TMF Minutes - Toilet Maintenance Fund Latest Instructions 14th Sep 2021

TMF Minutes - Toilet Maintenance Fund Latest Instructions 14th Sep 2021 The Minutes of Meeting on Toilet Maintenance Fund TMF which was held on 03.09.21 is herewith communicated to all the District Educational officers in the State and they are requested to follow the instructions and submit Action taken reports to this office at once.
Memo No.121/MDM/Supdt-1/2021 dated:14-09-2021

TMF Minutes - Toilet Maintenance Fund Latest Instructions 14th Sep 2021

Sub: SE-MDM and School Sanitation-TMF Review Meeting held on 03.09.2021 at Director MDM&SS office-Minutes of Meeting communicated -Reg 

1. Memo No. 121/MDM/Supdt-I/2021 Dt:25/08/2021
2. Meeting held on 03.09.2021 with all the Ads Superintends, Assistants, and Data Entry operators in all Districts.

In the reference cited 2nd cited, the Director MDM & SS, A.P has conducted a meeting on 03.09.2021 with all the Assistant Director (MDM), Section Assistants, and Data Entry operators in all Districts and reviewed on MDM, TMF and conducted training Programme on IMMS app (JAGANANNA GORUMUDDA and TMF).

The Minutes of Meeting held on 03.09.21 is herewith communicated to all the District Educational officers in the State and they are requested to follow the instructions and submit Action taken reports to this office at once.

The Director in opening remarks informed all
  • (1) the importance of the schemes of Midday Meal ( Jagananna Gorumudda) and Toilet Maintenance Fund. Also informed that the Hon'ble Chief Minister's " Racha Banda " programme will start from 2nd October 21, and the progress of MDM and TMF will be reviewed and directed all to closely monitor the schemes.
  • (2) The District Collectors will also review the schemes from time to time and also in "Spandana "and the team should be prepared to furnish all the required information and resolve the issue.
  • (3) Informed all that, the a proforma on dry ration supplied is communicated to all districts, with instructions to submit details by 8th September, 21 duly obtaining from all HMS/Dy.Eos, , as the Audit is being taken by CAG and audit team will visit districts/schools.. All Head masters shall be instructed to maintain registers, and records for the visit of Audit teams.
  • (4) Reminded all the Assistant Directors regarding pending reports/ remarks on Social Audit and instructed to send the information immediately..
  • (5) Instructed to give wide publicity on "Poshan Abhiyan", to conduct Elocution/ Painting / Essay writing/Quiz competitions to school students during September 21 and upload details in App/ send reports. Covid protocols to be followed.
  • (6) During visit of the Director of School Education to a School in Mylavaram, Krishna District, there were no Ayays available in the school. On enquiries it was revealed that, due to mis- communication by Headmaster regarding remuneration, the Ayas left the school. The Director clarified that the honorarium to Ayah is to be given@Rs.6,000/- per month from August 2021, and instructed the Assistant Directors to take immediate necessary action to engage Ayahs through the Parents Committees in the school.
  • (7) The office will enable edit option to District Education Officers/Mandal Education Officers in the App to enter the particulars of Ayahs whenever there are changes.
  • (8) Strictly, not to engage Ayah where there is no Toilets available in the school.
  • (9) Check with all the head Masters/Mandal Education Officers whether the Cleaning Chemicals/ Cleaning tools/ Bathroom Plastic Accessories reached the school point, and to maintain School wise/ Mandal wise stock registers for each item , and also upload in App.
  • (10) Also develop daily material usage Register in schools and also to include in App.. The TCS will design and include in the App
  • (11) Display all dry ration particulars School notice boards.
  • (12i) 1% of DTMF amounts can be utilised for Stationary/ Trainings/ Vehicles/ Remunerations to personnel in PMU as per G.O with approval of the District Committee.
  • (13) Instructions issued with regard to HLL Vending machines, incinerators and to submit lists, but there is no response from districts. AD's were instructed to communicate the same to HM for repairs and reinstallation of Vending Machines and incinerators by HLL.
  • (14) The ADs, were instructed to instruct HMs, that every eligible student including the students who resided in the hostels shall be given dry ration/dal by personally contacting the Students/Parents, without fail.
The Director, interacted with all the Assistant Directors (MDM) to come up with issues. The following issues were raised and the replies given:

a) TMF PD Accounts: All the Districts have informed that they have opened the TMF PD Accounts.

