Guidelines for SSA Part time Instructors Recruitment 2015 Notification

Guidelines for filling up the posts of RVM Part Time Instructors in UP Schools and UP sections of High Schools. Notificaton and Guidelines for SSA Part time Instructors Recruitment 2015. As per the schedule of the RTE Act 2009, SSA is going engage Part time instructors for (a) Art Education (b) Health and Physical Education (c) Work Education  in the Upper Primary Schools/ Upper Primary sections of High Schools where the enrollment in Upper Primary classes is more than 100. For this purpose 6th and 7th classes in Upper Primary schools and 6th to 8th classes in High schools shall be considered. Accordingly 5749 posts have been sanctioned vide  Rc.No.271/ AP-SSA/A9/2014. Date: 30.05.2015
Guidelines for SSA Part time Instructors Recruitment 2015 Notification

Guidelines for SSA Part time Instructors Recruitment 2015

  1. Guidelines for engaging Part time instructors in Art Education, Health & Physical Education and Work Education in the Upper Primary Schools/Upper Primary Sections of HighSchoolsfor the academic year 2015-16 are issued herewith. 
  2. All the Project Officers of SSA and District Educational Officers in the State are requested to complete the process of engaging Part time Instructors for the academic year 2015-16 duly following the guidelines by 12.06.2015 opening day of the school.
Required Qualifications:

a) Part-time instructor for Art Education
i) 10th class or its equivalent examination.
ii) Diploma or a certificate in drawing commercial art, fine arts and architecture, painting, sculpture, music, dance or a certificate in higher grade drawing certificate
iii) Posses technical teacher certificate of Government of Andhra Pradesh

b) Part-time instructor for Health & Physical Education
i) Intermediate Education / Graduation
ii) Under Graduate Diploma in Physical Education / B.P.Ed. from a recognized institution.

c) Part-time instructor for Work Education
i) 10th class or its equivalent examination
ii) Certificate in a trade viz., carpentry, weaving, sewing, tailoring, textile printing etc., issued by any ITI / DLTC from a recognized institution 
iii) Technical teacher certificate of Government of Andhra Pradesh.
iv) 3years Diploma in Craft Education by Home Science College.

A honorarium of Rs.6,000/- per month shall be paid for all three posts through SMCs concerned. Project Officer, RVM shall release the salary to the concerned SMC on regular basis.
Age: No person shall be eligible for any post unless he/ she is above 18 years and below 39 years of age as on 01.07.2015. However, in case of SC/ST/BC candidates the maximum age limit shall be 44 years and in case of physically challenged candidates the maximum age limit shall be 49 years.

Guidelines for: Selection procedure of RVM Part Time Instructors

  • The DPO shall communicate the list of UP Schools/UP sections of High Schools where enrolment is more than 100 as per UDISE 2014-15 to the concerned MandaI Educational Officers for engaging Part-time Instructors. 
  • The MEOs in turn shall display the details in notice boards of MRC/ High Schools.
  • A school level committee shall be constituted with School Complex Headmaster and SMC Chairman, Head Masters of concerned school for selection of Part-time Instructors.
  • The candidates having prescribed qualification are eligible to work as Part-time Instructors in upper primary schools / upper primary sections of high schools where there are more than 100 children available.
  • The services of Part-time Instructors shall be engaged from the day of reopening of schools during the academic year - 2015-16. .
  • The candidates who reside in the same village or nearby the village alone should be considered to the extent possible as they can't operate from far off places
  • For any school three posts are sanctioned i.e., one PET, one Art Education and one Craft Education if anyone of the above already exists, rest of posts can be filled for eg PET already exists balance two posts can be filled and so on.  Similarly atleast one lady Part-time Instructor is to be considered out of the three so that girl children will get due importance / prominence. .
  • After receipt of applications from the eligible candidates the school level committee will scrutinize the applications and select the candidates to work as Part-time Instructors. School shall be taken as unit for engaging Part-time Instructors. 
  • If more no. of eligible candidates are available merit list shall be prepared taking the marks in academic and professional qualifications in the ratio of 50:50 and the candidates shall be selected based on the merit.
  • The headmaster shall communicate the list of selected candidates to the concerned DPOfor engaging of Part-time Instructors. 
  • The process of engaging of Part-time Instructors shall be completed by 12.06.2015 as per the guidelines so as to place the Part-time Instructors on the re-opening day of school.
  • The Part-time Instructors who worked during 2014-15 shall be continued if their performance is satisfactory and if the school is having more than 100 children in UP Schools/UP Sections of High Schools. The school management committee / school level committee shall assess the performance and geniuses of the qualification certificates recognized by Government of Andhra Pradesh for taking a decision. Those candidates shall be given age relaxation if required and can be reengaged.
  • The data base of all Part-time Instructors engaged in the district shall be maintained at District Project Office. List of Selected Candidates for various posts shall be furnished to District Committee for approval. However, Categorywise, Qualification wise no. of Part-time Instructors engaged in the district shall be furnished to SPO by 2&.06.2015.

District  Wise Details of RVM Part time Instructors Posts for 2015 in AP

AP SSA Part time Instructors Recruitment Vacancies
Aspirants are informed to contact District RVM Offices regarding Schedule and Other Details of RVM Part time Instructors Recruitment


  1. what about 2013 notification for art education,health and physicall education,work education

  2. when will come notification for art education ,work education,physical education in govt schools for 2013.

    1. now 12-06-2014 released a notification part time in high schools.please consult your Mandal Educational Officer

  3. Hello,in art education Theatre(drama) trainers also can apply?

    1. please read carefully.complete information in AP TEACHERS website. visit again this website

  4. the upper age cutoff limit is 39 for oc 44 for bc/sc/st and 49 for ph candidates acccording to G O NO: 26/RVM(SSA)/B10/C3/2011 dated:28-05-2014 issued by PROJECT DIRECTOR AP RVM(SSA) HYD. How can considered after G O issued date 01-07-2014 as cutoff date for upper age limit .its avoiding age eligibility criteria rules and regulation.generally the age cutoff date is found before G O issued date. but its not please considered this and provide facility for those candidates who have above age limit on 01-07-2014 through you chanals

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  6. I have seen 2015 notification but same posts this notification please inform new posts for work Education

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  8. Respected sir, I'm a gent, can I get rvm post in girls high school.. It is very near to my house...
    If there is available vacancy..

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