Summer Vacation Activities 2024 for AP School Children -We Love Reading 2024 List Here

Summer Vacation Activities 2024 for AP School Children - Day Wise List Here. CSE AP has released the Summer Vacation Activities for the Academic Year 2023-24 for AP School Children vide Rc.No.ESE02/192/2024-SCERT-A&I-CSE Dated:18/04/2024. Detailed List of Activities, Day Wise List Class Wise List given below.

    Summer Camp 2024

    Summer Vacation Activities 2024 

    Sub:- School Education – Summer vacation Activities for the academic year 2023-24 – Instructions – Issued.

    1. Academic Calendar 2023-24.
    2. Procs.Rc.No.ESE02/400/2023-SCERT, Dated.25-04-2023.
    3. This ofce Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-30027/5/2022-A&I-CSE, Dated.18- 04-2023.
    4. This Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-30027/2/203-A&I-CSE, Dated:02.04.2024.

    All the Regional Joint Directors, District Educational Officers, and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are aware that, the academic year 2023-24 activities will be closed by 24th April 2024. As the summer vacation approaches, it is our duty to ensure that students utilize their time during the vacation in a constructive and meaningful way. In order to provide the students with opportunities for holistic growth and learning, it is proposed to conduct various activities during the summer holidays.

    Summer activities can be focused on various areas such as academics, sports and games, arts, vocational skills etc. These activities should be designed in a creative way to engage the students but also help them to acquire new skills and knowledge. Some indicative activities that can be organized are herewith provided.

    The main objective of these summer activities is to ensure that the students do not lose their academic momentum during the break and to provide them with a platform to develop their interests and hobbies. In addition, these activities will also help foster curiosity, creativity, and imagination in young minds and develop spirit of teamwork, leadership, discipline, life skills, values etc. among the students. The list of activities and guidelines prepared by the SCERT is placed at Annexure-I.

    Children need physical activity to stay healthy and happy. For this, all the PETs are requested to organize summer coaching camps covering various games and sports for students who are interested in the schools where there are working or in other centrally located schools where there is sufcient playground available to provide an opportunity for students to enhance their physical ftness and sporting abilities. The list of activities placed at Annexure-II.

    Furthermore, to promote the habit of reading among students, it is proposed to conduct “We Love Reading” competitions (WLRC) with students, teachers, school headmasters and DIET Principals, so as to inculcate the habit of reading and make it a lifelong habit. A google form link is provided for submission of the activities of competitions ( The list of activities and competitions is placed at Annexure-III.

    It is suggested to conduct these summer activities in collaboration with various NGOs, Educational institutions and local community organizations. These collaborations will not only provide the students with exposure to new experiences but also help create a sense of community involvement.

    All the Regional Joint Directors, District Educational Ofcers and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha and Principal, DIETs are requested to issue necessary instructions to all Field Ofces and Headmasters of Govt./ ZP / Aided Management schools to take this matter seriously and make the necessary arrangements for conducting these summer activities. The activities framed and planned in your districts should be submitted to the undersigned with proper documentation.

    To conduct summer activities, the participation and planning of teachers are crucial. In this regard, the following instructions should be disseminated to teachers:

    Instructions to Teachers on Summer Activities We Love Reading 2024  

    • 1. Class teachers must create Whats App groups with their students and parents.
    • 2. Teachers should ask students to maintain a notebook for summer activities and submit it at the time of reopening.
    • 3. Teachers should keep in touch with the students and and parents encourage them from time to time to monitor their activities.
    • 4. Teachers should gather students’ activities in the form of pictures, videos and reports through the Whats App group.
    • 5. All the activities done by the students during summer vacation should be presented at the time of re-opening ceremony of schools.
    • 6. Make sure to create a schedule of activities and share it with the students and their parents.
    • 7. Encourage students to read during the summer break and suggest a list of books that they can choose from.
    • 8. Conduct online classes, webinars or workshops on topics of interest that are relevant to the students academic and personal growth.
    • 9. Assign students the projects that will enhance their creativity and critical thinking skills.
    • 10.Encourage physical activities such as sports, dance or yoga and provide students with resources and guidance.
    • 11.Provide students with opportunities to engage with their peers through online activities or virtual events.
    • 12.Keep in touch with the students and their parents through regular communication and feedback.
    • 13.Finally, collect students’ work and share it with their parents. Showcase it on the school’s website or social media handles to acknowledge and celebrate their efforts.
    As emphasized in the opening paras, the above activities are indicative in nature and the teachers are free to adopt the above activities or any other activities that can fulfill the objectives indicated. All teachers and supervisory officers in school education department are encouraged to design creative and meaningful summer activities for the students and implement them in the spirit of holistic development of the children. Let us all work together to make this summer vacation a memorable experience for our students.