b) Status of TME PMU:All the Districts have informed that, the files are under circulation to Joint Collector/ Collector, Director, instructed them to expedite and complete the process immediately

c) Supply of TMF Material; Some of the Districts have informed that, the quantities of Chemicals/Tools/ Accessories is not received in proportion to the schools/toilets. It is clarified that, the indent /quantities are arrived as per the data uploaded by the field functionaries in last week of March 21. Instructed to furnish the latest data, the same will be included and will supplied in due course,

d) Lab Test: Director informed that the laboratory test of material supplied will have to be done, and alerted the districts to be ready to send samples, as and when message is received.

e) Changes in TMF App: Certain districts have requested for some changes in the App. The Director informed that, changes have been made in the App as per observations/ representations made earlier, and instructed to follow it.

Modifications in APP:. Some districts requested to add Deputy Educational Officer in the App to resolve the tickets issue. and also to make separate provision for Junior Colleges and Welfare schools etc., in the resolution of tickets issue. Director agreed.

f) Sulabh; YSR Kadapa district, requested to clarify, whether Ayays are to be provided in the schools managed by Sulabh International in Proddatur. Director clarified that, they have already having Ayays in the scheme, and there should not be any duplication and no need to provide Ayas.

g) Payments in App: Some districts requested to modify the App to enable to month wise Ayas payment details in the IMMS App Director agreed to verify the feasibility
Payments to Ayas: Certain districts requested to clarify on payments to Ayas in Junior Colleges etc. It is clarified that, the DVEOs of Intermediate Education shall furnish details of Ayays engaged and requisition for payments. After receipt of information payments shall be made from DTMF. With regard to payments before March 21, it shall be made after receipt of Ammavodi donation amounts from Junior Colleges.

Engaging Ayas: AD Visakhapatnam informed that, in certain schools the strength is more than 1500, and requested for more Ayays. It is clarified that as per the G, O. above 900 strength, four (4) Ayays to be engaged and not more than the permitted number

h) Vehicle Bills; Certain districts have requested permission to meet pending Vehicle payment bills before March 21 from the TMF PD Account. Director advised them to write to HOD.

i) Sanitary napkins. Some districts have brought to notice that, the 2019-20 supply of Sanitary Napkins are now made and the further action to be taken. Director advised them to write a letter to HOD. The Director also informed that under the Swacha program Director WCD have started supplied Napkins to VII to X students now. The head Masters shall be instructed to receive the material under proper acknowledgement.

Late supplies: It is brought to notice by certain districts that, the supply of Eggs and Chikkis under MDM are late and some times erratic. It is instructed to issue notices to all such suppliers and take action as per agreement. The receipt of material date shall be entered in the App.

j) Madarasas: AD, YSR Kadapa district brought to notice of the pending MDM Cook-cum Helper payment bills in Madarasas. The matter will be addressed to Samagra Siksha for payments..
k) Bills, Director instructed not to delay the Cook cum helper bills and also the bills pertaining to NGO organizations

l) Agency Change: Some districts requested the procedure for change of Agency in MDM. It is clarified to follow the guidelines issued in G.O.No.94.

m)Belated supply: Vizianagaram and West Godavari informed that, the Chikkis to be supplied in August supplied late, meantime the updating period in App is closed and shown as "O". Requested for further instructions. They were instructed to issue notice and take action as per agreement.

n) Ektha Sakthi: West Godavari informed that, the services of Ektha Shakthi was dispensed, and requested to edit the option in the App.

o) Grievance Mechanism: Krishna district requested to provide grievance redressal mechanism in HoD/ Districts,

p) Closed Schools: Districts brought to notice that, the list of closed schools are also shown in the App, there by outcomes are changing and requested to delete the closed schools in the list in the App.

Director informed that all the above issues will be discussed and Suitable action will be taken.
After the review, the Dash Board and IMMS APP Training and clarifications are given to all the Assistant Directors and staff by Sri. Amruta Rao, TCS..