Compassionate Appointments to Dependents of Govt Employees || Memo.60681 Dt 12-8-2003

Compassionate Appointments to Dependents of Government Employees. The Objective of the scheme of Compassionate Appointments for the Dependents of AP Government Employees  is a social security measure to help the deceased Government Employees. The Scheme of Compassionate Appointments to the deceased Government Employee is in force as per the orders issued in G.O.687 GAD Dated 3-10-1977. Government has released The Circular Memo. No.60681/Ser.A/2003-1 Dated 12-8-2003 on Compassionate Appointments by consolidating all existing instructions upto 2003.
The Scheme of Compassionate Appointment to the Dependents of Govt Employees who died in Harness and who are found missing and where abouts not Known.
Compassionate Appointments

Compassionate Appointments to Dependents of Govt Employees

Under the Compassionate Appointments scheme, the following are eligible for appointment to a job in Government Service.
  1. (i) One of the dependent family members of the deceased government employee who die in harness, there being no other earning member in the family.
  2. (ii) One of the dependents of the Government employee, who has disappeared and whose whereabouts are not known for more than 7 (seven) years, subject to the following conditions:
  3.  (ii)(a) A request for grant of the benefit of compassionate appointments can be considered only after a lapse of 7 (seven) years from the date from which the Government servant has been missing, provided that:
    (i) An FIR (First Information Report) to this effect has been lodged with the police:
    (ii) The police report shall certify that the missing Government employee is not traceable: and
    (iii) the competent authority feels that the case is genuine:
  4. (ii)(b) This benefit shall not be applicable to the case of a Government servant:-
    (i) Who had less than 7 (seven) years to retire on the date from which the FIR is filed: and/ or
    (ii) who is suspected to have committed framed or suspected to have joined any terrorist/extremist organisation or suspected to have gone abroad.
  5. (ii)(c) While considering the request for compassionate appointment the result of the police investigation shall also be taken into account:
  6. (ii)(d) Applications for compassionate appointment from the dependents of such missing Government employees shall be entertained within a period of one year from the date of completion of 7 (Seven) years from the date of filing FIR with police. etc..

Eligible Dependents for Compassionate Appointment

Dependent family member eligible for Compassionate Appointment
  1. (a) Spouse (b) Son/Daughter of regular Govt. employees.
  2. (b) i) In the family of the deceased government employee, if the son who is employed is separated from the family and if the family is without an earning member, the spouse/son/daughter out of the remaining family may be considered for compassionate appointment.
  3. (b)  ii) The adopted son or daughter of the deceased Government servant may be considered for appointment, if the adoption had taken place legally, atleast five years prior to the date of demise of the Government Servant.
  4. When there is only a married daughter to the deceased Government employee without older or younger brothers or sisters and the spouse of the deceased Government employee is not willing to avail the compassionate appointment, such married daughter maybe considered for compassionate appointment, provided she is dependent on the deceased Government employee.
  5. Where the unmarried daughter of the deceased employee who is otherwise eligible on the date of the death of the deceased government employee and she is also eligible as an unmarried daughter the day she has applied for compassionate appointment but subsequently gets married before she could be appointed due to administrative delays in issuing the appointment orders, such married daughter of the deceased Government employee is eligible for compassionate appointment provided she applied for the post within the prescribed time limit before her marriage and subject to satisfying other conditions and instructions issued on the scheme from time to time.
  6. Where the deceased employee does not have any male child but leaves behind him a married daughter and an unmarried minor daughter, the choice of selecting one of them for appointment under the social security scheme shall be left to the mother.
Posts to which Appointments can be made
Appointment under the scheme can be made to the post of `Junior Assistant or for any other Category or posts whose pay is equal or less than that of `Junior Assistant..... 

