MEOs to Identify 2 High Schools for 213 Co-Education Junior Colleges Rc.No. ESE02/641/2023

Sub: School Education - High School Plus - Establishment of two (02) Junior Colleges in every Mandal of which one is Co-Education - Certain Instructions - Issued - Regarding.
Rc.No. ESE02/641/2023-MODEL SCHOOL - CSE Dated: 26/06/2023

MEOs to Identify 2 High Schools for 213 Co-Education Junior Colleges Rc.No. ESE02/641/2023

1. G.O.Ms.No. 124, School Education (Prog.l) Department, Dated:07.07.2022.
2. This Office Procgs.Rc.No.ESE02/491/2023-MODAL SCHOOL-CSE , Dated:18/05/2023
3. Lr. Rc.No.31/A&/2022 dt:12.05.2022, 19.05.2022 & dt:10.07.2022 of the Commissioner of School Education, AP
4. Lr. Rc.No.99/E3/Calendar/2023-24 Dated:28.04.2023 of the Commissioner of Intermediate Education, AP.
5. Lr.Rc.NO:109/E3/2023-24, dated:10.05.2023 of the Board of Intermediate, A.P.
6. Minutes of the meeting held on 13.06.2023 by the Hon'ble Minister for Education, A.P.

The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State is hereby drawn to the references cited, wherein, the Government of A.P has taken a policy decision that “Every mandal in the state should have at least two Jr Colleges, one Junior College for Co- Education and another one exclusively for girls.

The government have communicated certain conditions and have accorded permission to upgrade 294 Government High Schools into High School Plus for girls i.e., Junior Colleges exclusively for girls in every mandal offering two groups based on local requirements @ 40 students to each group from the academic year 2022-23 with an aim to promote the status of girl child in the society as well as incentivize girls education through various schemes and programs.

It is further informed that there are 213 Mandals where there are no Co- education colleges, where it is desired to establish 213 Co-Education Junior Colleges.

As per the above, the RJDSE’s and DEO’s concerned are hereby requested to instruct the concerned Mandal Educational Officers to identify 02 High Schools in 213 Mandals which are centrally located with good connectivity and having good school infrastructure facilities i.e., spacious class rooms/ well equipped laboratories /well stocked libraries/ play grounds/ well ventilated class rooms. High enrolment and adequate/ sufficient place for further expansion also to be considered. Submit the particulars to this office on or before 30.06.2023 through Mail id. for onward submission of the same to the Government for taking further course of action in the matter.