CPS Pension Calculator CPS Pension Software CPS Online Pension Calculation

CPS Pension Calculator CPS Pension Software CPS Online Pension Calculation. Contributory Pension Scheme is mandatory for all State Govt Employees recruited after 1.9.2004 in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States. All CPS Employees are not clear of their Pension Calculation and facing difficulty in calculating their Pension. The PF Pension, Pension is calculated basing on Last Pay but in CPS there are not certain parameters. Hence we have designed the CPS Pension Calculator / Online CPS Pension Software for Calculating Contributory Pension at the Time of Retirement. With the Help of this CPS Software, one can easily Calculate their CPS Pension at the time of retirement approximately. AP Employees CPS Pension Software, Telangana State TS Employees CPS Pension Software.
Details and how to use this CPS Pension Software are given below:
CPS Pension Calculator CPS Pension Software CPS Online Pension Calculation

CPS Pension Calculator CPS Pension Software CPS Online Pension Calculation

Details of CPS Software along with the Columns are explained below.:

CPS Contribution Per Month: 
  1. Enter Your CPS Contribution Per Month in this Field. Here You can enter your present contribution or Expected Average CPS Contribution in your Service. For eg; If your Present CPS Contribution is Rs.3000 you have 30 Years of more service, your final CPS deducation at the retirement will be around 15,000 and hence average CPS contribution will be around 9000 -10000. CPS system works just like SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) in Mutual Funds.
  2. Minimum CPS Contribution is Rs.500 pm
Present Age::
  1. Enter Your Present Age / CPS Started age 
  2. Note Present Age should be between 18-45 Years only.
Retirement Age:
  1. Enter your retirement age. Normally the retirement age is 60 years. If your retirement age is 60 years, the you can withdraw up to 60% of your Pension Wealth at the retirement time. if the retirement age is below 60 years (superannuation age), then you can withdraw only up to 20% at the retirement age.
  2. If your retirement age is 60 years (superannuation age),  then it is mandatory to invest 40% of your Pension Wealth in a Pension Fund to get Pension. And if your retirement age is below 60 years (superannuation age) then it is mandatory to invest 80% of your Pension Wealth in Pension Annuity Fund for CPS Pension.
  3. Retirement age should be less than or Equal to 60 Years.
Expected Growth Rate per Annum:
  1. This column plays a crucial role, as the whole CPS Pension wealth and CPS Pension is depended on the Growth Rate of the CPS Fund.
  2. If the fund growth depreciate, the whole CPS Fund Value decreases. Expected growth rate of CPS Fund is between 6-9% per annum. 
  3. As we know that, For State Govt CPS Contributions, there is only default scheme. In This default scheme, up to 55% of the contribution is invested in Govt Securities,  up to 40% in Debt Securities, up to 15% in Equities and 5% in Money Markets.
  4. Returns are based on the Total Returns of these Funds and hence expected between 6-9% per year.
Expected Returns on Pension Annuity Fund:
  1. As we discussed earlier in the third Section, post retirement, CPS Pension Wealth will be invested in a Annuity Fund as follows: 40% compulsory if retirement is in the superannuation age (60 years) 80% compulsory if the retirement is before superannuation age (below 60 years).
  2. We have taken the default pension annuity scheme for CPS Pension. Enter Expected Returns on your Pension Annuity Fund which you will invest after retirement. 
  3. Normally the expected returns rate is 6-9%. Enter of your choice.
After entering all these fields in the form Click Submit... Then You will get your CPS Pension at the retirement. This is all about CPS Pension Calculator CPS Pension Software CPS Online Pension Calculation..
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