Mana Anganwadi Nadu Nedu Guidelines 2023 GO 140 Dated 7.12.2023

Mana Anganwadi Nadu Nedu Guidelines 2023 GO 140 Dated 7.12.2023. Dept. for WCDA & SCS - Mana Anganwadi Nadu-Nedu Certain Procedural guidelines for implementation of Nadu Nedu program for up-gradation of Anganwadis in coordination with School Education department - Orders - Issued.

G.O.Rt.No.140 Dated: 07.12.2023. 

Anganwadi Centers Nadu Nedu Guidelines

Mana Anganwadi Nadu Nedu Guidelines 2023 GO 140 Dated 7.12.2023

Read the following:-
1.Minutes of the Review meeting of the Hon'ble CM, dt.20-04- 2023 and 3.7.2023.
2.G.O.Ms.No.87, School Education Department, dated: 30-11-2019. 
3.G.O.Ms.No.7, School Education Department, dated: 24-02-2020. 
4.G.O.Ms.No.22, School Education Department, dated: 06-05-2020. 
5.E-File bearing Computer No:2067898/2023 of the Director, WD&CW, Govt., of A.P.
6. Note file in the e-file bearing Computer No.2181392/2023 of the School Education Department.
7.G.O.Rt.No.116, Dept. for Women, Children, Differently Abled & Senior Citizens (Prog.I), dt: 18-10-2023.
8.E-file Computer No.2255316 of School Education (Infrastructure).


In the Government Order 7th read above, Government have issued orders sanctioning an amount of Rs.214.227 crores with the tie up of RS.28.28 crores under Swach Bharat Mission (SBM) and Rs.85.95 crores under Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) with the State grant of Rs.99.997 crores under MANA ANGANWADI NADU NEDU for repair works of Anganwadi Centres for providing 9,427 New Toilets to the Anganwadi Centres, Drinking Water System with Running Water for 18,684 Anganwadi Centres, New Toilets Electrification for 15,168 Anganwadi Centres covering Government and rent free buildings in coordination with School Education Dept., in the State of Andhra Pradesh. 

The district wise Abstract and Grant wise Abstract are appended to this order as Annexure-I and Annexure- II. Funds will be placed with Commissioner, Infrastructure, School Education under relevant HOA for implementation of MANA ANGANWADI- NADU-NEDU

2. In modification of the guidelines issued in the G.O. 7th read above, the following further procedural guidelines are hereby issued for implementation of Nadu Nedu Program for upgradation of Anganwadis in coordination with School Education Department:-

A. A Mothers Committee shall be formed comprising (7) persons one Member Convenor, The Headmaster of the School attached to the Foundation School and (5) members.

B. An Anganwadi Mothers Committee shall be formed with the following members :-
  • Anganwadi Worker - Member convenor
  • Supervisor - Member
  • Head Master of mapped school - Member
  • 3 Mothers of Children aged 2-5 Years who are Enrolled in Anganwadi Center - Member
  • Engineering Assistant / Ward Amenity Member Secretary Member

Responsibilities of the Mothers Committee:

a. The Mothers Committee shall conduct regular weekly meetings at the time and day as per the convenience of all the members.

b. All the members shall attend the weekly meetings and take all necessary decisions in the meeting.

c. The meetings shall be conducted in the Anganwadi Center Premises only. The Anganwadi Worker concerned shall convene the Mothers committee meeting every week.

d. The decisions should be taken in a collective manner. The Anganwadi Worker concerned, the Sachivalayam Engineers and Ward amenities Secretary and Field engineer shall only facilitate the Mothers Committee to take appropriate decision. They shall not insist a decision or impose a decision.

e. The local procurement and payment of expenditure shall be done as per the decisions taken in the Mothers Committee.

f. The Mothers Committee shall maintain the prescribed books to account for every rupee spent.

g. Mothers Committee along with Grama / Ward Sachivalayam Engineering Assistant and ward amenities secretary shall go to the market and study thoroughly about the quality and specifications of the material to be procured. The Grama / Ward Sachivalayam Engineering assistant and ward amenities secretary shall ensure that the required quantity of materials be procured as per the progress and as per the theoretical requirement.

h. The Anganwadi Workers and the concerned supervisors will be subject to disciplinary action if the member's signatures are taken by circulating the cheque books to their homes.

i. The Mothers Committee will prepare and pass the resolution for release of revolving fund.

j. The Anganwadi Supervisors, CDPO & Secretary Ward amenities shall take all necessary steps to strengthen the Mothers Committees by motivation, organizing weekly meetings and promoting transparency.


