WE Love Reading 2023 Summer Vacation Reading Competitions Activities Suggested Rc 30

WE Love Reading 2023 Summer Vacation Reading Competitions Activities Suggested Rc 30

R.C.No. 30/A & I/2023 Dated:#ApprovedDate

Sub: School Education – We Love Reading – activities suggested – reading competitions during summer-2023 – Certain instructions – issued.

Ref: This ofce e Proc.Rc.No.30/A & I/2022r Dated:20.02.2022.

WE Love Reading 2023 Summer Vacation Reading Competitions Activities Suggested Rc 30

WE Love Reading 2023 Summer Vacation Reading Competitions Activities Suggested Rc 30

The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education District Educational Officers and e Principals of DIETs in the state is invited to the reference cited wherein instructions were issued for implementation of the “We Love Reading Programme” (WLRP) in a systemic transformation of all the students from non - readers to fluent readers with complete comprehension by encouraging the students to read a good number of library books during the summer vacation.

As a part of summer vacation-2023 all the students are already informed to bring books from the school library to read those books during summer holidaysr after reading the books they may be exchanged those books with their friends

As suchr to encourage the reading habit among stake holdersr this Department is going to conduct We Love Reading competitions” (WLRC) with studentsr teachersr school head mastersr student teachersr teacher educators and DIET e Principals so as to adapt the encouragement of reading and will be habituated of reading for lifelong learning. A link is provided in the Annexure and to submit the activities of competitions (https://forms.gle/voBnKyqMWePM2tR1f7) and the list of activities and competitions is annexed.

Therefore all the Regional Joint Directors District Educational Officers in the state are instructed to circulate the information of activities and competitions of “We Love Reading competitions” (WLRC) and also requested to take appropriate actions in respect of participation all student teachers head masters student teachers DIET faculty and DIET principals in the competitions.

This should be treating as very important and the instructions will be followed scrupulously with out any deviation.

We Love Reading - detailed Action Plan


We Love Reading program will be continued during summer holidays of this academic year. The detailed Action plan guidelines are given here under for effective conduct of We Love Reading program which will be scheduled from 01-05-2023 to 10-06-2023.

• All the Regional Joint Directors of School education and District Educational Officers should instruct all the Deputy Educational Officers, Mandal education officers to conduct meeting with headmasters of all schools in their respective Divisions and Mandals on implementation of we love reading summer activities.

• The Mandal educational officers have to come up with their innovative strategies for implementation of the program in their Mandals. One online meeting will be conducted by State level Officers for MEOs to create awareness on the programmee.( Schedule will be announced soon.)

• The headmaster shall conduct a meeting with staff members and prepare a clear Action Plan by utilising the library resources available in the school.

• All the students in the school are adopted by the teachers equally. 
• The lead teacher has to create a WhatsApp group with the adopted students

• Divide the library books class wise and display the books in the library. 
• Give Five to Ten books to each student based on their reading ability and enter the details in the book distribution register.

• Ask students to read those books during summer holidays at their home. 
• If the student may go on any holiday trip bring those books along with them.

• Ask students to read the stories allowed for their parents and elders. 
• WhatsApp group lead teacher post a story everyday in the group and ask the adopted students to read the story and also ask them to post their comments and other stories written by them in the Whats App group.
• Ask the students to exchange story books from their classmates. 
• Ask students to visit nearby public library and get books from the library to read at their homes.

• While reading library books students may perform the following activities.

• 1. Me and my book: After reading the book, everyone has to write their opinion on that book. Like own ideas and feelings about the characters, situations, pictures regarding the book.

• 2) Books in the shelf: Visit Friends and relatives houses. Try to list out the names of the books found with their friends and relatives. Discuss on those books and note down the significance.

• 3) Picture gallery: Collect old newspapers/magazines and cut pictures which are most likable. Paste those pictures in a notebook. It is the picture gallery. 
• 4) The stories of my friends: Form a group with their friends / classmates. Discus the

stories read ,then write those stories on their own words in a notebook. • 5) My story bank: Collect stories from the newspapers or magazines. Cut those • pages and paste it in a notebook. This will become their story bank.

• 6) Picture story: Select any pictures from the newspapers or magazines and write a story based on picture.

• 7) My book: Make their own book with their writings and drawings , display the book on the reopening day performing activities.


we love reading summer competition will be conducted for students in three levels.

level 1 :
• class 3 to class 5 students are eligible for this level Competition story reading

• student of this level may select any story and read and record the story with your mobile phone. send your sorry video to the given mail ID. • Mail Id: WELSTORYREADING2023@GMAIL.COM

level 2 :
• class 6 to class 8 students are eligible for this Level Competition • story reading competition ( same instructions may follow as mentioned level 1 )
• story writing competition
• students of this level may write any story on their own. send the scanned
copy or soft copy of the story to the given mail address


level 3:
• class 9 to class 12 students and Dl.Ed students are eligible for this Level Competitions
• story writing competition ( follow instruction same as mentioned in level 2 story writing competition)
• Review writing competition
• students may write a review on the story or the book read by them. Send the review report to the given mail ID.

My personal library- Selfee competition: Students studying Classes 9 to 12th are eligible for this competition. Students are to list out the books that they have in their home for reading, and take a selfee with their personal library and upload in the link given. • Mail Id: WELSELFEE2023@GMAIL.COM

Drawing competition:
Students studying Classes 3rd to 12th are eligible for drawing competitions. Drawings will be on the A4 size chart paper need to send the drawings to the given mail address. Mail Id: WELDRAWING2023@GMAIL.COM

Competitions for teachers and teacher educators:

• All the teachers working in primary upper primary and high school, teacher educators working in DIETs are eligible for this competitions. • Book review competition

• Select any book education related classic literature. write a review report on the book and send the soft copy of the review report to the given mail ID.


SCERT is held responsible for conduct of online orientation to the teachers headmaster and other stake holders to create awareness on effective conduct of we love reading summer program, also responsible for organizing different online competition related to the program. The Director SCERT is requested to take necessary action for smooth conduct of the program
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