Free Motorized Three Wheeler Bikes to Orthopedically Challenged - APDASCAC Guidelines Online APPLICATION


Motorized Three Wheeler Bikes to Orthopedically Challenged - Complete Guidelines Online APPLICATION

It is decided to supply Motorized Three Wheeler to Orthopedically Challenged Persons as per the Action Plan 2017-18. The Assistant Directors, Department for the Welfare of Differently Abled & Senior Citizens / District Managers A.P. Differently Abled & Senior Citizens Assistance Corporation here by instructed to follow the below guidelines while distributing the Motorized Three Wheeler to those Orthopedically Challenged Persons with utmost care.

Operational Guidelines for sanction of Retrofitted Petrol Scooters (3-wheel) for severely Orthopedically Challenged students pursuing P.G./Professional courses and for self-employed.

The following shall be called as Operational Guidelines for procurement and supply of Retrofitted Petrol Scooters (3-wheel) the severely Orthopedically Challenged students pursuing P.G./Professional courses and for self-employed

దివ్యాంగులకు ఉచితంగా మూడు చక్రాల మోటారు వాహనాలు

రాష్ట్రంలోని దివ్యాంగులకు మూడు చక్రాల మోటార్ వాహనాలు ఉచితంగా అందించేందుకు ప్రభుత్వం చర్యలు చేపట్టింది. ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ విభిన్న ప్రతిభావం తులు, సీనియర్ సిటిజన్స్ సహకార సంస్థ ( APDASCAC ) మార్గదర్శకాలను విడుదల చేసింది.

అర్హతలు :
  • ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ లో శాశ్వత నివాసి అయి ఉండాలి
  • 70 శాతంపైగా వైకల్యం కలిగిన 18 నుంచి 45 ఏళ్ల లోపు వారు అర్హులు.
  • కనీసం పదో తరగతి పాసవ్వాలి.
  • రూ.3లక్షలలోపు వార్షిక ఆదా యం ఉండాలి.
  • లబ్ధిదారుల ఎంపికకు రెండు నెలల ముందు డ్రైవింగ్ లైసెన్స్ ఉండాలి.
  • వారికి సొంత వాహనం ఉండకూడదు.
  • గతంలో ఇటువంటి వాహనాలు తీసుకుని ఉండకూడదు.
Note : గతంలో దరఖాస్తు చేసినప్ప టికీ ఇవి మంజూరు కాకపోతే కొత్తగా దర ఖాస్తు చేసుకునేందుకు అర్హులే.
కావలసిన పత్రాలు :
జిల్లా మెడికల్ బోర్డు వారు ఇచ్చిన సదరం ధ్రువపత్రం.
ఆధార్ కార్డు,
SSC ధ్రువపత్రం,
SC, ST అయితే కుల ధ్రువీకరణపత్రం,
దివ్యాం గుల పూర్తి ఫొటోను పాస్పోర్టు సైజులో ఉన్నది.
ఆదాయ ధ్రువీకరణ పత్రం (01-01-2022 తరువాత తీసుకొని ఉండాలి )
Banafide Certificate ( విద్యార్థి అయితే)
ముందుగా ఎటువంటి వాహనం తీసుకోలేదు అని మరియు అన్ని వివరాలు సరిగా ఇస్తున్నట్టు సెల్ఫ్ డిక్లరేషన్.
రిజర్వేషన్ :
  • మహిళలు - 50%
  • పురుషులు - 50%
  • SC-16%
  • ST -7%
  • General - 77%
Note : SC & ST మరియు మహిళల & పురుషుల లో ఒకరికి రిజర్వేషన్ తగిన దరఖాస్తు రానిచో మరొకరికి వారికి ఇవ్వటం జరుగును.
ప్రాధాన్యత :
PG విద్యార్థులు
Self/Wage/Salary పొందుతు డిగ్రీ చేసిన వారికి
చివరి తేదీ :
ఆన్లైన్ ద్వారా అక్టోబర్ నెల 31వ తేదీ లోపు దరఖాస్తు చేసుకోవాల్సి ఉంది.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Motorized Three Wheeler Bikes to Orthopedically Challenged 

Guidelines for sanction of Retrofitted Motorized Vehicles (Three wheeler) to the persons with Locomotor disabilities (Orthopedically handicapped)
Eligibility Criteria: 
  • 1. Persons aged 18-45 years. 
  • 2. Persons with Locomotor Disabilities (Orthopedically handicapped) with both/ single lower limb affected 70% disability and above. 
  • 3. Bonafide Students studying Graduation and above courses regularly. 
  • 4. Self Wage/Salary employed for minimum one year period with 10th class pass. 
  • 5. Annual income of family not exceeding Rs.3,00,000/
  • 6. Acquire valid driving licence for driving Adopted Vehicle within two months from the date of selection.
  • 7. Native of Andhra Pradesh.
  • 8. Eligible to take once in life.
  • 9. He should not own any Motorized Vehicle.
  • 10.He should walk with support of aid/ He should have deformity in both the legs.
  • 11. He should enter Residential details : District, Assembly Constituency, Mandal/ Muncipality, Grama Panchayat/ Ward, Village/Area.
  • 12. The Persons who have already applied online for Motorized Three Wheeler in previous years and not sanctioned so far, shall also apply fresh if they are eligible.
  • 13. Should be eligible for grant of valid driving license of two wheeler motor cycle under Motor Vehicle Act 1988.  