The Maximum Age Limit is 33 Years for open category and 5 Years relaxation is given to BC/SC/ST candidates...
The Qualifications are as prescribed in the Rules for the Post for which compassionate appointment is going to be made.
A minimum period of 3 years to acquire Intermediate Qualification and 5 Years for acquisition of Degree Qualification be allowed for the candidates appointed to Jr. Assts. A further period of 2 years will be allowed to acquire the academic/technical qualification 

Important Recent Orders on Compassionate Appontments
Memo.60681/Ser.A/2003-1 Dated 12-8-2003--Scheme of Compassionate Appointements -Click here.
Compassionate Appointments Details in Telugu--Click Here
Memo.17414/Ser.A/2007 Dated: 07-12-2007 Instructions on Implementation of Presidential Order on Compassionate Appointments-Click Here
All Reference Orders Issued on Compassionate Appointments
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  1. Dear Sir,

    Pl find the below given details is their any chance to get this below given GOS from your end

    Rent Collection Unit as per G.O.Ms.No. 292, General Administration (Election D) Department dated 24-04-1974.

    As per G.O.Ms.No. 277, General Administration (Accommodation B)
    Department, dated 03-07-1997.

  2. dear sir ,
    my name is N.uday kumar my mother got expired while in service she used to work in medical and health department in karimnagar dist, i have applied for the compassonate appointment .my father is a retired employee and my application is being cancelled by stating that pensoner is counted as earning member sir iam married and living seperately is there any chance of appeling for the job

  3. sir, can you please provide Govt. memop no58226/Ser.A of 01.05.2001 on compassionate appointments.

    1. Sir I am looking for this Govt.memo, where could I get it?

    2. Sir I am looking for this Govt.memo, where could I get it?

  4. Plz furnish the GO (individual GO who appointed) in which appointment of Elder brother of deceased employee and there is no earnish person in the family

  5. sir I K.Vijayarekha, my father was expired April 2016 in-service only he has still 3 years for retirement He doesn't have sons but two daughters he has that is me and my younger sister we both are married, my sister's husband is a Govt. employee. Me and my husband both are Unemployed. My mother is not willing to do job because she is UN healthy age 46 years.

    So, My problem is does this job will gets to a married daughter myself that to no objection of family members. please kindly clarify my problem and give me some information about married daughter Go's also

    1. Dear Vijay rekha,

      Pl Visit Udyogakranthi office Hyderabad located in ABIDS (Near Medwin Hospital)
      ask Compassionate Appointment GO Book which cost around Rs.100-00 if found your answer further pl check the below link

  6. Self affidavit format want sir to submit collector's office for compassionate appointment

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  9. Hello sir I'm the resident of Hyderabad, Telangana. My parents are both senior Telangana state employees in Health department here itself in Hyderabad. Recently my Mother got diseased by Cancer metastasis and has passed away with unfortunate death on January 10,2017. For my parents we are three dependents who are unmarried till now and being continuing our studies. Now can I(son) get my Mother's job by applying under Compassionate grounds appointment .My mother was been served for nearly upto 30years and She is still having existance 8 years of service. Can I get the job So that i can look after my family.Because we need back support now after my mothers death. My father is also a state government employee my mom died by Cancer metastasis. Hope I can get a quick response from your side thank you.

    1. As your father is also a Government Employee.. there is no provision for your family to seek Appointment on Compassionate grounds

    2. Mr Sharma reply is correct.

    3. The main theme of compassionate appointment is to give relief from financial crises to the family members, only when there is no earning member in family.... Here ur father is an earning member... So the question of compassionate appointment does not arise

  10. Hi sir
    My name is father passed in service...he worked as a teacher....I have one brother and am married... He ready to give noc...plz tell GO.NO.for married daughter compassionate appointment

    1. On December 2, 2015, Justice Sanjay Agrawal at Bilaspur high court ordered the married daughter of the deceased government servant is entitled to compassionate appointment

    2. mail me at i will help u

  11. Hello sir,
    my father and mother are both are mother died and our father separated from our family after taking her death benefits.he is from judicial department which is not in control 0f state collector.i have an unmarried elder sister.we are left alone is there any chance of getting our mothers job?hope i can get quick response