    • Class teachers have to create Whats app groups with their class students.
    • Ask them to maintain a notebook for summer activities and submit at the time of reopening.
    • Keep in touch with the students and encourage them from time to time to monitor their activities.
    • Gather students activities in the form of pics/videos/reports through Whats app group
    • Music, Dance and Drama: Select a music/dance/drama of their own culture or local tradition where a group of people (Peer/siblings/other family members) come together to develop the child’s aesthetic sense. Example: Folk or traditional songs/dance can be recorded from their area using some musical instruments involving their siblings, friends and family members.

    Suggested Activities for Class 1 & 2 in Summer Vacation 2024

    S. No Developmental domains Learning Outcome Activities for Class 1 Students Activities for Class 2 Students
    1 Physical development 1. To develop   loco-motor and management skills 1.Water the plants in your garden 1. Collect diferent types of plants from the nursery and other places to  develop your garden
    2.  To develop health and well- being 2. Practice physical exercises daily for 15 minutes. For Ex: Running and jumping etc., 2. Practice physical exercises daily for 15 minutes. For Ex: Running and jumping etc.,
    3. To develop motor skills 3. Helping their mother in giving things. Ex: Opticals, TV remote, Water 3. Prepare lemon juice and serve your family members
    2 Cognitive development 1. To develop Classifcation skills 4. Help your mother to categorize vegetables 4.Collect the leaves and arrange them from small to big and big to small
    2.  To develop drawing and Classifcation skills 5. Draw the pictures of diferent shapes and sizes (classify according to   the size) 5.Draw diferent vegetables and  color them and  to make your own drawing book (classify according to color of the vegetables)
    3. To develop numeracy skills 6. Collect the sticks/ leaves and make bundles/bunch of ten. 6. Collect beads/leaves/fo wers and make garland and count the number in the presence of parents.
    3 Socio-emotional development 1. To develop Socio-emotional  and presentation skills 7. Identify your family members photos and ask your parents to make a video 7. Prepare family tree with their photos
    2. To develop humanity values 8. Keep water for birds in front of your house 8. Keep water and seeds for birds in front of your house
    4 Literacy development 1. To develop oral language and picture reading skills 9. Collect story pictures from newspapers/old books and display it in your living room 9. Tell the diferent objects in the kitchen and their uses and ask your parent to make a video
    2. To develop imitating skills 10. Imitate the sounds of birds and animals
    3. To develop communication and creativity skills 11. Practice one rhyme with action with the help of your parents and ask them to make a video 10. Practice one  story with action with the help of your parents and ask them to make a video


    Creative and aesthetic development 1. To develop collection and creative, art and craft skills 12. Collect some leaves of plants and make pictures of animals, fruits and fowers. 11. Make a bullock cart/car/lorry with clay and display it in your house
    13. Prepare small paper balls, colour them in diferent colours and paste them in any shape 12. Make a scrap book with pictures of day- to-day activities
    14. Collect diferent shells or seeds and prepare any art & craft with them 13. Make diferent fruits with clay and color them and place it in plate and display in   your home
    14. Make a clock by using card board
    15. Prepare an invitation card to invite guests for  your birthday
    2. To develop drawing and creative skills and to develop visual  motor co- ordination 15. To create awareness on coins (Money) Tracing the shape and design of diferent coins 16. Take a paper, apply oil and trace any   picture you like
    3. To develop drawing and creative skills and to develop visual  motor co- ordination
    4. To develop plantation habits
    16. To create awareness on coins (Money) Tracing the shape and design of diferent coins
    17. Plant a tree of your own choice with the help of your family members
    17. Take a paper, apply oil and trace any   picture you like
    18. Collect the waste bottles/coconut shells and prepare a tree pot, fll with soil, sow a seed/ plant of your choice write 'my tree-my friend '  on the paper and paste on it and show that  your neighbors

    Suggested Activities for Classes 3,4,5 during Summer Vacation 2024

    The summer camp booklet contains level appropriate activities for classes 3rd, 4th and 5th. The learning outcomes are mapped with activities and their page numbers

