RC.1256 SMC ChairPerson and HM will Operate SMC Account

Proc. No.A3/1256/2012 Dt. .07.2013 RVM(SSA)- Joint Signatory of SMC Chairperson and HM of Schools for Maintenance of SMC Bank accounts || Drawl SMC Accounts -Delegation of Powers to HM and SMC Chairperson
SPD has instructed vide Rc.A3/1256 with reference to the proceedings listed below as:
  • 1) This office Proceedings No.A3/1256/SSA/2012, dated 06.06.2012.
  • 2) G.O.Ms.No.41 of School Education (PE-SSA) Dept., dated19.06.2013 and guidelines communicated to all the POs of RVM (SSA) vide this office proceedings Rc.No.746/RVM (SSA)/C8/2012, dated 19.06.2013
  • 3) U.O.Note.No. 746/RVM(SSA)/C8/2012, dated 17.07.2013 of ASPD-II.
     In the reference 2nd and 3rd read above orders were issued for formation of School Management Committees and necessary guidelines were also issued for conduct elections for formation of School Management Committees.
      In view of above orders and further instructions there on, the Joint Signatory powers for drawl of SSA funds from SMC account is here by delegated to the newly elected SMC Chairperson and SMC Member convener-Head Master/ in charge Head Master. They are authorized to drawl funds from the SMC account as per the resolutions passed in the SMC meetings
Download Rc.1256 and Letter to Bank Manager to Change SMC Account