  12. Hello sir,
    my father and mother are both are mother died and our father separated from our family after taking her death benefits.he is from judicial department which is not in control 0f state collector.i have an unmarried elder sister.we are left alone is there any chance of getting our mothers job?hope i can get quick response

    1. mail me i can help u

  13. Hello sir,
    my father and mother are both are mother died and our father separated from our family after taking her death benefits.he is from judicial department which is not in control 0f state collector.i have an unmarried elder sister.we are left alone is there any chance of getting our mothers job?hope i can get quick response

    1. With the approach of court, there is a chance for getting job... Otherwise no chance

  14. Hi, My nephew has been waiting for the job based on compassionate grounds for the last one and half years. All this time he didn't join anywhere worrying that he might become ineligible. Since it is taking a long time, and the family needs money, can he join a private job until he gets his government appointment based on compassionate grounds? Is that legal?

    1. For survival of family, private jobs can be done by the aspirants of compassionate appointment.... Its does not legally comes as parmanent earning... It just comes under temporary earning for survival

  15. Sir can you please provide Goms no 415 go dated on 10.9.98 and Goms no 1005 dated 27.12.74 in compassionate appiontments.the details are very importent for my mom job

  16. My father in law was died.He has one married daughter and one son.if the son and mother in law accept my wife can get job(iam an employ)plz tell the G O s

    1. Yes, the daughter of the deceased is eligible eventhough she got married, only when the son and wife of the deceased gives no objection certificate stating that the wife of the deceased is living with daughter and dependent on her

    2. Sir
      Please give the rule position which is need urgent.

  17. When a deceased employee is otherwise offspring to provide employment to a married daughter, a compulsory appointment can be given when a wife declares reluctance to do the job.
    * (GovtMemoNo406 / of 10 / A1 / admn / of 11 / dt in the 2004, the Fin: 20032004)
    i need this memeo...please help me sir its urgent

  18. (GovtMemoNo406 / of 10 / A1 / admn / of 11 / dt in the 2004, the Fin: 20032004)

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  20. Sir one employee (X) died in service...he has one son(Y) who died before his father(X)(govt employee) death...Y's wife does not hold educational qualifications for govt employee...can (Y's) son who is (X's) grandson can be considered for compassionate appointments..

  21. Hi dear colleagues... If there is only wife of the deceased is eligible for compassionate appointment and no other family member is there... In this situation what is the maximum age limit for consideration under compassionate appointment? If she already crossed 50 years, is there any chance for compassionate appointment?

  22. Sir maa mother degree college lo recording assistant ga job chesaaru.. recent ga chaanipoyaaru..tanaki 59 year's..inka one year service job naku (son) vasthundha..?
    Nenu degree pass aiyaanu..a job vasthundhi...plz help me sir

  23. Hi sir
    I am living in father had expired on 12-10-2015... Now I completed degree 1st year completed...can u please tell which job will I get....

  24. Hi sir,the deceased employee who completed only THREE months of service__is eligible for the scheme?

  25. hello sir, Iam eligible for compassionate appointment. where and how can i get no objection certificate?

  26. Sir
    I am working as Sr. Asst in irrigation one clarification deceased Superintendent having 2 wifes, one wife working as J.A. another is house wife two wife sons are applied for compassionate appointment please clarify

    1. since the bigamy was grave offence under CCA Rules treated as special case it should refer to higher authorities for suitable instructions in my opinion.

  27. Sir,
    my husband was expired while in service in the cadre of Lecturer in Srikakulam Govt. College, Now i am ready to get the appointment to the cadre of Junior Assistant in Vizag where my parents are residing. Whether it is possible or not? if any G.O.s or Circular Memos please provide.
    Thanking you sir.

  28. sir i am looking for how many posts recruitment in compassionate ground in Medical & Health Department

  29. Sir, is there any orders of Govt. of AP for providing compassionate appointment to the adopted son of an employee who retired on Medical Invalidation.

