Kendriya Vidyalaya KV 1st Class Admissions 2024-25 Notification [Out] Guidelines, Online Form

KV 1st Class Admissions 2024-25 Notification [Out] Guidelines, Online Form. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan KVS released the Online Admissions Notification for Admission into 1st Class in Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country. Online Registration for Admission to Class-I in Kendriya Vidyalayas for the Academic Year 2024-25 will commence at 10:00 am on 01.04.2024 (Monday) and will close at 05:00 pm on 15.04.2024 (Monday).

    Kendriya Vidyalaya KV 1st Class Admissions 2024-25

    Kendriya Vidyalaya 1st Class Admissions Notification 2024-25

    Online Registration for Admission to Class-I in Kendriya Vidyalayas for the Academic Year 2024-25 will commence at 10:00 am on 01.04.2024 (Monday) and will close at 05:00 pm on 15.04.2024 (Monday). The Admission details are available on website

    Minimum age for admission in Class-I will be 6 years. Reckoning of age for all Classes shall be as on 31.03.2024. Reservation of seats will be as per KVS Admission Guidelines 2024-25 available on the Website (

    Admission will not be granted, if wrong and misleading information in the application form is found at the time of scrutiny by the KV.  Download Notification PDF Click Here

    KVS 1st Class Admissions 2024 Overview

    Registration for fresh admissions, in Class II and above, will be started from 01.04.2024 (Monday) at 08:00 am to 10.04.2024 (Wednesday) up to 04:00 pm, if vacancies exist, in offline mode only. The duly filled up form needs to be submitted to the office of the Principal in the respective KV.

    All information regarding Admission & Registration forms for Class-II and above are available in the Vidyalaya Websites and registrations can be done as per the Schedule for Admission 2024-25. Registration for fresh admissions in Class-II and above will be accepted only if vacancy exists in the concerned KV. 
    KVS Class 1 Admissions 2024-25 Overview
    Name Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV)
    Affiliation Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
    Admission Mode Online
    Last Date to Apply 15th April 2024
    Admission Class 1st Class
    Application Mode Online Apply
    Academic Year 2024-25
    Online Apply Dates 1st April to 15th April 2024
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    Kendriya Vidyalaya KV Admission Schedule 2024-25

    KVS 1st Class Admissions 2024-25 Schedule
    Advertisement for admission
    4th week of March 2024 (Latest by 31.03.2024)
    Online Registration for Class-I
    01.04.2024 (Monday) 10:00 AM onwards
    Last date of Online Registration for Class-I
    15.04.2024 (Monday) 05:00 PM
    (a) Declaration of provisional lists of selected and waitlisted registered candidates 1st Provisional List on 19.04.2024 (Friday)
    2 nd Provisional List on 29.04.2024 (Monday)
    3 rd Provisional List on 08.05.2024
    (b) Admission of eligible & selected candidates as per the above list in following order: (i) RTE (ii) From Service Priority Category (I and II) only (iii) Shortfall of Reservation Quota after admission in (i) and (ii)above
    Extended date for the Second Notification for off line registrations for admission to be made under RTE Provisions, SC, ST and OBC (NCL), if sufficient applications were not received in online mode Notification on 07.05.2024 (Tuesday) Registration from 08.05.2024 (Wednesday) to 15.05.2024(Wednesday)
    Display of list and Admissions 22.05.2024 (Wednesday) to 27.05.2024 (Monday)
    Registration for Class-II onwards (except Class XI) - Subject (in offline mode) to availability of vacancies in a particular class. 01.04.2024 (Monday) to 10.04.2024 (Wednesday)

    Salient Features of Kendriya Vidyalaya

    Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs) provides a comprehensive system of schooling. It is handled by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS). Important features of Kendriya Vidyalayas are as under:KV has common textbooks (by NCERT) and a bilingual medium of instruction.
    All KVs in India and those located abroad (Moscow, Tehran, and Kathmandu) are affiliated with the CBSE.
    The KVs are co-educational, composite schools.
    KVs consider Sanskrit as an important subject, which is mandated for students from Classes 6 to 8.
    With an appropriate teacher-pupil ratio, KVs follow a standardised high-quality education.
    KVs does not charge any tuition fee for the following:Girls up to Class 12
    Boys up to Class 8
    Children of KVS employees
    SC/ST students
    The girl children admitted under the ‘Single Girl Child’ category are also exempted from paying school fees.

