Nadu Nedu Phase II Foundation Schools Construction - Guidelines for Anganwadi Buildings

Nadu Nedu Phase II Foundation Schools Construction - Guidelines for Anganwadi Buildings NaduNedu Cir _1794016_26072022 Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - Foundation Schools Construction in Nadu- Nedu Phase-II -Guidelines to take up basic infrastructure works with Nadu Nedu components for improving Infrastructure facilities in Anganwadi Buildings and construction of new Anganwadi Buildings - Implementation of the program through Foundation School Development committees through Community Contracting - Guidelines for implementation of the program - Orders Issued -Regarding.

Nadu Nedu Phase II Foundation Schools Construction - Guidelines for Anganwadi Buildings

sub: Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - Foundation Schools Construction in Nadu- Nedu Phase-II -Guidelines to take up basic infrastructure works with Nadu Nedu components for improving Infrastructure facilities in Anganwadi Buildings and construction of new Anganwadi Buildings - Implementation of the program through Foundation School Development committees through Community Contracting - Guidelines for implementation of the program - Orders Issued -Regarding.

Government has taken a decision to give a facelift to all the Government Schools including Foundation Schools and Satellite Foundation Schools (Anganwadi Centres) in the State by improving the infrastructure to provide quality education including pre-primary education.

(2) Government decided to:
  1. Construct new AWCs for the building-less AWCs outside primary Schools.
  2. II. Construct new AWCs for the centres located in the school premises. Ill. Up gradation of AWCs located in School premises under Nadu-Nedu Phase-II.
(3) Government vide G.O. No.84, dated 24.12.2021 has introduced certain changes in the Education system where in PPl, and PP2 are introduced as part of the primary education. As they are now part of the Education system Infrastructure improvements are proposed under Phase -II of Mana Badi Nadu-Nedu Program.

(4) Director Women and Child Welfare department has given the list of the AWCs to be taken up in consultation with District collectors for both upgradation and for new construction.

5. For the implementation of the program the following orders and guidelines are issued.
(5) Unit cost for construction of Foundation Schools:
  • a) Satellite Foundation School Building 753 square feet plinth area with a unit cost of Rs 14 lakhs and Rs.2.50 lakhs for providing Furniture and Play equipment for 2236 AWCs where the centres are running in rented buildings and are lKM away from Primary/ UP School campus. The budget will be tied up with NABARD/RIDF and State funds.
  • b) Class rooms for Pre-Primary (AWC) in Co - located Foundation Schools Each class room will have 646 Sft Plinth areas (including varandah) with a unit cost of 13 lakhs. The size of Class Room will be 6100 X 6710 mm (20X22).
(6) Implementing agencies:
The Project for new construction and upgradation of Foundation Schools shall be executed by the respective Engineering Departments on par with Phase-II Nadu-Nedu Schools. The construction works which are already in progress and are under execution through Panchayat Raj Department and Tribal Welfare Department and Housing shall be completed by the Panchayat Raj Department and Tribal Welfare Department and Housing Department only. For other projects the Executing agencies of Phase-II will take up these works as part of Phase 2 of MBNN Program.

(7) Role of Foundation School Development Committee and Parents Committee:
  • a. All the Satellite Foundation Schools(located outside School campus) will be taken up by Foundation School Development committees through community contracting methodology on the lines of Mana Badi Nadu-Nedu program.
  • b. Additional class rooms for PPl and PP2 will be taken up by the Parents Committees of the respective schools.
  • c. The satellite Foundation School (Anganwadi) Development Committee shall be formed with the following members
1. Sachivalayam Engineering Assistant
2. AnganwadiTeacher
3. Supervisor, Women and Child Welfare Department (Convenor)
4. Mahila Samrakshana karyadarsi (Mahila police)
5. Five mothers of the children age 3 to 5 years who are attending AWC(s).

d. For collocated AWC The Parents Committee will have the following members:
1. School Head Master (Convenor)
2. 1CDS Supervisor (Member).
3. AnganwadiTeacher
4. Sachivalayam Engineer Assistant (Member).