The proposal of Rs.214.00 Cr covering Government and rent free buildings will be taken up the State grant of Rs.99.997 Cr. duly incorporating the tie up Swatch Bharat Mission and Jal Jeevan Mission Funds.

a. The Director / Commissioner, Women and Child Welfare Department shall claim the bills based on BRO and transfer the funds to the NADU NEDU PD Account of the Commissioner, Infrastructure, School Education. Likewise, the funds of the SBM & JJM may also be transferred from their respective SNA Account of the concerned HoD's into the Nadu Nedu account of the Commissioner, Infrastructure, School Education as Implementing Agency (IA) account.

b. The fund channelling mechanism available in STMS software of Mana Badi Nadu Nedu program will be used for Mana Anganwadi Nadu-Nedu Program.

c. Every Mothers Committee will be provided adequate funds for Labour charges and local purchases. The Mothers Committee shall make all the payments exceeding Rs.5000/- (Rupees Five thousand Only) through cheques only.

d. The Anganwadi Worker being the Convener of the Mothers Committee and the Supervisor being the member of the Mothers Committee shall ensure that every rupee is approved by the Mothers Committee and every rupee is accounted for in books of accounts (Minutes, Cash Book, General Ledger, Stock Register, Voucher/Receipt book).

e. For every transaction there should be a proper bill and it should be accompanied with the voucher. The Engineering Assistant / Ward Amenities Secretary shall take photograph of the paid bill and voucher and upload on the same day using STMS app. The bill and voucher shall be uploaded only after payment by the Mothers Committee to the labourers/Vendor/ other expenses.

f. Any 5 members of the committee can sign the cheques. The cheque signing should be done in the premises of the AWC only during weekly meetings.

g. The Implementing Engineering Department shall complete all the statutory processes after completion of the work to assess the value of the work done.

h. After the end of each work the M book shall be recorded and check measured and value of the work shall be assessed and entered into STMS.

II. Roles & Responsibilities of WD&CD Department Staff, Engineering Assistant / Ward Amenity Secretary, GSWS Department, All Implementing agencies (Engineering Departments) and APC, Samagra Shiksha.

a. Administrative Sanction:

Engineering Assistant / Ward Amenity Secretary will inspect the AWC, identify repairs along with AW worker and prepare the requirements sheet and append signatures. AW worker will hand over the signed requirements sheet to the ICDS Supervisor. ICDS Supervisor will check the AW centers estimates of her jurisdiction on screen, approve and send to the Field Engineer. The Field Engineer verifies the estimates and forward to Dy.EE. After verification Dy.EE will submit the estimates to the CDPO. CDPO after verification submits to the DW&CW&EO. DW&CW&EO will download the proposals sent by CDPO using STMS software and submit the same to the APC. APC will circulate the file to the District Collector for approval. Upon approval by the District Collector APC will enter the same in STMS soft ware and send to Field Engineer for technical sanction.

ii)Cement/Sand/CPM Material:
Engineering Assistant / Ward Amenity Secretary will upload expenditure of Cement Sand /CPM Material AWC wise to STMS portal to the supervisor. Supervisor verifies the expenditure of Cement / Sand /CPM Material and submits to the CDPO. CDPO after verification submits the same to the APC.

iii) Cement / Sand/ CPM Material invoices should be uploaded by the CDPO and submit to FAO and FAO submits them to the APC, School Education Department, which will be approved through STMS software, using Digital signature key (DSK) and upload them to CFMS for transfer of fund to the Vendors Account.


a. Implementing agencies such as APEWIDC, Samagra Shiksha, Tribal Welfare Engineering and other executing agencies which do not receive any administrative and salary support from the Government shall be paid 3% of the estimated cost towards service charges. Based on the expenditure once in a month, the Director / Commissioner of Women and Child Welfare Department shall pay these charges to the implementing agencies.

b. A provision of 0.50% can be paid to Executing agencies which have a separate QC wing and have done quality check of at least 15% of the works executed.

c. A provision of 0.50% on Project cost will be paid as Management cost for Nadu-Nedu Technical Support Unit (TSU).

3. The Commissioner, Women Development and Child Welfare and the Commissioner of School Education (Infrastructure), Government of Andhra Pradesh shall take further necessary action in the matter.

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