Copies of Certificates to be submitted Free Motorized Three Wheeler Bikes to Orthopedically Challenged 

(Self attested)
  • 1. SADAREM Certificate (issued by District Medical Board). 
  • 2. Aadhar Card
  • 3. SSC Certificate & other higher qualification certificates. 
  • 4. Caste Certificate in case of SC/ST 5. Passport size photo (full person)
  • 6. Latest Income Certificate taken from Tahsildhar on or after 01-01-2022. 
  • 7. Bonafide certificate from the institution where he /she is studying for the student category.
  • 8. Self/ Wage/ Salary employment certificate from the concerned MPDO/ Municipal Commissioner for Self/ Wage/ Salary employed category.
  • 9. Self declaration on punishment for fraudulently availing any benefit meant for persons with disabilities.
  • 10. Self declaration that he/she has not availed the benefit of Motorized Three
Wheeler earlier from Govt.,/ Govt. Agency/ Private Agency or any other source and he/she is not having any motorized vehicle (two/three/four wheeler) of his/her own.

Last Date for applying : 31-10-2022.

Reservation for Sanction of Vehicles Free Motorized Three Wheeler Bikes to Orthopedically Challenged 

Women - 50%, Men - 50% (SC -16%, ST - 7% & General – 77%)
1) In case eligible candidates are not available under ST, the units shall be allotted to SC and vice versa.
2) In case eligible candidates are not available under Women, the units can be allotted to Men.

Preference in Selection :
1) Post Graduate Students. 
2) Self/Wage/Salary employed persons who passed Graduation (Degree).

Each individual shall be eligible to receive Retrofitted Petrol Scooter (3-wheel) only once in his or her lifetime;

RATIO OF DISTRIBUTION OF VEHICLES Motorized Three Wheeler Bikes to Orthopedically Challenged 

1. Out of total sanctioned units by the government and out of each consignment of vehicles received for distribution, the distribution of vehicles shall done on the basis of 60:40 ratio between the persons pursuing P.G/Professional courses and those engaged in self employment. In case of non availability of eligible candidates under self employed category, the undistributed units shall be given to the leftover eligible candidates under PG/Professional Course category and vice versa in the district. If eligible candidates under PG/Professional Course category also not available in the district, then the Managing Director may take a decision to re-allot them to other districts as per the requirement.

2. The District will be the unit for allotment and selection. The MD shall divide, the total number of units into district wise targets.

3. The SC/ST beneficiaries will have provision as per statutory ratio. In case of eligible beneficiaries are not available under SC/ST, the Unit shall become open for allotment. There shall be 33% reservation for women among the total units, which can be allowed to be allotted to others only upon non availability of eligible women beneficiaries

4. In case of heavy competition among eligible students, preference shall be given to the students whose leftover period for completion of the course is more and to those who are coming from remote areas.

PROCEDURE FOR Motorized Three Wheeler Bikes to Orthopedically Challenged APPLICATION 

1. Managing Director, APDASCAC shall issue a centralized notification inviting applications from the severely Orthopedically Challenged individuals in the state for supply of Retrofitted Petrol Scooters (3-wheel)/ Battery operated Wheel-chairs.

2. Applications shall be received from the eligible individuals through online only. Managing Director, APDASCAC shall make all necessary arrangements to receive applications through a centralized online system in a prescribed format. From the date of notification minimum of one month time shall be given to receive applications from the prospective beneficiaries.

3. Managing Director, APDASCAC shall develop a standard application format for this purpose by involving senior officers from the department for Welfare of Differently Abled and Senior Citizens, APDASCAC and technical agencies like NIC etc.

4. Due care shall be taken while developing the application format to obtain all such information necessary to verify the candidate’s eligibility as per the given criteria and such other information as deemed necessary at the time of selection of beneficiaries.
5. All claims made by the candidates, like percentage of disability, local status, medical fitness, etc shall necessarily be supported by self-attested documents.

6. The possibility of submission of applications through Mee-Seva may be explored from the angle of convenience to the candidates residing in remote areas.

7. To obtain data of students pursuing PG/Professional courses the Universities/reputed Educational Institutions in A.P. State shall be >addressed besides obtaining the data from the Welfare Departments which are sanctioning Scholarships/Fee Reimbursements to the said courses.

8. Applications received shall be shortlisted district wise by the M.D., APDASCAC as per the eligibility and transmitted to the District Collector concerned while retaining a set of copy in the Head-office.