5. Five Parents of School going Children (5Members) of AWC there is one School development Committee exists the same shall be confirmed with including of AW Teacher on co-opted member.
(8) Process:
  • a. A meeting shall be conducted with the above members and a resolution has to be passed for opening of Bank a/c in the Bank to receive and to operate funds received from Government for making payments.
  • b. The Committee shall open a Joint Bank account in a Government / Public sector bank close to the habitation or convenient to them duly submitting the resolution copy of their meeting. All the members of the committee as explained above shall be signatories of the Bank account. The name of the bank account should not be on the name any individual. The name of the account should be in the format 'Foundation School development committee ...... (The unique number of the AWC) ... village.
  • c. Out of the Nine members any Eight members can sign the cheque in case of absence of one member. Signature of Anganwadi teacher, Supervisor, WD&CW is mandatory on every Cheque. The same may be informed to the Bank while opening the bank account.
  • d. Before commencement of the work by FSDC or PC the Department will release 15 % of the sanctioned amount on receipt of the resolution of FSDC and PC as per technical sanctioned estimate as revolving fund into the account of the FSDC or PC Committee of the concerned AWC using the STMS software to meet the labour charges and material (local) procurement. Upon expenditure and uploading the bills the revolving fund will be replenished after I/3rd of the revolving fund is spent till the total amount to be handled by the FSDC OF PC is reached.
  • e. The Bank account details should be entered in the STMS software by the respective Supervisor, WD&CW for co-located Foundation School and by HM in case of co-located AWC. The first page of the bank account pass book shall be uploaded in STMS. The details like Bank account number, IFSC code shall be uploaded by the Supervisor, WD&CW/HM as the case may be.
  • f. The Foundation School (Anganwadi) development Committee/ Parents committee shall execute the works by engaging local masons and labourers and by procuring local material required for the work. They shall pay the rates as per existing rates in the local market Limited to the rates communicated vide Memo no 1679742/MBNN dated 28/03/2022 and subsequent circulars issued by Commissioner, School Education.
  • g. The rates fixed by the FSDC or PC shall be invariably recorded in the minutes book of Committee. The Mandal Engineer of the implementing agency shall guide the FSDC or PC in this matter accordingly.
  • h. The Foundation School Development Committee and P.C shall conduct regular (fixed) weekly meetings at the time and day as per the convenience of all the Nine members. All the members shall attend the weekly meetings and take all necessary decisions in the meeting. The meetings shall be conducted in the PS/AWC premises/site only. The decisions should be taken in a collective democratic manner. The FSDC/PC shall take final decision regarding everything around the execution of new building construction.
  • i. The procurement and payment of expenditure shall be done as per the decisions taken in the FSDC/PC Committee. The FSDC or PC Committee will pass the resolution for payment of each and every transaction.
  • j. The FSDC or PC Committee shall maintain book keeping system to account for every rupee spent. The Local material rates fixed by the FSDC or PC shall be invariably recorded in the minutes book of FSDC or PC Committee. The Books of account include Minutes Book, Cash Book, Stock Register, Vouchers, and Receipts (for material).
  • k. All the committee members shall go to the market and study thoroughly about the quality and specifications/standards of the material available in the market and procure them. The field Engineer shall ensure that the required quantity of materials to be procured is as per the progress and as per the theoretical requirement. After completion of the orientation cum training program, the FSDC or PC Committee shall commence the work with the support of the Sachivalayam Engineering Assistant, and Mandal Engineer.
  • l.  The FSDC or PC committee shall enter into two page MoU with Mandal Engineer, for the purpose of execution of the construction work. 
  • m. The FSDC or PC Committee will take up the activities in a systematic manner duly conducting meetings with committee members once in a week and explain the activities completed during the week and activities of next week and complete the project as per the specifications and standards with complete transparency. The FSDC or PC Committees shall be given orientation cum training program before commencement of the work.
  • n. One day orientation program should be organized for a group of 30 FSDC Members at Mandal level.