    Eligibility Criteria for KV 1st Grade Admissions 2024-25

    A Child must be 6 years old for Class I as on 31st March in the academic year in which admission is sought (Child born on 1st April should also be considered.)
    The minimum and maximum age limit for admission in Kendriya Vidyalayas in various classes is given below: (Child born on 1st April should also be considered.)

    Class Minimum / Maximum Age as on 31st March of   the Year in which admission is sought.
    Class -I  6 years but less than 08 years of age.
    II  7 years but less than 09 years of age
    III  8 years but less than 10 years of age.
    IV  8 years but less than 10 years of age.
    9 years but less than 11 years of age.
    VI  10 years but less than 12 years of age.

    Consequent upon the change in the minimum and maximum age for admission, introduced for Class I in the session 2022–23, progressive change in the age limit for the appropriate classes will be continued to be reflected in future too.
    The maximum age limit can be relaxed by two years in case of Children with Special Needs (CwSN), by the Principal.

    KV Admissions 2024-25 Priority of Admissions 

    The following priorities shall be followed in granting admissions:
    • 1. Children of Transferable and Non-transferable Central Government Employees and children of Ex- servicemen
    • 2. Children of transferable and non-transferable employees of Autonomous Bodies / Public Sector Undertaking/Institute of Higher Learning of the Government of India.
    • 3. Children of transferable and non-transferable State Government employees.
    • 4. Children of transferable and non-transferable employees of Autonomous Bodies/ Public Sector Undertakings/Institute of Higher Learning of the State Governments.
    • 5. Children from any other category i.e., all those not covered under any of the categories 1 to 4 listed above.
    Note: Preference in Admission to wards will be based on the number of transfers of the parents in the last 7 years.

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    • 1. Children of employees of the Project Sector/Institutes of Higher Learning which are the Sponsors of the Vidyalaya, Faculty & Post Graduate students who are working on long term research projects/engagements and regular Council of Wardens (COW) employees and children of retired employees including employees on deputation to the concerned Project/IHL and contractual employees who are directly hired by the concerned Project/IHL
    • (However, the Contractual staff hired through agency, outsourced, third party shall not be given any priority in admission).
    • Note: Preference in Admission will be given to the children of serving employee, deputation employees, retired employee and directly hired contractual employees by the Project/IHL, in that order.
    • 2. Children of transferable and non-transferable Central Government Employees and children of Ex- servicemen.
    • 3. Children of transferable and non-transferable employees of Autonomous Bodies/Public Sector Undertaking/ Institute of Higher Learning of the Government of India.
    • 4. Children of transferable and non-transferable State Government Employees.
    • 5. Children of transferable and non-transferable employees of Autonomous Bodies/ Public Sector Undertakings/ Institute of Higher Learning of the State Governments.
    • Children from any other category i.e., all those not  covered under any of the categories 1 to 5 listed  above.

    KV 1st Class 2024-25 Admission Procedure

    Out of the available seats of fresh admission 25% shall be reserved for Right To Education (Hereafter referred to as ‘RTE’) 15% shall be reserved for SC, 7.5% shall be reserved for ST and 27% seats shall be reserved for “OBC- Non Creamy Layer”. (Hereafter referred to as “OBC-NCL”)

    After admission of students under RTE Act followed by Children with Special Needs (CwSN) the children belonging to Cat-1 will be taken up. The students admitted under Cat-1 will also include SC/ST/OBC-NCL. Similarly, after admission of Cat-1, admission of Cat-2 will be taken up which will include SC/ST/OBC-NCL (up to Cat-3 in case of Project/IHL School).

    The shortfall in the number of candidates on seats reserved for SC, ST and OBC- NCL will be worked out after considering the number of SC/ST/OBC-NCL children admitted under RTE quota and Priority Cat-1 and Cat-2.

