shall jointly identify lands available in the Development authority area of the District. The Lands shall be identified by giving preference to immediate saleability. Distance of the lands so identified shall be 5 Kms from the ULB boundary. However, immediately saleable land may be proposed even if located at more than 5 Kms distance along with suitable justification.

Priority shall be given to Government Lands including lands owned by other Departments including Government Undertakings/ Assigned Lands which are free from encroachments and litigations in accordance with the Procedure under Law.

Private Lands can also be identified which can be purchased under LARR Act 2013 as amended by Act 22 of 2018 and the Rules issued there under.

2.1.1 Some Indicative checkpoints for identifying suitable Locations: 
  • Immediate saleability shall be the main criteria
  • The location of the site proposed for MIG layouts shall have demand for house sites.
  • Existing employment opportunities available in the area need to be considered to decide site location. Site should have existing approach road.
  • As far as possible, lands having weak soil bearing capacity, shall be avoided.
  • The site should be on elevated ground. It should have appropriate slope to afford good facility of drainage. Site prone to submergence due to heavy rains shall be avoided.
  • Sites nearer to water bodies and water-logged areas must be avoided.
  • The site should be contiguous and as far as possible regular in shape.
  • The source for Potable water should be ensured and the surroundings of site should be amenable for expansion of the MIG Layout. The orientation of site should be such that it receives natural light and air in plenty.
  • The location of site ought to be such that the common facilities like school, transportation, medical facilities etc are within proximity of the site.
  • Nearby and contiguous to the sites under Pedalandarikiillu to have common trunk infrastructure facilities.
  • Site selected must be free from litigation and encroachment and suitable for MIG Layouts.
  • Master plan Land use shall be considered. If the site is suitable for residential development and requires Change of Land Use (CLU), the same shall be indicated and the CLU shall be first secured under the relevant Law before proceeding further.
  • Where getting large chunks of land is a problem, layout can be proposed in smaller bits of Land.
2.2 Submission of Proposals & Clearance by the State Level Committee (After identification of Lands):
  • The following actions shall be taken by the District Collectors and the Metropolitan Region Development Authority/Urban Development Authorities:
  • In case of Government Lands which are identified, the District Collectors shall take necessary action in accordance with AP MRUDA Act 5 of 2016. Advance possession shall be handed over to the Metropolitan Commissioner of the MRDAs/VCs, Urban Development Authority (UDA) concerned.
  • Regular alienation proposals have to be sent by the District Collector to the CCLA to place before the Andhra Pradesh Land Management Authority (APLMA) for issue of alienation orders with a copy marked to the State Level Committee for necessary clearances.
  • Where Lands have to be acquired, or proposed to be procured under any of the modes as per the Act 5 of 2016 and Rules, the Contd.
  • MRDAs/UDAs concerned shall send necessary proposals through the District Administration to the State Level Committee constituted for necessary approvals.
  • Upon receiving necessary approvals, the MRDAs/UDA shall file the requisition and the District Collector shall initiate the necessary action through the provisions of APMRUDA Act, 2016 (Act 5 of 2016) and LARR Act 2013 as amended by Act 22 of 2018 and the Rules issued there under.

• State Level committee shall
Issue “suitability Clearance” in regard to the fitness of Land for MIG Layouts for all kinds of Lands identified and proposed.
For the land other than Government land being procured, State level committee must give clearance for the extent as per demand.
Sl.No  Plot Size in   Feet  Area in Sq Yards  Composition 
33’ X 40’  150  As per Demand 
36’ X 50’  200 
36’ X 60’  240 
Preparation of Layout:

Upon taking over the physical possession of the land from the Revenue Authorities through the above modes, the MRDAs/Urban Development Authorities concerned shall prepare the layout plan with the following plot sizes and shall get it approved, as the case may be, by the Director of Town and Country Planning for achieving uniformity and integrated approach in the MIG Project. Land Use shall be as per layout rules and requirement.

2.4 Preparation of Estimates:

The Development Authorities shall send approved layouts to the Engineer in Chief Public Health Department for preparation of estimates for Developmental Works with the following provisions:
  • 60 Feet - BT Roads
  • 40 Feet - CC Roads
  • Footpaths with coloured tiles
  • Water Supply - Storage and Distribution network
  • UGD linked to nearest STP wherever feasible
  • Suitable provision for electricity and other cables wherever feasible • Storm Water Drains.
  • Street Lighting.
  • Parks, Open Spaces & Landscaping.
  • The above infrastructure proposed are not exhaustive but only indicative in nature. The Executive Agency i.e., EnC (PH) may make suitable modifications based on site conditions and requirements of the UDA concerned.
2.5 Fixation of sale price of Plots by the State Level Committee.
  • The proposals for fixation of sale price of Plots shall be sent by the Development Authority concerned to the Member-Convener for placing the same before the State Level Committee constituted.
  • State Level Committee shall finalize the sale price of Plots, taking into consideration the Market value, cost of nearby layouts, cost of development, administrative costs and other charges etc.,
  • In case the sale price of plot needs to be revised by the UDA under unforeseen circumstances during project implementation, revised proposal shall be submitted to the State Level Committee for approval.