(9) Role of Sachivalyam Engineering assistant /Amenities Secretary:

a. The Engineering assistant shall conduct general body meeting of all mothers and explain about the sanction of the program to their AWC and seek their support for completion of the program.
b. The Mandal Engineer and Sachivalayam Engineering Assistant shall explain the FSDC or PC Committee about the provisions and activities of the sanctioned estimate of the AWC.

(10) Nadu-Nedu Photos :

  • i. Nadu (before work is started) photos of buildings of existing AWCs whether own buildings or rented buildings or rent free buildings shall be captured in through the mobile App of STMS. The mobile App should be operated by the Supervisor and capture status of existing status of existing AWCs through photos.
  • ii. Once the construction work is completed, Nedu photos should be captured again through the mobile App by the Supervisor.
  • iii. The Engineers shall ensure that the life span of any new construction/material lasts for 75 years while preparing the estimates. The provisions in the estimates shall be made accordingly.
  • iv. The Grama/Ward Sachivalayam Engineering Assistant will prepare the detailed work estimates of the selected AWC using the templates given for new construction of AWC in the STMS software. Mandal Engineer of the executing agency shall coordinate with all concerned in the activity.
  • v. The Engineer shall fill the leads and lifts for each material so that the engineering datas are worked out by the software through a program.
  • vi. For every technical estimate there should be a People's estimate which shall be prepared by the Engineers based on local market rates of labour and materials.
  • vii. While preparing the estimates the Sachivalayam Engineer, Mandal Engineer, shall consult the Anganwadi Development committee members and seek their advice in finalizing the provisions to be kept in the estimates. A resolution to this extent may be taken from the Committee by the Sachivalayam Engineer and the same may be uploaded by the Sachivalayam engineer while generating the estimates.
  • viii. For new building construction, only one input data sheet shall be filled up. The information like type of soil at foundation level, need for pile foundation shall be captured. The need for pile foundation shall be finalised by the DEE of Executing agency.
  • ix. Based on the type of the foundation chosen, estimate will be generated by the STMS automatically. A model estimate will be made available in the software as the quantities are tentatively same for a fixed dimensions.
(11) Provisions in the Estimates:

  • a. 2.5 Lakhs Nadu-Nedu the following provisions shall be made in the estimates.
  • i. Shishu Desk (one per two children's).
  • ii. Drinking Water System (if drinking water system of co-located school in another block of the School.
  • iii. Refrigerator one door. iv.Play equipment with sand pit - Slider
  • - See-Saw
  • - Swing
v) Storage Rack (RCC)
No civil work shall be taken up under these works There shall be only one set of outdoor play material and Drinking Water System, if there are more than one AWC in one premises.

b) 5 Lakhs Nadu-Nedu above five provisions plus the following
i. Repairs
ii. Painting with Wall Arts.

(12) Administrative and technical sanctions:

  • a. In case Satellite Foundation Schools, The Project Director, Women Development and Child Welfare shall download the draft proceedings along with work estimates from the STMS software and put up admin Sanction to District Collector for obtaining administrative sanction.
  • b. While processing sanctions the PD shall ensure that all relevant components are covered for all the Anganwadi Centres. If one component is not needed, the same may be certified by the concerned MandaI Engineer in the Input data sheet.
  • c. District Collector shall accord administrative sanction based on the technically approved estimate approved by the concerned Engineer. One for normal foundation and another for pile foundation.
  • d. After the administrative sanction is accorded by the District collector, the Executive Engineer shall accord technical sanction.
  • e. After execution of the work through Foundation School Development Committees, the Engineers shall facilitate working estimate at the end of the work wherever required. The technical sanctioned estimates shall be used for the purpose of assessing value of work done (to be recorded in M-Book) at the end of the work.
  • f. There shall be one estimate, one administrative sanction and one technical sanction for each Foundation School for Nadu-Nedu new construction works. Sub estimates shall be done for each component for Nadu-Nedu components.

