Compassionate Appointments to Dependents of Govt Employees || Memo.60681 Dt 12-8-2003

Compassionate Appointments to Dependents of Government Employees. The Objective of the scheme of Compassionate Appointments for the Dependents of AP Government Employees  is a social security measure to help the deceased Government Employees. The Scheme of Compassionate Appointments to the deceased Government Employee is in force as per the orders issued in G.O.687 GAD Dated 3-10-1977.  Government has released The Circular Memo. No.60681/Ser.A/2003-1 Dated 12-8-2003 on Compassionate Appointments by consolidating all existing instructions upto 2003.
The Scheme of Compassionate Appointment to the Dependents of Govt Employees who died in Harness and who are found missing and where abouts not Known.

Compassionate Appointments to Dependents of Govt Employees

The Scheme of compassionate appointment to the dependents of deceased Government employees is in force as per the orders, issued in G.O.Ms.No.687, General Administration (Ser.A) Department, dated 3-10-1977. Instructions/Clarifications/Further orders were issued from time to time in the matter. A Hand Book (Booklet No.3) containing various orders issued is prepared and communicated.
Under the Compassionate Appointments scheme, the following are eligible for appointment to a job in Government Service.
  • One of the dependent family members of the deceased government employee who die in harness, there being no other earning member in the family.
  • One of the dependents of the Government employee, who has disappeared and whose whereabouts are not known for more than 7 (seven) years, subject to the following conditions:
    (a) A request for grant of the benefit of compassionate appointments can be considered only after a lapse of 7 (seven) years from the date from which the Government servant has been missing, provided that:
  • (i) An FIR (First Information Report) to this effect has been lodged with the police:
  • (ii) The police report shall certify that the missing Government employee is not traceable: and
  • (iii) the competent authority feels that the case is genuine:
    (b)This benefit shall not be applicable to the case of a Government servant:
  • (i) Who had less than 7 (seven) years to retire on the date from which the FIR is filed: and/or
  • (ii) who is suspected to have committed framed or suspected to have joined any terrorist/extremist organization or suspected to have gone abroad.
    (c) While considering the request for compassionate appointment the result of the police investigation shall also be taken into account:
    (d) Applications for compassionate appointment from the dependents of such missing Government employees shall be entertained within a period of one year from the date of completion of 7 (Seven) years from the date of filing FIR with police.
    (e)A decision on any such request for compassionate appointment shall be taken only at the level of the Secretary to Government of the respective administrative Department concerned and only after receipt of the approval from the concerned Secretary to Government, the respective appointing authorities shall issue necessary orders to appoint the eligible dependent of such missing Government employee as per the existing instructions on the scheme of compassionate appointments to the dependents of deceased Government employees in addition to the above conditions, if there is a vacancy readily available in the department.
    (f) A bond shall be obtained from the dependent of such missing Government employee, whose whereabouts are not known for more than 7 (seven) years that in the event of appearance of such missing Government employee at a later date or proved that such missing Government employee is alive anywhere, the services of the persons so appointed are liable for termination.

Eligible Dependents for Compassionate Appointment

Dependent family member eligible for Compassionate Appointment
  1. (a) Spouse (b) Son/Daughter of regular Govt. employees.
  2. (b) i) In the family of the deceased government employee, if the son who is employed is separated from the family and if the family is without an earning member, the spouse/son/daughter out of the remaining family may be considered for compassionate appointment.
  3. (b)  ii) The adopted son or daughter of the deceased Government servant may be considered for appointment, if the adoption had taken place legally, atleast five years prior to the date of demise of the Government Servant.
  4. When there is only a married daughter to the deceased Government employee without older or younger brothers or sisters and the spouse of the deceased Government employee is not willing to avail the compassionate appointment, such married daughter maybe considered for compassionate appointment, provided she is dependent on the deceased Government employee.
  5. Where the unmarried daughter of the deceased employee who is otherwise eligible on the date of the death of the deceased government employee and she is also eligible as an unmarried daughter the day she has applied for compassionate appointment but subsequently gets married before she could be appointed due to administrative delays in issuing the appointment orders, such married daughter of the deceased Government employee is eligible for compassionate appointment provided she applied for the post within the prescribed time limit before her marriage and subject to satisfying other conditions and instructions issued on the scheme from time to time.
  6. Where the deceased employee does not have any male child but leaves behind him a married daughter and an unmarried minor daughter, the choice of selecting one of them for appointment under the social security scheme shall be left to the mother.
Posts to which Appointments can be made
Appointment under the scheme can be made to the post of `Junior Assistant or for any other Category or posts whose pay is equal or less than that of `Junior Assistant..... 

  • (a) The maximum age limit shall be 33 years for Open Category, and for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe/Backward Classes 5 (Five) years age concession shall be given.
  • (b) The qualifications as prescribed in the Rules for the post for which the compassionate appointment is made;
  • (c) The eligibility of the candidate in terms of his/her educational qualification has to be reckoned with the date of application of the dependent of the deceased Government Employee for appointment, as the applications for appointment from such persons shall be entertained within a period of one year from the date of occurrence of the death of Government servant.
  • (d) The spouse of the deceased employee may be appointed initially on temporary basis by the appointing authority after being allotted by the nodal agency concerned and if such an appointment requires relaxation of age, necessary proposal should be sent to the administrative department concerned in Government for taking further action for relaxation of the age rule.

Section Wise Information on Compassionate Appointments

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Exgratia for the distressed family of Deceased Employee 
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Important Orders on Compassionate Appontments

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