    S.No Learning Outcome Activity Page No.
    1 Children will be able to learn communication skills and Pronunciation skills Conversation on a picture and practice Tongue twisters 1
    2 Children will be able to   learn colouring, drawing and creative skills Draw a picture and colour a picture 2
    3 Children will be able to  learn creative skills and collaboration Collect leaves and prepare a picture from it 3
    4 Children will be able to learn creative skills Paper crafting 4
    5 Children will be able to learn creative thinking Riddles with pictures 5,6
    6 Children will be able to learn Vocabulary Making words with Barakhadi 7
    7 Children will be able to learn imaginary skills Identifying words in a table and matching words 8
    8 Children will be able to learn Vocabulary Coding and decoding the words 9
    9 Children will be able to learn imaginary skills and writing skills Mind map on a particular topic 10
    10 Children will be able to Story Comprehension 11,12
    learn reading skills
    11 Children will be able to learn  imaginary skills   andwriting skills Understanding the pictureand write a para on it 13
    12 Children will be able to learn critical thinking     andimaginary skills Making a story with the help of given words 14
    13 Children will learn criticalthinking Writing numbers from 100-1 15,16
    14 Children will learn cognitiveskills Identify the numbers andcircle it 17,18
    15 Children will learn mathematical skills Matching the  numbers withtheir place values 19,20
    16 Children will be able to doAddition & Subtraction Identify the operation in between 2 numbers and circlethe equation 21,22
    17 Children will be able to doAddition & Subtraction Solving  numerical problemsof Addition & Subtraction and circle the answer 23,24,27, 28
    18 Children will be able to doSubtraction Subtraction Chain (Puzzle) 25,26
    19 Children will be able to identify shapes Shapes in daily life 29,30
    20 Children will be able to identify shapes Types of shapes 31,32
    21 Children will be able toestimate the distance Estimation and measuremen t 33,34
    22 Children will learn mathematical skills Numbers and Names game 35,36
    23 Children will be able to learn estimation and measuring Estimation and measuremen t 37,38
    24 Children will be able to identify the currency andlearn analytical skill Finding the average ageand 39,40
    25 Children will be able to learn Calendar Activities Fun Calendar 41,42

    Summer Vacation Activities for Class 6th for 2024

    Sn o Learning Outcomes Activity
    1 To develop observing comparing, classifying skills and aesthetic values . Go for a short walk and explore the nature by observing the plants in your surroundings / park / garden / farm and record your observations about the nutritive and medicinal value of the plants with their names .
    2 To develop the utility values of resources and presentation skills Prepare a selfie video - presentation on importance of saving and conserving – electricity and water
    3 To develop observing, comparing, classifying skills and aesthetic values . Observe the different things living / non living around you like a bird, insect, frog, car, bicycle etc., and describe what they are doing, how they are moving, their eating habits (living) and the motion exhibited by them like rolling, crawling, flying etc., (living and non living)
    4 To develop aesthetic, scientific values and fine -motor skills. Collect the pictures of different land forms like rivers, ponds, hills, valleys, rocks, fields, deserts, forests etc., from news papers / magazines and paste them in your note book and write 1 / 2 sentences on each.
    5 Todevelopthe ability toexpressthe language with good ronunciation and fluency. Write any 4 tongue twisters in your note book and practice them to pronounce fluently.
    6 To develop Socio- Emotional Skills and student participation with community. Organize community services like Chalivendram (Free pot water distribution) in- front of your house for people, Birds and Animals during hot summer
    7 To develop reading skills and vocabulary Write any 5 words which have different meaning but with the same pronunciation (Homonyms) .
    8 To develop creative skills . Prepare a greeting card with a message and present it to your parents / friends / relatives on any important occasion .
    9 To develop writing and reference skills. Learn 5 English words everyday by using your dictionary and note down in your notebook

    To develop self assurance and self control.

