Night Watchmen in 476 Govt Jr Colleges at Rs 6000 pm Appointment Guidelines GO 55

Night Watchmen in 476 Govt Jr Colleges at Rs 6000 pm Appointment Guidelines GO 55 
School Education - Intermediate Education Engagement of Night Watchmen in all the 476 Government Junior Colleges (non-residential) by the College Development Committees with an honorarium of Rs.6,000/- per month - Permission - Accorded Orders -Issued.

SCHOOL EDUCATION (IE.A1) DEPARTMENT G.O.Ms.No.55 Dated: 16th June, 2023.

Night Watchmen in 476 Govt Jr Colleges at Rs 6000 pm Appointment Guidelines GO 55

Night Watchmen in 476 Govt Jr Colleges at Rs 6000 pm Appointment Guidelines GO 55

From CIE Lr. Rc. No. Acad. I-1/2069888/2023, 08.05.2023.

The Government have taken up Mana Badi Nadu-Nedu (MBNN) in 452 Junior Colleges in a mission mode in a phased manner since 2022 for improvement of infrastructure with 8 components with an outlay of Rs.280 crores viz. (i) Toilets with running water; (ii). Drinking water supply; (iii) Major and Minor repairs; (iv) Electrification with fans and tube lights; (v) Furniture for students and staff; (vi) Green Chalk board; (vii) Painting; and (viii) Compound wall. Under Phase-I, 01 Government Junior College at S.R.R & C.V.R.Govt. Junior College, Manabadi Nadu-Nedu (MBNN) Programme was taken up with an outlay of Rs.2.10 crores during the Year, 2019-2020. Under Phase-II, 451 Govt. Junior Colleges are taken up an outlay of Rs.280 crores. Under the scheme of Toilet Maintenance Fund, the cleaning chemicals and cleaning tools are being provided to all the Junior Colleges apart from appointment of sanitary workers i.e. Ayas.

Never Miss any Update: Join Our Free Alerts: Apart from the above infrastructure facilities in the Junior Colleges, under Nadu Nedu Phase-II, Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) and smart TVs are being provided to the Junior Colleges where the work has been completed. TABS are also being provided to the Intermediate students with synchronization with IFPS for learning at home.

3. The Commissioner of Intermediate Education, in the reference read above, has stated that, due to lack of night watchman in Government Junior Colleges in some places, drunken person and anti-social elements are also entering into the premises of Govt. Jr. Colleges at out of college hours, causing nuisance which is not conductive to the college atmosphere. The thefts may cause financial loss to the State Exchequer. Hence, there is a dire need to appoint night watchman, @ 1 person each Govt. Jr. College to take care and protect all the costly material and to safeguard the furniture items and IFPs and Smart TVs, and also to prevent anti-social elements entering into the Govt. Jr. Colleges. Therefore, the appointment of the night watchmen in all Govt. Jr. Colleges in the State is very much essential as the Government having spend / invested lot of money in developing the infrastructure of the colleges.

4. The Commissioner of Intermediate Education has therefore, submitted proposal for engagement of Night-watchmen @ 1 person to each Govt. Jr. College to all the 476 Govt. Jr. Colleges in the State, where Manabadi Nadu- Nedu programme is in progress i.e. 451 Govt. Jr. Colleges and another 25 Govt. Junior Colleges through College Development Committees with an honorarium of Rs.6,000/- per month on par with appointment of the Night watchmen in High Schools permitted vide G.O.Ms.No.30, School Education (Ser-I) Department, Dated 19.03.2023.

5. Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby accord permission to the Commissioner of Intermediate Education to engage of night watchmen@1 per Junior College in all the 476 Government Junior College (non-residential) by the 'College Development Committees' with an honorarium of Rs.6,000/- per month from the Board of Intermediate Education Funds, duly giving the priority to the following persons in appointment of Watchmen:

  • (a) first preference will be given to the husband of Ayah already appointed;
  • (b) second preference will be given to the Ex-Service men in the Village / Ward; and
  • (c) if (a) and (b) are not available, then the College Development Committee may appoint any other eligible person as per rules.
The Commissioner of Intermediate Education and the Secretary, Board of Intermediate Education, shall take further necessary action in the matter, accordingly.