AP Tribal Welfare Teachers Transfers 2022 Guidelines GO 31 GO 32 Dated: 14-06-2022

AP Tribal Welfare GURUKULAM Residential Teachers Transfers 2022 Guidelines GO 31 Dated: 14-06-2022 Public Services - Tribal Welfare Department - Transfers and postings in A.P Tnbal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (Gurukulam) - Comprehensive orders - Issued.
  • G.O.Ms.No.31 SOCIAL WELFARE (TW.EDN.) DEPARTMENT Dated: 14-06-2022
  • GO Ms No 32  SOCIAL WELFARE (TW.EDN.) DEPARTMENT Dated: 14-06-2022
  • Rc No SOW03/14021(32)/32/2020-K SEC-COTW Dated: 14-06-2022

AP Tribal Welfare GURUKULAM Residential Teachers Transfers 2022 Guidelines GO 31 Dated: 14-06-2022

Read the following:-
1. G.O.Ms.No.45, Finance (HR.I-Pig. & Policy} Department, dated. 24.06.2019.
2. G.O.Ms.No.59, Finance (HR.I- Plg. & Policy) Department, da ted 4.7.2019 .
3. Proposal received from the Secretary, A.P. Tribal welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (Gurukulam), dated:09-06-2022 (e-file bearing computer No. 1455711)
4. G.O.Ms . No.116 , Finance (HR.I-PLG. & Policy) Department, dated. 07.06.2022.

  • In the G.O. 4th read above, the Government of Andhra Pradesh in Finance Department have issued orders, relaxing the ban on transfer of employees, imposed vide G.O. 1st and 2nd read above. The ban on transfer of employees is relaxed for the period from 8th June, 2022 to 17th June, 2022 to ensure right placement of employees to se 11r n tirm1m productivity and commitment to furtherance of Government development objectives
  • In the reference 3rd read above the Secretary, AP Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (Gurukulam) has submitted proposal for effecting transfers to the Teaching Staff working in Gurukulam Institutions during the month of June 2022
  • After careful consideration of the matter, the Government makes certain Guidelines at Annexure appended to this order regulating the transfers to the teaching staff working in Gurukulam Institutions
  • The ban on transfers of teaching staff working in Gurukulam Institutions stands relaxed from 8th June to 17th June 2022
  • Guidelines for transfer of Principals and all the categories of teachers working in Gurukulam Institutions during the year 2022.
  • These guidelines shall be applicable to Principals and all categories of Teachers/J.Ls working in Gurukulam Institutions of A.P.T.W.R.E.I. Society (Gurukulam), hereafter referred to as Teachers in these guidelines. These guidelines shall come into force with immediate effect.
1. . The following principles may be adopted while effecting transfer of employees:
  • i. Transfers shall be effected only "on request" basis and on administrative grounds.
  • ii. Employees who completed 5 years at a station shall be invariably transferred.
  • iii. Service in all cadres at a station shall be counted while calculating the period of stay. Station means place (City, Town, Village) of actual working for the purpose of transfers and not office or institution .
v. Preference will be given to below categories:
  • a. Employees with disabilities of 40° or more as certified by a competent authority as per "person with disabilities".
  • b. Employees having mentally challenged children to a place where medical facilities are available
  • c. Medical grounds for the diseases (either self or spouse or dependent children and dependent parents) of Cancer, Open Heart Operations, Neuro Surgery, Kidney Transplantation to places where such facilities available.
  • d. Widow employee appointed on Compassionate appointments.
  • e. Husband and Wife cases (only one of the spouses shall be shifted duly following the prescribed procedure). Once the facility is utilized, the next request can be made only after eight years.
iii. All transfers affected by following the procedure where employees indicated preference for stations shall be treated as request transfers for the purpose of sanction of T.T.A. and other transfer benefits.

iv. Employees shall invariably be transferred from their existing location on promotion unless no such posts exist at a different location.

v. All vacancies in Notified Agency areas shall be filled first before filling posts in the non - ITDA areas.

vi. The employees (Local Cadres, Zonal Cadres) working in l.T.D.A. areas for more than two years may be transferred to the place of their choice subject to fulfilment of conditions stipulated in this G.O., with due preference to the inter-se seniority among the employees working in these areas.

ii. For the purpose of posting in I.T.D.A. Areas the following shall be the criteria:
1. The employees below 50 years of age.
2. The employees who have not worked earlier in the I.T.D.A. areas so far based on the length of service in plain area downwards.
iii. Besides I.T.D.A. areas, areas which are interior and backward with large number of vacancies shall be given preference while filling up of vacancies on transfers. HoDs and District Collectors shall ensure the same.

2. Procedure for Transfers:

a) The relaxation on transfers shall be effective from 8th June to 17th June, 2022.
b) All the transfers shall be effected by the competent authorities as per the existing orders of delegation subject to the existing Government Orders and conditions prescribed.
c) The Head of the Department concerned is responsible for the implementation of the transfer orders in the most transparent manner possible without giving any scope for complaints/ allegations. Any violation of these guidelines will be viewed seriously.

3. As per the instructions of the , Juvenile Justice Committee of Hon'ble High Court of A.P., the following compulsory transfers shall be made:

(a) All the male Principals Head Masters/ Teacher working in Girls Schools shall be compulsorily · transferred to Boys Schools to the extent possible. All the female Principals/ Head Masters/ Teacher working in Boys Schools shall be compulsorily transferred to Girls Schools to the extent possible.

(b) Only female Principals/ Head Masters/ Teachers shall be allowed to opt for vacancies in Girls Schools. The female Principals/ Head Masters/ Teachers shall be considered for transfer to male institutions only after filling all vacancies in Girls Institutions.
(C) If sufficient regular female Teachers are not available to work in Girls Institutions, then the female Contract Residential Teachers shall be engaged in such institutions in due course. Male Contract Residential Teachers should not be positioned in any of the Girls School.

4. Further, the transfers & postings made through orders to serve in the restructured District / Division offices during the recent District Restructuring are exempted from the transfer relaxation.

5. The standing instructions on the transfers of office bearers of recognized Employees Associations as issued in Circular Memo. No .2 4 5 / S W/ Al / 20 14 -1,G.A. (SW) Dept., dated.16.09.2014 and also Cir. Memo. No. 17225/SW/Al/ 2014 - 1 of G.A. (SW) Dept., dated.27.09.2014 will apply.

6. The visually challenged employees are exempted from transfers except when they make a specific request for transfer. As far as possible, these categories of employees may be posted at a place of their choice subject to availability of a clear vacancy.
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