    Describeyour “Dailyroutine”during summerholidaysinabout10sentences.
    11 To develop arithmetic skills Read,writeandpracticeone mathematical table - top to bottom and bottom to top
    12 The student will be able to recognize various occupations and their values . Write any 5 occupations which you see in your village and their importance to the public .
    13 To develop creative skills . Collect some unused/waste material in your home and make some simple items like face masks, finger puppets, hand puppets and etc. Making toys with egg shells, Groundnut shells, Coconut shells, sticks, seeds, sand etc .
    14 To develop the Qualitative and quantitative reasoning skills . Identify the items made from economic and non-economic activities like home- made vs food purchased from outside; buying vegetables from market vs growing vegetables in kitchen garden and compare the cost of the items .
    15 To developthe drawingand estimation skills Draw a route map to your school from your home .
    16 To develop creativity and measurement skills . Construct different figures / shapes using ear buds / match sticks and paste them in your note books and take their measurements .
    17 To develop communication and socio emotional skills Help your parents and grandparents in doing their routine work. Make a video of your experience on the above activities .
    18 To develop human values and socio - emotional skills Involve yourself in all household chores, Helpyour parents, neighbours and elders .
    19 To develop creative and collecting skills . Prepare a First-Aid Kit / box by using the materials available to you .
    20 For health and well being Do yoga, meditation and try to walk, run, jog daily for 15 minutes . Drink sufficient pure water. Try to consume a balanced diet with vegetables, fruits, proteins, probiotics, milk.

    Summer Activities for Class 7 in 2024

    S. N o Learning Outcome Activit y
    1 To develop moral andaesthetic values . నవవ గనక చట టవవమటలడగలగత ఆ ఆననదనన గన, బధన గన ఎల తలయజససవ? వవరనపమ
    2 To develop socio- emotionalskills . మ మతతమమరస గరనచ ఒక కవత / పదదమ రయమ
    3 To develop physical health Practice yoga, exercise, SuryaNamaskaram etc . for 30 minutes daily.
    4 To develop creative andwriting skills. Prepare an advertisement on“SUMMER CAMPS” in your school.
    5 To develop respect andappreciation for others . Collect the information on any success story (in any field) and write a short paragraph about him or her .
    6 To develop thinking and creative abilities . Draw a mind- map on any chapter you like (all the concepts in the chapter to be mentioned in any subject)
    7 To develop drawing and measuring skills . Draw a Model Cricket Court with measurements by using colour pencils .
    8 To develop Creativity Making the shapes of flowers, animals and other decorative designs' with fruits and vegetables (Vegetable carving) .
    9 To develop reference skills, dictionary skills and vocabulary Write 5 sentences along with 5 words you learned in the week. Revise the words of “Learn a word a day”
    10 To develop reading andwriting skills Read the newspaper daily and note down any five news headlines in your notebook. Read any book from your class or village library.
    11 To develop arithmetic skills Read, repeat, write and practice 1 to20 tables .
    12 To bring awareness on harmful materials. Play some indigenous and indoorgames like chess, carrom . Prepare a chart about the list oftraditional games and
    sports .
    14 To develop Creativity and selfhelp How can you substitute plastic articles in your home with sustainable and available materials .
    15 To develop the traffic andsafety rules. Enact the duties of a traffic police atyour home using your family members. Guide the young children on trafficsignals . Observe the traffic for 5 minutes andwrite your observations in 5 sentences.
    16 To develop the drawing andestimation skills Draw a route map from village bus stand to your home . Make a model drawing of the village with Important building, places and offices using google maps.
    17 Students will be able to understand and analyze the current events in agriculture . Interact with farmers and discuss about farming practices, challenges, procedures and production
    18 To develop communicationskills . Self-talk of child. the Children will speak at least 10 lines about the nature of the given object like Tree, Pet/ Domestic animals, Water, road, etc .
    1 9 To develop the preservationand conservation skills . Discuss the steps to prevent water wastage with the people in your village (write a few points) .
    2 0 Students will be able to learngood and healthy habits . Answer these questions and changeyourself: Are you blaming others? i. Are you behaving rude? ii. Are you wasting your time? Are you using mobile for a long time? iv. Are you keeping your home workalways in pending ?

