APGLI Annual Account Slips Download APGLI Annual Statements Online Slips

Download APGLI Annual Account SlipsAPGLI Missing Credits. How to Download APGLI Annual Accounts slips for APGLI Policy. Download the APGLI Annual Statements. The Annual Account Slips for APGLI Deductions is available Online. Every month the subscribed amount is deducted through salaries online. Subscribers are advised to check their Details of APGLI Subscriptions made during previous financial years Online. If any Missing Credits are found, they should apply in the prescribed proforma through DDO. To avoid delay in settlements subscribers are advised to check their subscriptions after completion of every financial year and if any gaps found then apply for Missing Credits immediately.

How to Download APGLI Annual Account Slips APGLI Policy

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For Downloading the Annual APGLI Account Slips, Policy Number is required.
  • First Enter Your Policy Number
  • Select the Financial Year you want
  • Enter the Number given in the Side box provided
  • Click on View Report. Your Annual Account slip will be generated. Take Print.
Look the Image Below for better understanding
APGLI Annual Account Slips

APGLI Missing credits - MISSING Credits Proforma

  1. For clearance of missing credits, the subscriber has to submit the places of posting with deduction particulars such as Month, Amount of Premium/Loan Installment, Token Number/Voucher Number, Total Amount of APGLI schedule attested by the DDO. 
  2. In case of challan remittance, the subscriber has to submit the places of posting with the deduction particulars such as month, amount of Premium / Loan Installment, Challan number,Challan amount and date attested by DDO, along with full details of Policy numbers and names of the employees for whom the challan is paid. 
How to avoid APGLI Missing Credits
  1. The Drawing Officers have to verify the correctness of the APGLI policy numbers in the schedules with reference to the policy bonds issued by the Department. If wrong Policy numbers are quoted in the schedules, the premium cannot be posted to the individual accounts and missing credits will arise. 
  2. The correct policy numbers once recorded in the schedules should not be changed every month. 
  3. The employees also have to verify the correctness of their policy numbers mentioned in the monthly schedule at least once in a year. 
  4. The policy number may be recorded in the first page of SR(Service Register) of the employee as a permanent record. 
  5. The Drawing Officers may depute the concerned establishment staff to the respective District Insurance Office for updation of premiums in case of missing credits.