Teach Tool Observers Training at District Level -List of Participants, Venues

Teach Tool Observers Training at District Level -List of Participants, Venues. These trainings should be conducted in the designated Districts headquarters in the non-residential mode with trainee observers selected from their respective districts. Rc.No.ESE02-22/53/2022-SCERT-Part(1) Dt: 19/06/2024

Teach Tool Observers Training at District Level -List of Participants, Venues

Sub:- School Education- SCERT, A.P- To conduct Teach Classroom Observers training at District level- Revised Training Dates - orders – Issued- Reg. 

1.Procs.Rc.No. ESE02-22/53/2022-SCERT-Part(1), Dt.09.02.2024 of the CSE, AP, Amaravati.
2.Procs. Rc.No.ESE02-22/53/2022-SCERT-Part(1) dated 14.06.2024

Attention of the District Educational Officers in the state is hereby invited to the reference 2nd directed to conduct the Teach Tool Trainings in two spells starting from 18.06.2024 onwards. But the Trainings were postponed due to administrative reasons. 

In this regard the District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are instructed to conduct the Teach Tool Classroom Observers trainings in two spells as per the revised schedule below.
  • First spell will run from 01.07.2024 to 10.07.2024 (excluding Sunday, 7th July 2024)
  • and 2nd Spell from 18.07.2024 to 27.07.2024 (excluding Sunday, 21st July 2024).
These trainings should be conducted in the designated Districts headquarters in the non-residential mode with trainee observers selected from their respective districts, ensuring strict adherence to the guidelines. The aim is to ensure the Universalization of TEACH CLASSROOM OBSERVATIONS. Details of the schedule are provided below:

Spell -1
01.07.2024 to 10.07.2024 (excluding Sunday, 7th July 2024)
S.No. Name of the District No.of trainees
1 Ananthapuramu 576
2 Annamayya 361
3 Bapatla 232
4 Chittoor 514
5 East Godavari 264
6 Eluru 383
7 Kakinada 395
8 NTR 259
9 Prakasam 413
10 Vijayanagaram 429
11 Srikakulam 742
12 Anakapalli 325
13 KURNOOL 467
  Total 5360
18.07.2024 to 27.07.2024 (excluding Sunday, 21st July 2024)
S.No. Name of the District No.of trainees
1 Visakhapatnam 112
2 Sri Satya Sai 509
3 Alluri Sitha Rama Raju 181
4 MANYAM 193
5 DR. B. R. Ambedkar Konaseema 417
6 Nandhyala 334
7 Palnadu 380
8 Tirupati 498
9 West Godavari 302
10 YSR Kadapa 340
11 SPSR Nellore 537
12 Krishna 246
13 Guntur 267
  Total 4316
Grand Total (Spell 1+2) 9676

In addition to the aforementioned instructions, it is necessary to assign observers for TEACH Classroom observations in 227 CBSE schools at a ratio of 1:15. The list of these schools is provided in Annexure-II. Additionally, to maintain the 1:15 ratio for the remaining CBSE schools, 113 more observers are required, as listed in Annexure-III.

In this regard, District Educational Officers (DEOs) are informed to identify observers from the 227 schools listed in Annexure-II, as well as from the additional 113 schools listed in Annexure-III. They should ensure that these observers are assigned for training in either the first or second session without fail, to the respective District Training Centers.


  • No. of existing observers in CBSE Schools: 171
  • No. of trainees called for training: 945 (Included in Annexure -I)
  • No. of trainees need to be identified and to be trained: 113 (ANNEXURE-III)
  • No. of schools to be included 227 (BC welfare, Tribal schools...etc.,). (ANNEXURE -II)

The criteria for the selection of observers are as follows:

If an observer already exists in the school, and the strength is more, then choose the senior teachers who are still having more than 7 years of service and active to work as an observer based on the number provided. HMs from Upper Primary and Secondary Schools will be given priority. Then the Senior School Assistants will be given priority as per the need.

If an observer does not exist in the school, then, UP School/Secondary School HM and the other Senior School Assistant may be selected.