    Summer Vacation Activities for Class 8 in 2024

    S. N  o Learning Outcome Activity
    1. Students will be able to define expanded form andplace values . Collect  the  mobile  numbers  of  your friends  and  write  them  in  expanded form (at least 10) .
    2. Students will be able to learn  the  sense  of controland ability to predict. Write   a beliefs . short  note   on Superstitious
    3. To develop social skills andself-confidence . Imagine that  you  are  a  high  school Headmaster    (HM),    how    do    you make  your  school  a  good  place  for learning.
    4. To develop communicativeand presentation skills . List some rural vocation you like mostand prepare a short note .
    5. To develop analytical and research skills . Visit  two  or  three  primary  schools andcompare the facilities.
    6. To develop language skills . Write  a  short  story  of  your  stay  at grandparents’         house          during summer/ visit to a new place .
    7. To develop the skills of classifying  objects and creativity. Maintain  a   scrapbook  on   any  topic (flowers,    seeds,    plants,    feathers, coins,  currency  notes,  stamps,  soils etc) .
    8. To develop the creative use of language in literary texts. Which season you like  most and why  (inabout 10 sentences)?
    9. To develop creative use oflanguage writing. Write   a  short   paragraph   on  “how do you make your  learning joyful  in your class room .
    10 . To develop arithmetic skills Learn  1 to 20 tables from top to bottom .
    11 . To develop concentrationand artistic expression. Practice  some  traditional  dance,  folk dance,  classical   music,   light   music, folk songs etc . -Practice myme (monoaction) .
    12 . To develop vocabulary andcommunication skills . Write  a  small  telephonic  conversation between    you    and    your    friends    / relatives (Telugu / English) .
    13 . To become aware of   roadsafety and traffic rules . When   you   visit    a    city    or   town observe the following – Usage  and  obedience  to  traffic  rules like  wearing  seatbelts,  giving  way to emergency      vehicles,      usage      of footpath.
        Note  down  your  observations  in  a notebook    and    share    with    your friends .
    14 . To develop drawing   and measuring skills . Visit   village   Primary   Health   Centre (PHC)   in   your   village   and   draw   a route   mapfrom your home to PHC.
    15 . To develop creative writing. Write  about  any  place  which  you foundbeautiful and inspiring.
    16 . For health and well being Practice      Yoga,       exercise, suryanamaskars, etc .
    17 . To develop collection andcreative skills Collect   stories   from   newspapers   or magazines,    cut    those    pages    and paste    it  in   a   notebook   to   prepare your personal storybook. Collect      your       family       member’s pictures and prepare a family tree .
    18 . To develop empathetic andsympathetic skills. Collect old clothes and other   articles from  villagers   and   donate  them  to the needy (orphanages) .
    19 . To develop socio- emotionalskills . Write the consequences of Wars and  its affects on common man .
    20 . To develop drawing   and measuring skills . Draw  a    model   Kabaddi  court with measurements by using colour pencils .

    Summer Activities for Class 9,10th for 2024

    S.N o Learning outcomes Activity
    1. To develop socio- emotionalskills . Prepare   a   note   on  “How   the   co- ordination        is        hampered        in physically   challenged   people”   and how    they    are     overcoming    the problem   and   how       do  you   help them .
    2. To develop empathy    andsympathy towards the situation . Prepare some slogans on “ORGAN DONATION”
    3. To develop confidence andeffective communication . Write a short note on “Your preparationfor Public  Exams” for the next academic year .
    4. To develop respect andappreciation for others. Collect  any  three  success  stories that  inspired  you  and  give  your opinion on their success .
    5. Students will be able to appreciate the hard work and sacrifices of scientists. Appreciate the role and the contributions of any Scientist (in a short para) .
    6. Helps in creating financialstability. Prepare a family budget with yourfamily income & expenses .
    7. To develop strategies forcontrolling emotions . Suggest some  methods of controlling emotions (a few points in your notes) .
    8. Students will be able to correlate the sequence of arrangement of elementsand practicing technics . Write the easiest ways of memorizingthe “Periodic Table” .
    9. To develop creative skills . Create a short story on “A World with no water” .
    10. To develop collecting andpreserving skills . Collect different types of MILLETS available around your areas and create a herbarium (paste them in a book) .
    11. Students will be able to know the economic development and management  in  rural areas. List some ways in which farmers can be helped through a bank in the formof a chart.
    12. To achieve the genderequality. Conduct interviews with different people on “Child Marriages” and  write your recommendations to   stop the evilpractice .
    13. To analyze and communicate on risks . Write about any kind of DISASTER whichhappened in your home / school and list out the preventive measures that can be taken to overcome the situation .
    14. To create an awareness on road safety. Interact with the Traffic Police and list our the Traffic Rules .
    15. To identify and practice healthy family relations. Prepare  your  family  tree  with their    names,     photos,     their relations  and display  it  in  your home .

