UDISE+ 2020-2 Submission of Completed wise DCFs Instructions for Report

UDISE+ 2020-2 Submission of Completed wise DCFs Instructions for Report 

Memo Rc.No.ESE02-28022/5/2021-PLG-CSE Dt: 02/07/2021
Sub:- SE- UDISE+ 2020-21- Compilation and submission of completed School wise DCFs after verification and Data Entry- Consolidated District Report– Requested- Reg.
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  • 1.D.O.No.S-61011/1/2021/Statistical Bureau,Dt.22/03/2021 of the Secretary, Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education, Government of India, New Delhi.
  • 2.Proceedings.Rc.No. ESE02-28022/5/2021-PLG-CSE, O/o Director of School Education, Dated: 22-04-2021.

The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors and the District Educational Ofcers in the State is invited to the reference 1st cited wherein the Secretary, Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education, GoI, New Delhi has given instructions for UDISE+ data entry of all the schools in Andhra Pradesh for the year 2020-21 with reference date 30th September 2020 keeping the structure of the Data Entry same as that of UDISE+ 2019-20 and completion of the data entry by 31st May 2021.

2. Accordingly the Guidelines, Action Plan and instructions were issued by the Director of School Education through proceedings for flling the school wise data in Data Capturing Format (DCF) by all the Head Masters at School level and to complete the data entry task within the stipulated time schedule. The Login credentials were given for data entry and the necessary monitoring was done at State level to clear all the doubts at data entry stage.
3. In this regard it is to inform that the UDISE+ subject is Central level Program monitoring by the Ministry of Education, Government of india. In DCF we are capturing (1) Basic information:- Social Category, Religion, Mother Tongue, Nationality, Blood Group (2) Educational Information:- Present Class, Section, Previous class, Section, Medium (3) Guardian Details (4)Type of Disability (5) Facilities (6) BPL Status (7) Bank details (8)Vocational Courses Opted (9)Teachers Profle (10)Enrolment by Social Category, by Age & by Medium of Instruction (11) New Admissions and Transfer cases (12) Repeaters data (13) Incentives (14) Examination Results (15) Children with Special Needs (CWSN Data) (16) Mid day Meals & Kitchen Shed information.

4. In addition to that Infrastructure like (1) School Building Status, Classrooms, Boundary Wall, Ramps, Land (2) Facilities- Electricity, Drinking Water, Toilets (3) Furniture, Blackboards (4) Library, Book Bank (5) Equipment-Computers (6) Playground etc., information also capturing and submitting the data to the Central Government for approval.

5. In view of the above it is necessary to take care while refecting the actual position in the Index and the ground level data verifcation to be done with perfection. Hence the following instructions are issued:

S.No  Task  Due  date
The headmasters of all schools (government, government aided and private unaided) shall download the duly flled in DCF and furnish (3) signed copies to Mandal Education Ofcer (in case of primary and UP schools) and to Deputy Education Ofcer (in case of high schools) 5-7-  2021
The Mandal Education Ofcer/Deputy Education Ofcer shall verify the DCF and check-up whether all felds are properly flled up. They shall verify a few cases physically at random also 10-7- 2021
After verifcation they shall submit the signed in copies in two sets to the District Education Ofcers. The ofce of DEO shall collect the data and get them neatly bound mandal wise and retain a copy with their ofce and submit the second copy to this ofce 15-7- 2021