  30. Sir, My friend's wife joined as a LP Hindi through dsc2014.Recently, she passed away coz of cancer. Her service is below 2 years. From 2012 onwards there is no apprentice service. Is there any possibility for him to get a job on compassionate grounds.

  31. Dear sir,
    Rule of position,
    According to compassionate grounds ,
    Is married daughter can get his father job where she has one elder brother and widow sister ,is giving not willing ..
    Can I get that job ??with which go

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Good evening Sir ,
    I Varalakshmi, my father has expired on 8th Dec 2017 due to ill health, snd he was a junior assistant in a govt highschool, we are three children, Iam elder one , and I have a brother and a sister. All were married, every one are un employers . All of my family members including my mother are very much interested to give NOC to me to get my fathers job.And my husband also un employee and he has no earnings. Sir, kindly suggest me Am I eligible to get my fathers job.

    Thanks and regards
    varalakshmi ch

    1. You are 100% eligibl..if u need any information mail at gnanamoorthi63@

  34. Sir My Name is Upendar
    What is the upper age limits of compassionate appointmes? and what is the G.O No 190 Dt08.08.2017? This G.O is Suitable for Compassionate Appointments or not PLZ Say as soon as possible.....
    Thanking You Sir....

  35. sir
    please kindly let me know the go ms 193 dated 30-04-1999 issued by gad (ser-a)
    thank you

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Hello sir
    My colleague was expired.... She has 2 sisters only they got married and mother and father above 45 years.... So any chance is there sir for compassionate appointment to her sister or parents plz sir give me information

    1. She's at 25 years her sisters around 32 below....

    2. She's from poor family parents are depending her income only

  37. Hi sir
    My father was deceased and I applied for the compassionate post and I said I will take post in same mother department now I am eligible for junior assistant post but they are saying there is another person also eligible for that post who is in promotion list and senior of attenders. Can I get the post sir I am having intermediate qualification and typewriting in both Telugu and English higher qualified.please help me sir

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  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Hi Sir, My mother got deceased with Cancer; She was working as a zphs Attender (Class IV ) ; Date of joining 1996/August ;
    Date of Retirement:2023
    We are four sons to her; i got married and doing private job; remaining younger brothers are studied degree and doing PG ; what Job will come to one of my brother under compassionate appointment scheme; Please help us ;

  41. Hi Sir,
    My father is Govt JL in Board of intermediate AP who died while in service leaving behind 3 family members with no earning.
    I have applied for compassionate appointment and my proposals are with Administrative department in collectors office How much time will it take to provide a job on compassionate grounds as this is 6th month month my proposal reached collectorate and its been 9 months my father expired.

  42. Resp sir
    My cousin is an adopted daughter of my deceased uncle who is an employee.Her Husband is also a govt employee in a local body.Deceased uncle's wife is not ready to take job and have no family members except my adopted cousin.can she be appointed on compassionary grounds as her husband is an earning member.
    Pls clarify?

  43. Namasthey sir,

    this is venkat and need some clarification regarding probation. A person was appointed as Jr. Asst. on compassionate grounds on 12-01-2012 with a condition to pass degree within (5) years. The individual has acquired the qualification on 14-06-2015. When can be the probation of the individual declared. Please clarify

  44. Sir I'm rajitha,ma father gov employee service lo undagane chanipoyaru, mother kuda late,memu 3members one brother, one sister n nenu. We are married,I'm also married,my sis widow but she is not interested to do the job, bro n sis not interested to do the job we are giving noc,nenu job cheyadaniki application pettanu, plz job cheyadaniki rule position go nos thondaraga evvandi plz urjent

  45. Sir
    I have only 6 to 10 study certificate, now there is no school which I study from 1 to 5. Is there any problem in compassionate appointment

  46. Hi sir
    I applied for job in tn forest department on compensation ground. My two elder brother are working in Indian army but they married and living my file was rejected by govt officials. Is there any g.o for my case

    1. i saw this circular while searching.try it may help you.circularmemo number 60681/ser.a/2003-1 dated on 12-08-2003

    2. point 2(B)(1) in the above circular

  47. Hi sir,
    My father is government teacher, accidentally he lost his memory and he us medically unfit for the job. Am I eligible to get appointment?
    Please help me.