    We Love Reading – Detailed Action Plan

    We Love Reading Programme (WLRP) aims to transform all students from non–readers to fluent readers with complete comprehension by encouraging them to read library books during the summer vacation. The said programme will be scheduled from 01-05-2024 to 10-06-2024.

    All the students are informed to bring books from the school library to read those books during summer holidays, after reading the books they may be exchanged those books with their friends.

    Detailed Action plan guidelines, list of activities and competitions are given below for the effective conduct of the We Love Reading program:
    • ● All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers should instruct all the Deputy Educational Officers and Mandal Education Officers to conduct meetings with Headmasters of all schools in their respective Divisions and Mandals to discuss the implementation of ‘We Love Reading’ summer activities.
    • ● The Mandal Educational Officers have to come up with innovative strategies for implementation of the program in their respective Mandals.
    • ● The Headmasters shall conduct a meeting with staff members and prepare a clear Action Plan by utilizing the library resources available in the school.
    • ● Teachers shall adopt students equally and create WhattsApp groups with the adopted students
    • ● Divide library books class-wise and display the books in the library.
    • ● Distribute five to ten books to each student based on their reading ability. Maintain a book distribution register.
    • ● Encourage students to read library books during summer holidays, even during holiday trips.
    • ● Ask students to read the stories aloud for their parents and elders.
    • ● The Whats App group lead teacher shall post a story daily in the group and encourage students to read the story, comment and share their own stories.
    • ● Ask the students to exchange story books from their classmates.
    • ● Ask students to visit nearby public library and get books from the library to read at their homes. While reading library books students may perform the following activities.
    1. Me and my book: After reading the book, everyone has to write their opinion on that book. Like own ideas and feelings about the characters, situations, pictures regarding the book.

    2. Books in the Shelf: Visit Friends and relatives houses. Try to list out the names of the books found with their friends and relatives. Discuss on those books and note down the significance.

    3. Picture Gallery: Collect old newspapers/magazines and cut pictures which are most likable. Paste those pictures in a notebook. It is the picture gallery. 

    4. The Stories of My Friends: Form a group with their friends/classmates. Discus the stories read, then write those stories on their own words in a notebook.

    5. My Story Bank: Collect stories from the news papers or magazines. Cut those pages and paste it in a notebook. This will become their story bank. 

    6. Picture Story: Select any pictures from the newspapers or magazines and write a story based on picture.

    7. My Book: Make their own book with their writings and drawings, display the book on the reopening day performing activities.

    8. Reading together: Select the book of their own interest where a group of people sit together (peer/ family members/siblings) and read a story which helps in discussion, that could lead to new idea, imagination and create their own story out of the characters. 

    After the school reopens, they can bring their stories and their reading together activity can be shared in the Whats App group.


    We Love Reading summer competition will be conducted for students in three levels.

    Level 1: Class 3 to Class 5 students are eligible for this competition. 
    Story Reading Competition: Student of this level may select any story. Read, record it with their mobile phones and upload the story video in the provided google form link.

    Level 2: Class 6 to Class 8 students are eligible for these competitions Story Reading Competition: Same instructions apply as mentioned in Level 1
    Story Writing Competition: Students of this level may write any story on their own and upload the scanned copy or soft copy of the story in the provided google form link.

    Level 3: Class 9 to Class 12 students and D.Ed. students are eligible for these competitions.
    Story Writing Competition: Follow the same instructions asme ntioned in the Level 2 Story Writing Competition.

    Review Writing Competition: Students may write a review on a story or book they have read and upload review report to in the provided google form link.

    My Personal Library- Selfie Competition: Students studying Classes 9 to 12 are eligible for this competition. They are to list out the books that they have in their home for reading, take a selfie with their personal library and upload in the provided google form link.

    Drawing Competition: Students studying Classes 3 to 12 are eligible for drawing competitions. Drawings should be on the A4 size drawing paper and upload the image in the provided google
    form link.

    Competitions for Teachers and Teacher Educators:

    All the teachers working in Primary, Upper Primary and High School as well as teacher educators working in DIETs are eligible for this competition.

    Book Review Competition: Select any education related classic literature book, write a review report on it and upload the soft copy of the review report in the provided google form link.

    The Director, SCERT will conduct online orientation for the Teachers, Headmasters and other Stake Holders to create awareness for the effective conduct of We Love Reading summer program. He is requested to ensure smooth conduct of the program.

    Download All Classes Detailed Activities List for Summer Camp 2024 Click Here