(13) Building Plan and Orientation:

A layout and type design of 813 Sft plinth area (includes 60 Sft toilet) has been developed for construction of Anganwadi Centres (Satellite Foundation School). All the new constructions should follow this layout without any deviations. The layouts of the Anganwadi Centre for site area of 5 Cents and site area of 3 Cents are attached herewith in Annexure 1 and Annexure 2 respectively.
a. Outside the School Campus (Satellite Foundation School): Typical Anganwadi Center design with 753 Sft plinth area (including toilets) building consisting of Class Room, Antenatal Room, Kitchen Room, Storage Room and verandah is to be provided. One Toilet Room with 36 Sft plinth area is also to be provided separately. The plan of AWC and Toilet is enclosed for reference.

b. Inside the School Campus (Co located Foundation School):
In the co-located Foundation School we may construct new Room for AW purpose on the first floor or second floor. There we should spare ground floor room for purpose and first floor/ second floor should be used for bigger classes.
  • c. If PPl and PP2 Children are less than 25 only One Normal class room should be constructed.
  • d. If PPl and PP2 Children are more than 25 nos and less than 40, the proposed Foundation School should have Two Rooms. One will be a typical Anganwadi Building with 753 Sft plinth area consisting of class room, Antenatal Room, Kitchen Room, Store Room and veranda is to be provided separately. One Toilet Room with 36 Sft plinth area is also to be provided separately if exists toilets are not accessible to PPl, PP2 children in terms of distance. The plan of AWC and Toilet is enclosed for reference.
  • The second Class Room will be typical School Class Room and shall be constructed attached to the main School building.
  • e. If the PPl and PP2 children are more than 40 and less than 60 the proposed Foundation School will be with 3 Rooms .One typical Anganwadi Building and the other two Class Rooms shall be typical School Class Rooms attached to the main School building. The plan of AWC and Toilet is enclosed for reference.
(14) Fund flow:
  • The following are the guidelines on fund flow, fund releases and fund management.
  • a. As the works are being executed through FSDC or PC without contractors hence they need initial investment to start the work and execute the work. Hence the Revolving Fund shall be paid to the FSDC or PC account@ 15 % of total project cost, i.e on the technical sanctioned amount of the project.
  • b. The FSDC or PC shall pass resolution and upload the resolution copy and bank details in STMS seeking the revolving fund.
  • c. This 15 % Revolving fund will be replenished based on actual expenditure on the project. As and when the expenditure is met, the bills/vouchers will be uploaded by the Supervisor in STMS. All vouchers and bills shall be signed by Anganwadi Teacher, Supervisor WD&CW, Sachivalayam Engineering Assistant before they are uploaded by the Supervisor WD&CW.
The uploaded bills/invoices shall be received by the Mandal Engineer in his/her log in. The Mandal Engineer shall upload the same after satisfying about the appropriateness. The same will be received by APC, Samagra Shiksha. The APC, Samagra Shiksha will check whether the bills are in appropriate shape like signatures on all bills, contents on bills etc and verify in STMS. Upon reaching the I/3rd of the revolving APC, Samagra Shiksha will raise the FTO and submit to CFMS and the CFMS portal will facilitate the amounts to FSDC or PC committee's accounts as part of replenishment. The expenditure will be replenished to FSDC or PC account in such a way that the total releases shall not be more than the technically sanctioned amount minus the estimated amount for centrally procured materials.

d. FSDC or PC are permitted to meet petty expenses like going around the market, for watch and ward and rent charges for room required for storage etc from their revolving fund. They are not permitted to draw any sitting expenses for their weekly meetings.