  48. Sir..My name is Amardeep.My mother was working as Govt teacher and died in 2009 I was studing 10th class by that time and I applied for compassinate job within one year.My father also expired at my childhood.After few years they said that my mother's intial appoimtment was through Zilla Parishad and forwarded to them.Then ZPTC rejected my application stating that I didnt meet minimum age at the time of applying as I was 15 years(Min 16 they said).Is there any chance of getting job as I live alone and what is the process??pls reply me sir

  49. sir,
    ther is a case i am handling..
    is there any eligibility to get compassionate appointment to grand son.
    the employee was missing from 7 years and filed and FIR report declared that the employee was dead..
    employee son and daughter and wife had expired and grandson is the only member of his family....
    he is eligible for this appointment

  50. Sir, My name is A.Nireekshan Raj. My mother was working as a A.E.O. and she was expired on Feb 11 2018. We are 4 in the family. 3 Elder Sisters and Me. First Sister was married and house wife. Second sister doing her Ph.D and third sister working as Probationary Officer. My father is NGO.And I completed my B.Tech and preparing for competetive exmas. All are willing to sign for the compassionate appointment for me. Please provide the details like Whether I am eligible for it? How much time is available to apply?

  51. Dear Sir,
    My name is Satish, my father and mother are working as state govt employees. My father was expired recently, can I get my father's job , my mother is still having a service of 1 1/2 year

    1. no,you dont have the chance.

      there should be no earning person in the your mother is govt servant you are not eligiblie.

  52. Hi sir,
    I am Abhishek, my father was expired recently and I have submitted all the documents to the DEO office as he is a teacher in rural school. My exact question is who is going to give me the appointment letter. I've asked many people but I did not get the proper answer. Somebody said that ZPP CEO will gigi the appointment letter and few of them are telling like collector will give the appointment. Kindly help me with the issue.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Suppose X got job under CG grounds. Unfortunately X died. Is X son is eligible for got job under CG grounds. Jyothi Prasad

  56. Namaste sir, what r d rules in compassionate appointment whether the deceased employee had more than one married daughter.plz ..send reply to my id nagakumari.ghanta@
    Plzzzzz sir it's very urgent

  57. Sir my husband died on 30-09-2016 who has worked as additional public prosecutor grade 1 at vizayanagaram which comes under andhrapradesh state his spouse nativity that is me is at telengana state at which place i will get job under compassionate grounds

    1. U ARE ELIGIBLE PL CONTCT 9704716005

    2. U ARE ELIGIBLE PL CONTCT 9704716005

  58. Sir/Madam,I'm A.Nireekshan Raj presently preparing for competetive exams. My mother working as an A.E.O expired in the month of febuary. My dad is a social worker. I have 3 elder sisters. All 3 got married. 1st sister is house wife. 2nd sister pursuing her Ph.d and 3rd sister working as bank P.O. Can i apply for the compassionate appointment??

    1. can apply..remember with in one year you should submit the application

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    Dot net training in electronic city

  60. Sir, I am appointed as Jr.asst in jan 2013 under compassionate grounds under conditional appointment 5 years degree qualifications but i cannot passed exam any extension period to me. Pls give me clarification sir.

  61. Sir how many minimum years service left to retire needed for CG, and age limit for claimant plz.


  62. Dear sir,
    my name is sreenivas my father was expired April 2010 while in service bank massager in kadapa district , I have applied for the compassionate appointment any chance of appeling for the job
    Plz reply me

  63. Dear sir,
    My father expired on 06/12/2015. My father gave divorce to the first wife and having a son age of 28.And iam the son of second wife whether first wife is son is eligible for compassionate appointment?.

