BIEAP Intermediate Advance Supplementary | Betterment | Recounting | Reverification Details

Re. No. 43/C25-4/IPASE 2022, Date: 24 -06-2022 BIE AP- First & Second year General & Vocational candidates - Due dates for Payment of Examination fee for IPASE August 2022 - Communicated - Reg.
All the Principals of Junior and Degree Colleges in the State having Intermediate course. BIEAP Inter Supplementary Exams Fee Details - How to Pay Fee for Inter Adv Supplementary Exams Detailed Procedure explained below. This article also deals with Inter Improvement / Betterment for Passed Candidates.  BIEAP Intermediate Advance Supplementary | Betterment | Recounting | Reverification Details
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BIEAP Intermediate Advance Supplementary | Betterment | Recounting | Reverification Details

Sub: BIE AP- First & Second year General & Vocational candidates - Due dates for Payment of Examination fee for IPASE August 2022 - Communicated - Reg.

Ref: This office Press Release Rc;No.43/C25-4/IPE March 2022, date: 22-06-2022 (1st & 2nd Year Results

It is informed that the Memorandum of Marks of First and Second Year both General and Vocational will be kept for downloading in Website. The candidates have to download the Marks Memos. The ENRs ofIPASE August 2022 will also be displayed in the college login. The candidates/Principals of the College have to download the documents from the Website. If there is any discrepancy in the Memos, it should be brought to the notice of Board of Intermediate Education.
The following are the rates and due dates for payment of examination fee for Advanced Supplementary Intermediate Public Examinations (IP ASE), August 2022 which are scheduled to be held from 03-08-2022 to 12-08-2022.

Intermediate Advance Supplementary Fee Details for 1st Year and 2nd Year

Details of Examination fee for 1st year   Amount
1. . Cost of examination application form


2. Examination fee for General courses


3. Examination fee for Vocational courses (Rs. 500/- + Rs.200/- for Practicals)   700/-
4. Examination fee for General/ Vocational Bridge course subjects.   145/-
5 Examination fee for first year Vocational Back log candidates appearing for practical's. 200/-
6 Bridge Course Examination fee to appear for Mathematics (for first year BIPC Students)   145/-

Second Year Fee Particulars
SI. No. Details of Examination fee for 2nd yearAmount
I. Cost of examination application form Rs. 10/-
2. Examination fee for 2nd year regular students General courses Rs.500/- + Rs.200/- for Practicals. Rs.700/-
3. Examination fee only for 1st year papers or only for 2nd year papers (irrespective of number of papers) for theory. Rs.500/-
4. Examination fee for students appearing for both Ist and 2nd year (irrespective of number of papers) Rs.1000/- + Rs.200/- for Practicals. Rs.1200/-
5. Examination fee for 2nd year regular students for vocational courses Rs.500/- +Rs.200/- for Practicals. Rs.700/-
6. Examination fee for Practicals (General & Voc) only Rs.200/-
7. Examination fee for 2nd year failed students appearing only for practical examinations (General/Vocational) Rs.200/-
8. Examination fee for 2nd year Vocational Bridge course Rs. 145/-
9. Examination fee for 1st & 2nd year Vocational Bridge course Rs.145/- + Rs.145/- Rs.290/-
10. Examination fee for 1st & 2nd year Vocational Practicals Rs.200/- + Rs.200/- Rs.400/-
11. Examination fee for Vocational Bridge Course Practicals. Rs.200/-
12. Bridge Course examination fee for Mathematics (for Bi.P.C stream) 1st & 2nd year papers (Rs.145/- +Rs.145/-) Rs.290/-
13. Examination fee for I & II year passed candidates (certificate holders) appearing for Improvement. Rs.1200 (Arts)

Intermediate Improvement for passed candidates:

The candidates who passed in all first year papers can appear for Improvement on payment of Rs.160/- per paper in addition to the prescribed Examination Fee of Rs. 500/-. The candidates will appear with the same Regd. No. of LP.E Marci, 2022.

Failed candidates appearing for Passed papers:

The first year failed candidates can appear for passed papers of first year along with failed (papers) subject to the condition that they shall forego the previous performance of the passed papers. In such cases the latest performance stands valid. All such candidates have to pay Rs. 160/- for each passed paper appearing, In addition addition to the examination fee as shown in the ENRs. Necessary entries or corrections have to be made in the ENR and if required in the MNRs.

Last date for payment of Exam fee by 1st Year and 2nd year candidate in the college 08-07-2022
Last date for remittance of consolidated amount through online transfer by the Principals. 09-07-2022
Submission of First Year and Second Year ENRs /MNRs of Additions and fee paid printout in the R I O office. 10-07-2022
Submission of fee paid print out along with challans to the BIE by RIOs 11-07-2022
Last date for payment of fee for Recounting & Re-Verification 05-07-2022
Important Note:
There is no provision for payment of Examination fee with Penalty or Under Tatkal Scheme

Improvement provision for Second year Inter passed Candidates:

The candidates who passed two year Intermediate course can improve their performance within two years. They can avail only two chances during this period. The Passed candidates of IPASE September 2021 can appear for improvement in IPASE 2023 as last chance if they did not avail two chances in the previous IPEs. The candidates who wish to improve their performance have to appear for all the second year papers including Practicals OR to appear for all papers of first and second year including practicals. The successful candidates have an option to retain the present performance or past performance whichever is beneficial to the candidates. There is no provision of Best marks in individual papers like in first year.