e. While uploading bills/Vouchers from either from Masteries or from vendors or from suppliers, the details of the vendors and details of the invoice/bill shall be entered in STMS by the supervisor.

f. The FSDC or PC Committee with the help of the Engineering Assistant, Mandal Engineer shall identify the appropriate supplier/vendor, negotiate, finalize and procure the materials across the counter by giving cheque for the amount of the bill/voucher.

g. For every transaction there should be proper bills/invoice. And every bill shall have printed voucher having Serial number. The voucher books shall be supplied by the APC, Samagra Shiksha to all AWCs under the program.

h. The FSDC or PC Committee shall make all the payments through cheques only, however in some cases cash payments may be paid for the expenses not more than Rs.5000/-.

i. The Supervisor ICDS/ HM (as the case may be) in the capacity of convenor of is authorized to hold an imprest amount of Rs.5000/- (Rupees five thousand only) at any given point of time to meet petty expenses. The total amount through this imprest shall not exceed Rs.15000/- for the upgradation of works and Rs.30000/- for new construction.

j. The Supervisor on behalf of the FSDC or PC shall upload every voucher/bill indicating the details of payments made to various Vendors/Masteries and other expenses through a Mobile App in STMS. The details of payment voucher/bills include capturing photo of the voucher/bill, name of the vendor, place of the vendor, date of the vendor, Total amount of the voucher/bill, quantities, rate, Cheque number etc.

k. Every voucher/bill shall be recorded as 'paid' and shall be signed by Engineering assistant, Anganwadi Teacher, Supervisor and one of the mother's (signatory of the cheque) and then only captured in Mobile App in STMS.

I. Every voucher/bill shall be recorded as 'Entered in App' by the convenor once it is captured and entered in the Mobile App. No bill/Voucher shall be uploaded second time in STMS. No bills / vouchers shall be uploaded before the material is received at site. Also the bill/Voucher shall not be uploaded without actually paid. This amounts to misappropriation and attracts disciplinary action.

m. The Supervisor, ICDS being the Convener shall ensure that every rupee is approved by the FSDC or PC and every rupee is accounted for in both books of accounts (Minutes, Cash Book, General Ledger, Stock Register, and Voucher) and also in STMS. All vouchers and bills and invoices shall be uploaded in STMS. The original bills vouchers and invoices shall be kept in the premises of AWC by the Anganwadi Teacher until the completion of the program plus two years after completion of the program.

n. The Supervisor shall write books of accounts. They shall attend the weekly meetings of the FSDC or PC invariably.

(15) Convergence and role of various departments:

a. The Director, WD&CW department shall coordinate the entire dept in the implementation of the Anganwadi Nadu Nedu program. She shall monitor the execution, quality and progress of the works with their field staff regularly.
b. The PD W&C dept and the Executive Engineers of Executive agencies shall together take the responsibility in arranging orientation cum training programs to all CDPOs, Supervisors, Sachivalayam Engineers, Mahila Samrakshana Karyadarshis of Gram/Ward Sachivalayams, Anganwadi Development Committees and other stakeholders. Both the officers shall work in close coordination and ensure that the program is implemented effectively.

c. The PO ITDA shall coordinate with Engineering assistants and Women development & Child welfare dept staff and provide the leadership in their ITDAs in the implementation of the program.
(16) Time Schedule for the program:

The program shall be started from 30th July 2022 and shall complete by end of April 2023. The Director W&C dept with the advice of the Advisor (Infra) shall chalk out detailed time schedule for various activities to be taken up under the program.

All the District Collectors, Joint Collectors, Project Officers, ITDA, Project Directors W&C dept, Executive Engineers of Executive Agencies, DEOs, School Education department and APCs, Samagra Shiksha shall take full responsibility of the program and provide leadership in the districts.
(17) Central Procurement Materials:

The Managing Director, APEWIDC shall make arrangements to procure material requested for AWC / Satellite Foundation Schools duly taking permission for High level Tender Committee of Nadu-Nedu.