The observer and teacher ratio should be 1:15, if it exceeds the number they may take another observer from the same school.

Cadre teachers for Primary schools, CRPS/LFL HMs/Senior SGTs will be selected. In case of single-teacher or double-teacher schools, these teachers will not be trained as observers.

The district authorities are instructed to conduct the training seriously and strictly, as per the designed schedule. The aim of classroom transformation is possible only with genuine data collection.

It will be possible when the observer gets through the reliability test and further follows with the perfect classroom observations.

The LFE team will be available to support for effective Implementation of these trainings. The LFE team is informed to map the trainee observers and DRPs to the nearest venue to minimize their travel. Training manuals will be distributed as per the needs of the respective districts, and it is the responsibility of the course director to distribute these training manuals to the observers at the training centers in time.

Further informed that the concerned District Educational Officer is the Course Director for the training and APCs are the course coordinators for the venues. In this context DIET principals also may be involved for the training to make use of their services further monitoring sessions. They should issue instructions to the trainee observers to furnish the Teacher details of their respective schools on 4th or 5th Day of the Training, so that the observer & teacher Mapping can be done on Teach APP for smooth classroom observations. This whole process is the responsibility of the course coordinators in addition to the venue management.

Venue requirements:

Facilities required during training per training hall 
  • i. Facilitation room with the capacity of 50 to 60 observers to be seated.
  • ii. Projector with CPU attached/Laptop/Desktop as per the convenience 
  • iii.High-Quality Speakers.
  • iv.Venue arranged in a manner that all participants can see and hear clearly
  • v. Strong Internet connection.
  • vi.Seating Arrangement to be in groups/clusters of 5 with 6 members each. Round tables to accommodate group structuring format.
  • vii.Each Mic/Speaker for each group is attached preferably or 2-3 moving mics for easy access to the participants and to avoid movement of the participants

Duties of the Course Directors:

a. To ensure full attendance and active participation of the observers every day at each center and to follow time management.

b. To ensure technical logistics such as collection and distribution of printed training materials, availability of projector, speakers, needed seating arrangement as per the WB standards etc.

c. To ensure overall smooth execution of training sessions with daily quick resolutions if there are any challenges and to support participants and master trainers throughout the training period. To ensure that food and water facilities are available on time for that centre.

d. Mapping the teachers to the concerned observers from their respective schools in the Teach App.

e. TA/DA, stationery, venue , food , water& logistics and other matters related to finance will be pursued by SSAP.

f. Course director may utilize the services of MIS coordinators for the smooth conduct of the training.

g. A daily attendance report is a must for both morning and afternoon sessions, and all should attend the sessions regularly, on time without fail.

h. No leave is allowed while the training is going on and should be very judicial in granting casual leave.

In the above context, the following State Level team is deputed to monitor the training program at the District level in consultation/coordination with the Director, SCERT. They are also instructed to submit a report with specific remarks on program implementation after the completion of each session to the Director, SCERT, A.P without fail.

1. Smt. V. Sarada Devi, PoC- Prof, SCERT AP
2. Smt. Madhavi Latha, PoC- Lecturer, SS, AP
3. Dr.V. Satish Reddy, Lecturer, SIEMAT-AP & SALT Coordinator
4. Smt. C.Mary, SCERT, AP
5. Dr.G.R.Bhagyasri,SCERT,A.P.
6. Sri Maheshwara Reddy professor, SS, AP
7. Mr. Paul Dande, SCERT AP
8. Mr. Nalin Sarma, Education Consultant, PwC
9. Dr. Prasad,Lecturer, SIEMAT.AP
10.LFE Team Members
11.Dr.G. Kesava Reddy, Professor, SCERT, A.P. 12.M.Soma Sekhara Brahmanandam, SCERT, A.P.

The Director SCERT-AP has directed to Monitor the Entire training program with the above team and submit compliance report to the undersigned.

For further clarification please contact Smt. V Sarada Devi, SCERT-AP, 8309946744 and Smt.Madhavi Latha,SS-AP, 9032014777.

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