AP List of General Holidays 2024 & Optional Holidays 2024 GO 2318

AP List of General Holidays 2024 & Optional Holidays 2024 GO 2318. Govt of AP has released the List of General Holidays for 2024 (Public Holidays) Calendar and List of Optional Holidays for 2024. All the Government Offices, Institutions, Schools will remain closed on these Holidays 2024. G.O. Rt. No.2318 Dated:30 -11-2023 ORDER

HOLIDAYS - General Holidays and Optional Holidays for the year 2024 - Notified. GENERAL ADMtNtSTRAT|ON (POLITICAL .B) DEPARTMENT
G.O. Rt. No.2318 Dated:30 -11-2023. AP Public Holidays 2024

    The following Notification shall be published in an Extra-Ordinary issue of A.P Gazette, dated 30. 1l.2023:
    AP List of General Holidays 2024 & Optional Holidays 2024 GO 2318

    AP List of Holidays 2024 General & Optional Notification


    The Government of Andhra Pradesh direct that the days specified in Annexure-l shall be observed as General Holidays by all the State Government offices excluding the holidays falling on Sundays/Second Saturday shown in Annexure-l(A) and Optional Holidays shown in Annexure.ll except the Optional Holidays falling on Sundays shown in Anneuxre-ll(A) during the year 2024.

    2. The State Government direct that all the offices under State Government shall remain closed on all Sundays and Second Saturdays in all the months during the year 2024.

    3. ln addition to the above mentioned General Holidays in Annexure-|, the State Government employees may avail themselves of Optional Holidays not exceeding five (5) during the year 2024 on the festivals / occasions specified in Annexure.ll to this order at their option and irrespective of the religion to which the festival pertains to. The permission to avail any of these holidays shall be applied for, in writing in advance and shall normally be granted by the Superior Officers competent to grant Casual Leave except when the presence of an individual employee is considered necessary in the exigencies of Government work.

    4. The Government also direct that General Holidays shall not ipso-facto apply to the industrial Establishments and Public Sector Undertakings under the control of the State Government, the workmen engaged in Public Works Department and Educational institution's in the State. Separate orders regarding the festivals/ occasions when these institutions have to observe holidays shall be issued by the concerned Administrative Department of the Secretariat.

    5. lf there is any change of date in respect of Ramzan, Bakrid, Moharam and Eid Milad-Un-Nabi as per the sighting of the Moon or any other holiday of Hindu festival as well, it shall be announced through electronic/print media. All the Departments of Secretariat and Heads of Departments and District Collectors shall take action according to such an announcement and without waiting for formal order about the change of date.

    AP List of General Holidays 2024

    Table showing the Dates and General Holidays List for 2024 Calendar Year for Government Offices in Andhra Pradesh.
    (G.O. Rt. No.2318 General Administration (PoII.B) Department, Dated:30-11-2023)
    Name of the occasion / festival Date Day
    1 MAKARA SANKRANTI 15.01.2024 Monday
    2 KANUMA 16.01.2024 Tuesday
    3 REPUBLIC DAY 26.01.2024 Friday
    4 MAHASIVARATRI 08.03.2024 Friday
    5 HOLI 25.03.2024 Monday
    6 GOOD FRIDAY 29.03.2024 Friday
    7 BABU JAGJIVAN RAM's IRTHDAY 05.04.2024 Friday
    8 UGADI 09.04.2024 Tuesday
    9 EID-UL-FITR (RAMZAN) 11.04.2024 Thursday
    10 SREERAMA NAVAMI 17.04.2024 Wednesday
    11 BAKRID (Eid-UI-Zuha) 17.06.2024 Monday
    12 MOHARRUM 17.07.2024 Wednesday
    13 INDEPENDENCE DAY 15.08.2024 Thursday
    14 SRI KRISHNASTAMI 26.08.2024 Monday
    15 VINAYAI<A CHAVITHI 07.09.2024 Saturday
    16 EID MILAD-UN-NABI (Birthday of Prophet Mohammad) 16.09.2024 Monday
    17 MAHATMA GANDHI JAYANTHI 02.10.2024 Wednesday
    19 DURGASTAMI 11.10.2024 Friday
    19 DEEPAVALI 31.10.2024 Thursday
    20 CHRISTMAS 25.12.2024 Wednesday

    (G.O. Rt. No.2318 General Administration (PoII.B) Department, Dated:30-11-2023)
    Festivals/occasions occur on Sunday/Second Saturday during the year 2024
    Name of the occasion / festival Date Day
    1 BHOGI 14.01.2024 Sunday
    2 Dr. B.R.AMBEDKAR's BIRTHDAY 14.04.2024 Sunday
    3 VIJAYA DASAMI 12.10.2024 Second

    AP List of Public Holidays 2024

    AP List of Optionial Holidays 2024

    (G.O. Rt. No.2318 General Administration (PoII.B) Department, Dated:30-11-2023)
    SI No'. Name of the occasion / festival Date Day
    1 New Year's Day 01.01.2024 Monday
    2 Birthday of Hazrath Ali (R.A.) 25.01.2024 Thursday
    3 Shab-e-Meraj 07.02.2024 Wednesday
    4 Shahadat Hazrat All (R.A.) 01.04.2024 Monday
    5 Jamatul Veda 05.04.2024 Friday
    6 Basava Jayanthi 10.05.2024 Friday
    7 Buddha Pumima 23.05.2024 Thursday
    8 Eid-e-Gadeer 25.06.2024 Tuesday
    9 91" Moharram 16.07.2024 Tuesday
    10 Parsi New Year's Day 15.08.2024 Thursday
    11 Varalakshmi Vratam 16.08.2024 Friday
    12 Mahalaya Amavasya 02.10.2024 Wednesday
    13 Yaz Dahum Shareef 15.10.2024 Tuesday
    14 Kartika Purnima / Guru Nanak Jayanthi 15.11.2024 Friday
    15 Hazrat Syed Mohammed Juvanpur Mehdi's Birthday_ 16.11.2024
    16 Christmas Eve 24.12.2024 Tuesday
    17 Boxing Day 26.12.2024 Thursday
    AP List of Optional Holidays

    Holidays on Sundays

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