The Board of Intermediate Education has introduced the system to collect the Examination & other fee through State Bank of India, Machavaram Branch, Vijaywada and IDBI Bank, Ring Road Branch, Vijayawada through online transfer from the existing college Accounts to B.I.E Account of the concerned banks through e-challan generated by the in the web site for First year candidates with effect from IPASE August 2022. The principals of the colleges, who do not have their accounts in the above two banks, are also informed to pay the fee through the generated challan provided in the BIE web site i·nany one of the two banks. The Account Numbers of two banks are furnished hereunder for online transfer of the examination fee.

Separate e-challan is to be used for each category i.e., General/Vocational, Improvement, Non-Improvement and Additions.
At the backside of each e-challan the Principals have to write the following information without fail.
1) College Code 2) College stamp 3) General/Vocational. 4) Improvement/Non­ improvement. 5) No. of candidates paid fee 6) Amount paid in words and figures.

BIEAP Inter Recounting  Reverification APPLICATION Procedure

There is a provision for Recounting, supply of Scanned copy-cum-Re-Verification of valued answer scripts. The candidates who wish to avail these facilities have to pay online, an amount of Rs.260/- (Rupees Two hundred and Sixty only) per paper for Recounting and Rs.1300/- (Rupees One thousand and Three Hundred only) per paper for Scanned copy­ cum-Re-verification of answer book, through only. They can Select "Re­ verification of Valued Answer Scripts & Supply of Scanned Copy" in Students Services. Candidates have to pay required fee and must furnish the Hall-Ticket Number, Date of Birth,

SSC Hall-Ticket Number, Mobile Number, e-mail ID and the subjects they intend to apply for Recounting or Scanned copy-cum-Re-Verification. The details of the candidates will appear on the screen. Candidates have to furnish their complete address, e-mail ID and mobile number. After declaration of RV Results the candidates can download and print the copy of answer scripts.

The Candidates shall not send the applications for Recounting/Re-verification either to the RIO Office or O/o. BIE Head Office directly or by Post. Under no circumstances the application will be accepted manually after due date. The facility for online payment of fee towards Recounting/Scanned Copy-cum-Re-Verification is open from 25-06-2022 to 05-07-2022. This online service will be stopped after 05-07-2022 and no further extension of service will be available. Under any circumstances the fee paid towards Recounting/Scanned copy-cum-Re-Verification will not be refunded.

All the Principals are informed that the Intermediate Public Advanced Supplementary Examinations, August 2022 (Theory) will be held from 03-08-2022 to 12-08-2022. A copy of the detailed Time-Table is also available in the BlE Web-site
Intermediate Public Examinations May, 2022 Online application / payment for Recounting& Scanned copy cum-Re-Verification of answer scripts ertain instructions issued Regarding.

You are aware that there is a provision for Recounting, supply of Scanned copy-cum-Reverification of valued answer scripts.
Online applications for this purpose will be received through APCFSS on payment of prescribed fee for IPE May, 2022.
  • Candidates who want to apply for Recounting only have to pay Rs.260/- per paper.
  • Candidates who want to apply for Re-verification including Scanned copy of the reverification answer script have to pay RS.1300/-per paper.
  • All the candidates have to apply through website only
  • The last date for online payment of fee for 1st year and 2nd year towards Recounting/ Scanned copy-cum-Re-verification is 05-07-2022.
  • No extension of this date ill be permitted under any circumstances.
  • Candidates are advised to apply as early as pOssible to enable the Board to carryout Recounting and Re-verification at the earliest.

Brief Inter Advance Supplementary Time Table

  • The First Year examination will be held from 9.00 A.M to 12.00 Noon in Fore Noon session and Second Year Examination from 2.30 P.M to 5.30 P.M in After Noon session every day. Therefore, you are requested to give special emphasis on the dates & timings of the examinations.
  • Practical Examinations will be held from 17-08-2022 to 22-08-2022 in two sessions from 9.00 AM to 12.00 PM & 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM (Except 19-08-2022 Friday which happens to be a Public Holiday on account of Sri Krishna Astami)
  • Ethics and Human Values Examination will be conducted on 24-08-2022 (One day) from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM.
  • The Environmental Education Examination will be conducted on 26-08-2022 from l0.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M (One day).
  • Wide publicity among the students, parents and staff should be given regarding the dates of examinations and also due dates for payment of Examination fee for IPASE August 2022 in their Junior Colleges without fail.