  64. Thanks for an interesting blog. What else may I get that sort of info written in such a perfect approach? I have an undertaking that I am just now operating on, and I have been on the lookout for such info. Govt Job Circular

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Sir my father died while in service.... I have asked dept for technical posts but they have rejected the proposals due to the govt order.... I have asked them to forward the file to the collectorate but they are asking me to join as a junior assistant ..... I am not interested in that post sir.... Other departments are accepting for techinal posts sir.... What to do sir.... Hod is not accepting my request... Sir I have that right to ask them to forward the file to collectorate or should I join what they are providing the post....

  67. In adaption rules any amoendments made recently ie 5years of adaption entry in service register

  68. In adaption rules any amoendments made recently ie 5years of adaption entry in service register

  69. If an employee expired while in service after adaption ie 3years , the adaption made in 2003 agreement on simple paper.After some time the same agreement taken on non judicial stamp paper and registerd in subregistar, these after the lok adhalath issued a judgement . The employer has requested the department to take entry in his service register.after this effect (3 years) the employer expired while in service . Now his adapted son elgible compassionate appointment please inform relevent GOs and Circulars

  70. Continuos of 23/3/2019 the adapted representated to appointment on compassionate agrounds and save the poor family

  71. Sir

    I am failed in SSC

    So eligible for compassionate appointment as Attender or not

    Please clarify

  72. Hello sir
    Please let me know the how many months could take for posting on compensation (on medical invalidation) .I search on GO 661 but i didnt get any inforamation please help me out for posting time taking
    Thank you

  73. Sir
    As per Go 350 in para 4 it is mentioned that (provided the married daughter is dependent of deceased mother ) what does it refer to and how can we support that statement
    The case is
    Deceased mother(spouse also expired) have two married daughters of which one had given acceptance to avail the job to other. Does the other daughter eligible for job.. .pls give clarification sir

  74. Hello sir
    I'm k. Chandhan my father expired due to illhealth and I have completed my diploma which kind of job i will get

  75. hello sir
    my friend police con but he is suside ippudu athane wife ke job vasthunda

  76. PL CONTACT NO 9704716005

    1. Sir,my father expired in mother retired and pensioner....wheather my brother will get the job under compasdionate appointment....???

  77. Hello sir .
    My father is working in health department in hyd. So he expired on 1may 2019.
    And my father have only 3daughter and no sons.
    So I'm the elder daughter and im a widow daughter to my father and I'm a dependent on my father.
    2. second daughter is married and 3rd is un married and 3rd sister is not interested in doing job.
    So can I get compassion appointment of my father job.

  78. Sir
    My brother in law died 15days back. He has a son and a daughter aged 15 and 13 as per latest rules how to get job for his son. Wife is aged 45yrs and also not interested in job.

  79. Ya under compassionate appointment scheme as my brother in-law was working in Zilla Parishad.

  80. My father expired on service in karnataka government dept. I've completed just SSLC. Do i get group "C" post or group "D" post. Please reply.

  81. Is eligible the Dependents of servants whose mother was already got the scheme for compassionate employment of the Dependents of Govt. Servants by the death of her husband in Kerala Govement, Kerala under category C

  82. My father expired as school assistant in AP and still he has 12years of service I am his only daughter pursuing Btech 2nd year of I apply for the compensate job in how many day I can get that job and what kind of job I may get if I complete my Btech??

  83. Sir my Name is G.karthik. working as junior assistant in forest department In 24th May 2013 collector appointed on compassionate appointment with Supernumerary post. my service is not regularised.....sir kindly say about which date is regularisation of my service either joining date or date of arising vacancy available in roaster point...Karthik call me sir urgent pls sir 9700723484

  84. Hi sir my father is a government retired pensioner and recently my sister who was working as typist in revenue department I as younger brother, is eligible for compassionate appointment

    1. Recently my sister died due to lungs surgeory

  85. My father is a govt employee and on duty he passed away... M also having govt job is there any chance to get appointment on my father's job in another department.

  86. Could you please provide Certificates/Declarations from family members required for compassionate appointment viz; No Earning Member in the family, Consent letter by the family members for compassionate appointment, etc.