 Eligibility criteria, Application and Allotment Process, Payment by Allottee:

Eligibility Criteria:
The eligibility criteria for allotment of MIG Plots is given as follows:
  • a) One Plot per family
  • b) Annual Household Income: Up to Rs.18,00,000 as per Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) guidelines.
  • c) Age: 18 Years and above
  • d) Shall be a resident of Andhra Pradesh.
  • e) The Applicant shall possess a valid Aadhaar Card. Aadhaar details shall be collected only with the consent of applicant.
3.2 Application and Allotment Process:
  •  Upon approval of the sale price of plots, as fixed above, the Urban Development Authority concerned shall issue Public Notice inviting applications for allotment of MIG Plots atleast in two largest circulated newspapers.
  • The applicant shall apply for allotment of Plot online in the website developed by the Director of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) for MIG layouts/Jagananna Smart Townships directly or through Ward Secretariats.
  • The applicant shall pay 10% of the sale price of the plot along with application through RTGS/NEFT in favour of the Development Authority concerned as notified. The amount is not interest bearing.
  • Allotment of Plot to the applicant who meets the required eligibility criteria will be done by drawl of lots.
  • Upon allotment, the applicant shall conclude agreement with the Development Authority concerned within one month from date of receipt of allotment letter.
  • The initial payment of 10% in case of those not allotted in the lottery shall be refunded within one month without interest.
  • If the applicant who has been allotted does not conclude the agreement within the stipulated time, the initial deposit shall be forfeited and allotment made will be cancelled for re-allotment to other eligible applicants.
  • Details guidelines on the lottery and other allotment issues, if any, will be issued by the Government in due course.
Payment by the Allottee:
  • After concluding agreement, the allottee shall pay the installments as per the Schedule given below (balance remaining after initial 10% paid during application).
  • 30% of the sale price of Plot within (1) One month from the date of concluding agreement
  • 30% of the sale price of Plot within (6) six months from the date of concluding agreement
  • Balance 30% within (12) Twelve months from the date of concluding agreement or at the time of Registration whichever is earlier.
  • 5% rebate shall be provided to the applicant who pays 100% sale price of plot within one month from the date of concluding agreement.
  • Simple Interest of 0.5% per month for the pending amount shall be collected for late payment for each stage.
  • Cases defaulting beyond a period of three months for each stage shall be reviewed by the Urban Development Authority and where allotments are to be cancelled, 10% of the amount paid till date in addition to the initial deposit of 10% will be forfeited and balance amount shall be returned without interest.
4. Project Implementation:
  • For development of MIG projects and financing with regard to any of its components, Lands, Infrastructure etc., the Development Authorities/State Government wherever required, shall explore and finalize various financing options such as TPS Schemes, Land Based Financing, through Bank Loans, PPP mode etc., depending upon the requirement case by case.
  • The Project has to be registered with RERA. The Development Authorities shall open a separate Escrow Account for each of the projects registered under RERA.
  • The Development Authorities shall follow the RERA Norms during course of execution of project including establishing grievance redressal mechanism.
  • Upon Registration, the Executing agency (EA), i.e. the Engineer in Chief, PH&MED shall call for Expression of Interest(EOI) initially for shortlisting the developers/ firms and also for invite tenders/RFP for development of MIG layouts including bid evaluation and disposal and issue of necessary orders for positioning of the agency after getting the approval of the Government.
  • The EA shall appoint third party quality control agency to monitor and assess the quality of the projects.
  • The development shall be completed within 12 months from date of agreement.
  • The Government reserves the right to alter timelines for completion of project in case of any unforeseen exigencies.
  • Upon receipt of entire sale price of plot, the plot shall be registered in favour of the concerned allottee immediately by the Development Authority concerned. In case of allottee who have paid the entire sale price within one month to avail the 5% rebate facility, the registration of the plot has to be done preferentially. The registration costs shall be borne by the allottee.
  • Plot Owners Association shall be formed for the Project concerned under the aegis of the Development Authority upon completion of the Project.
  • For each Project, a Corpus fund by the Plot Owners’ Association will be set up by provisioning it in the sale price of Plots and this corpus shall be kept in an ESCROW account opened and operated jointly in the name of Plot Owners’ Association of the concerned Project and the Development Authority concerned for the maintenance of the Layout.
  • The Executive Agency and the Development Authority concerned shall play an active role for monitoring the project implementation and shall submit periodical reports to the Government and the website developed by DTCP shall have Project Monitoring Modules for real time tracking of the physical and financial progress for each of the Projects.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in the aforesaid guidelines, the State Government shall reserve the right to issue any alteration/change / modification etc., either in the policy or in the implementation mechanism on the subject, which will be final and binding.
9. All the concerned officials and officers noted in the address entry shall take further necessary action in the matter accordingly.


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