    The reservation norms shall be applicable within approved class strength 32 students per section:

    • RTE 25% : 08 seats
    • SC 15% : 05 seats
    • ST 7.5% : 02 seats
    • OBC 27% : 08 seats
    (3% seats for the Children with Special Needs (CwSN) applicants would be reserved horizontally)
    After closing of process of registration, the sequence of conduct of lottery by each Kendriya Vidyalaya will be as under:
    • a) RTE Lottery
    • b) All CwSN Lotteries
    • c) CAT-I
    • d) CAT-II
    • e) SC
    • f) ST
    • g) OBC
    • h) CAT-III
    • i) CAT-IV
    • j) CAT-V
    • k) CAT -VI (If applicable)
    The following sequence is to be adopted for the fresh admissions to Class-I in Kendriya Vidyalayas:

    (I) First Lot: 8 seats (out of 32 seats) in Class I per section are to be filled as per RTE Provisions (25% of seats) and these 08 seats will be filled by draw of lots from all applications of SC/ST/EWS/BPL/OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) /CwSN taken together who are the resident of Neighborhood.

    (II) Second Lot: Lottery for Children with Special Needs of SC/ST/OBC- NCL/Unreserved is to be conducted as per Priority Category.

    (III) Third Lot: Remaining seats (after deducting RTE and CwSN applicants, if any) will be filled as per the existing Priority Category of Cat-1 and Cat-2 (Cat-1 to Cat-3 in case of Project/IHL KV) only up to the sanctioned strength or till all the registered candidates from Cat-1 and Cat-2 (Cat-1 to Cat-3 in case of Project/IHL KV) is filled.

    (IV) Fourth Lot: - The total number of SC/ST/OBC-NCL will be counted from the admitted summary of RTE, DA, Cat-1 and Cat-2 (Cat-1 to Cat-3 in case of Project/IHL KV) admissions done till third phase. Thereafter, the shortfall in the seats reserved for SC/ST/OBC-NCL, if any, shall be covered by admitting SC/ST/OBC-NCL applicants as per the order of priorities of admission, irrespective of sanctioned strength.

    (V) Fifth Lot: - After all these processes, if sanctioned strength is not filled and seats are vacant, applicants from Priority Cat-3 (Cat-4 in Project/IHL KV) onwards will be taken up for admission as per existing priority list for unreserved seats only. The unfilled leftover reserved seats of RTE/SC/ST/OBC (NCL) should be kept vacant.

    KV Admissions 2024-25 Fee Details

    • ∙ No fee to be charged from the children admitted under the 25% quota prescribed under RTE Act 2009.
    • ∙ Once the children are admitted in Class-I under RTE Act, they will continue to enjoy exemptions and concessions till class VIII in the same KV.
    • ∙ Address proof of the parent should be furnished at the time of the registration.
    • ∙ The employees who have the facility of fee reimbursement in their departments cannot claim RTE concessions.

    Complete Procedure for KV Admission

    All Kendriya Vidyalayas follow the same procedure for granting admission to different classes. The following details will provide a better understanding of the admission procedure:

    1. Advertisement
    The Regional office circulates an advertisement/notice in the newspapers for online registration in Class 1. It consists of an admission schedule and indication that admissions in KVs are not only restricted to government employees but remain open to all. Also, the advertisement will include admission reservations for different categories such as SC, ST, OBC-NCL and Differently Abled (under the RTE Act 2009).

    2. Registration Process
    The correct registration is the most important step for getting admission to KV. So, read the following important points carefully for a seamless admission procedure.

    Registration for Class 1:

    The Principal of the concerned KV is responsible for the Registration forms, which are available free of cost.
    The class 1 registration process remains online through the admission portal whenever the portal makes the admission process live.
    Parents must attach all the required documents (self-attested) of the applicant with the application form and submit them online.

    Documents required for KV 1st Grade Admissions 2024-25

    For seeking admission to a KV school, students must submit the self-attested required documents listed by the authority. The complete list of documents required for KV admission is mentioned hereafter: 

    1. Birth certificate
    Date of Birth (DOB) certificate issued by the competent authority (certified by notified area council/municipality/municipal corporation to extract about the DOB from records of Military Hospital, Village Panchayat, or Defence personnel service records) etc.

