NISHTHA 3.0 Courses RERUN -Reopened in DIKSHA APP NISHTHA 3.0 Joining Links

NISHTHA 3.0 Diksha APP Course Joining Links . NISHTHA 3.0 Course Starts From 1st October for Primary, Pre Primary Teachers. This Course starts in DIKSHA APP. Course Joining Links are given below The Ministry of Education, Government of India has launched a Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) Mission and provided guidelines to build literacy and numeracy skills among children at the foundational stage. Andhra Pradesh school education is working towards achieving the goals of FLN, this mission aims to achieve language and numeracy skills among students from pre-primary-1 to class 3. This course deals with the aims and objectives of the mission and highlights the role of different stakeholders.

NISHTHA 3.0 Diksha APP Course Joining Links 

The Secondary Grade Teachers Nishtha 3.0 Courses which the date has lapsed has been REOPENED Now and the Revised Links to Join and complete the Courses is given below. 

NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Courses are Re-Opened for Teachers Who Couldn’t Complete Previously. NISHTHA 3.0 FLN courses from 1st to 11th in 3 mediums(Telugu, English and Urdu) are opened from 01-04-2022 to 31-05-2022 enrolment will be closed by 25-05-2022. Teachers can do the courses in any one of the media

Last Date To Join NISHTHA - 3.0 (RERUN COURSES) : 25-05-22
Course End Date NISHTHA - 3.0 (RERUN COURSES)  : 31-05-22



AP_FLN_2 Competency Based Education

AP_FLN_3 How Children Learn?

AP_FLN_4 Role of Parents in FLN

AP_FLN_5 Vidya Pravesh & Balvatika


AP_FLN_7 Multilingual Education

AP_FLN_8 Assessment

AP_FLN_9 Maths

AP_FLN_10 School Leadership

AP_FLN_11 Integration of ICT

AP_FLN_12 Toy Based Pedagogy

*NISHTHA - 3.0*

*నిష్ట 3.0 లో ఇంకా కోర్సులు కంప్లీట్ చేయని లేదా మధ్యలో కోర్సులు ఆగిపోయిన Primary School Teachers కోసం ఈరోజు 1నుండి 10 మాడ్యూల్స్ మరల ఓపెన్ అయ్యాయి. ఇదే చివరి అవకాశం.*

*గతంలో ఈ మాడ్యూల్స్ చేసినవారు మళ్ళీ చేయవలసిన అవసరం లేదు.*
*పాత  లింక్స్ పనిచేయవు, కొత్త 1 to 10 కోర్సెస్ Joining లింక్స్👇*


*మాడ్యూల్ - 1*

*మాడ్యూల్ - 2*

*మాడ్యూల్ - 3*

*మాడ్యూల్ - 4*

*మాడ్యూల్ - 5*

*మాడ్యూల్ - 6*

*మాడ్యూల్ - 7*

*మాడ్యూల్ - 8*

*మాడ్యూల్ -9*

*మాడ్యూల్ - 10*

Download PDF for All Three Languages Links English, Telugu, Urdu