Guidelines for Nadu Nedu I Audit to Identify the GAPS in MBNN-1 Rc.No.1828428

Guidelines for Nadu Nedu I Audit Circular in Sachivalayam Login Rc.No.1828428
Circular. Rc.No.1828428/MBNN/2022
Dated. 01.09.2022 Sub: Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase-I -Audit to identify the gaps in
Infrastructure and Nadu Nedu Components in Phase-I Schools - Reg.

Since a large number of projects have been taken up under Manabadi Nadu Nedu, it is necessary to take up an audit of all Mana Badi Nadu Nedu , Phase-I Schools to identify any gaps in Infrastructure and Nadu-Nedu Components and rectify same.

The Welfare and Education Assistants in Gram Sachivalayams and ward Secretariats will do this exercise through their logins, from the Beneficiary outreach application of GSWS department along with the Engineering Assistants and Head Masters.

Process of collecting the data:

The head master shall invite the Education and Welfare assistants who shall visit the Phase-I, Nadu Nedu Schools assigned to them in the presence of School Head Master and Engineering Assistant to identify the gaps.

After filling up the data in the entry screen on the Mobile application , welfare and Education Assistant will download the filled in form and all the three members i.e., Welfare Education Assistant , Engineering Assistant / Amenities Secretary and the Head master will sign the downloaded PDF and upload the same through the Welfare Education Assistant Login to the Beneficiary outreach Application. The process of collecting the data and uploading the collected information to the Beneficiary outreach application is given in Manual attached to this circular.

All the District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators should ensure that this activity is monitored by them and through the Deputy Educational Officers and Mandal Educational Officers. This activity should be completed by 7th September. District collectors may closely review the same on daily basis to complete the task in the specified time.

Detailed Guidelines - Work Flow on Nadu Nedu Audit