    2. Caste certificate
    Caste certificate/Below Poverty Line (BPL) card issued by the competent authority in the concerned state government/union government.

    3. Disability certificate
    A disability certificate is issued by the civil surgeon/rehabilitation centre and other competent authorities approved by the Government of India. 

    Note:- No certificate is required in the case of blind students, however, the candidate must be approved by the principal after in-person verification. 

    4. Retirement certificate 
    Defence employees must submit a certificate of retirement to the school authority. 

    5. Residence proof
    Applicants need to submit an Aadhar card as proof of residence.

    6. Service certificate (if applicable)
    The certificate of service of a parent is important for showing the total number of transfers during the preceding 7 years. It must be signed and stamped by the head of the office including the name of the employee, designation and other relevant particulars in block letters.

    7. Transfer certificate
    For admission in Class 2 or above, students are required to submit the transfer certificate provided by the last school.

    8. Passport-size Photograph
    The passport-size photograph of the student should be attached to the required sections of the application form.

    How to APPLY Online for KV 1st Class Admissions 2024-25

    The online admission application process includes the following steps.Reading the instructions
    • Registration (sign-up) of first-time user
    • Login (sign-in) to the admission application portal
    • Filling in admission application form and uploading documents
    • Reviewing form, checking declaration and submitting form
    • Acknowledgement of submission

    Online Form Link to KVS 1st Grade Admissions

    FAQs on Class-1 Online Admissions 2024-25 in Kendriya Vidyalayas

    Can I edit the application after submitting?
    No, You cannot edit the application after submitting. 
    However, submitted application can be canceled and re-filled again before the last date of submission. Please note that once the application form is canceled, It will not be considered for admission. To cancel the submitted application form, applicant needs to first login to the portal. The status of application form will be displayed as "submitted". 

    A button "Cancel Submitted Application form" will be shown. On click of the button, an OTP will be sent to registered mobile number. After entering the OTP correctly on the portal, the application will be canceled and status of the application will be changed to Canceled.
    Once the application status is cancelled, It will not be considered for admission unless applicant re-applies and submits the application form again.

    Who should I contact in case of any queries related to filling the application form?
    You can contact Help Desk. Details are available in Help Desk section.

    Can I check the application status in this portal?
    Yes. Click on the Application Status to check the status of your application.

    How to use a calendar for filling dates in various forms ?
    To change the month, click on year once and to change the year, click on year twice. Next and previous arrows can also be used for selecting Month and year. After selecting desired year and month, select the day, the date will be selected and visible in text box. You can also enter the date in specified format ( DD-MM-YYYY).

    What is the order of priority for admission?
    The details are available in Guidelines for Admission to Kendriya Vidyalayas. Kindly check.

    If I partially fill the form and couldn’t complete the entire application at the same time, can the partial information be stored?

    Yes, after filling the information, you can save the form by clicking on the ‘Save Application’ button on the registration page. Once application is saved, saved data will be visible when you login next time. The saved data will not be visible to schools unless the form is submitted. Form submission must be done before the last date of registration. If the form is not submitted, it will not be considered for admission.

    Is a service certificate mandatory for all the category?
    If you are applying in any category other than in the last category (which includes "Children from any other category"), you need to present a service certificate during admission process in the concerned school. Sample proforma service certificates have been provided by KVS under the link "Proforma document samples". If you are applying under the last category (which includes "Children under any other category"), you need not require a service certificate. If in doubt, please contact the KVS RO Helpline during working hours. Helpline contact details (phone and email contacts) are given under the "Help Desk" link on the portal.

    Declaration of distance of residence from school has not shown on portal. Is parent's declaration of distance of residence from school is mandatory in all case?
    This is mandatory for RTE applicants. In case of doubt, please contact your regional KVS RO helpline during working hours.

    After filling the application form, do I have to submit the printout of form to school I applied?

    How do I know that my application is submitted?
    Please click on "Check Your Application Status" to confirm that your application has indeed been submitted.