Rc.211 Meena Prapancham Radio Program Trainings to Teachers

Proc.Rc.211/RVM(SSA)/B13/2011, Dated: 10 .07.2013.  AP,RVM(SSA) - Implementation of "Meena Prapancham"(A Radio Programme) for 6th,7th & 8th class children from 12.08.2013 onwards and organisation of Training of Teachers at District level
          All the Project officers of RVM (SSA) and District Education Officers in the state are here by informed that, it is proposed to implement the Radio Programme "Meena Prapancham" for 6th 7th & 8th class children from 12.08.2013 onwards. In this regard a one day teacher training to 6th, 7th, & 8th handling Teachers of Upper Primary, High Schools, Secondary High Schools, Municipal Schools and Kasturi Bha Gandhi Balika Vidyalayalu (KGBV). The teacher training programme shall be conducted on 04.08.2013 and 10.08.2013 in 2 spells.
          Therefore the Project Officers are requested to make arrangements to conduct the teacher training programme @ one teacher from each KGBV, Upper Primary and Municipal Schools. The training programme will be delivered through MANA TV as per the following guidelines.
  • Identify required no'of local Resource Persons to support TOT trained Resource Persons and these Resource Persons shall be trained during the 1st spell of the training on 04.08.2013. 
  •  Prepare a list of ROTs in the district and allocate each ROT centre (Training) to one Resource Person trained either at Hyderabad or local Resource Person. 
  • Plan details of the dates, venues and other logistical support required for organizing the trainings. 
  • The T.A and D.A to the Resource Persons and participant teachers shall be paid as per the SSA Teacher training norms. 
  • Communication to the teachers with details of training dates &venues and granting necessary administrative permissions to attend the training. 
Provide following materials to each of the participants at the training venue. SSA will supply the materials to the DPOs by 27.07.2013
  • I. Teacher Hand Book-Upadyaya Karadeepika
  • II. Poster
  • Minimum Logistical support required
  • I. White Board & Markers
  • II. Chart Papers & Sketch Pens
  • III. White papers
  • IV. Note Pad & Pens
Training Details:
  • Training shall start at 9.30 AM and End By 5.00 PM.
  • Ensure the participants reach the venue by 9 AM
  • A detailed training Agenda is enclosed
  • T.A and Honorarium to the participant Teachers at Mandai level and T.A, Honorarium to Resource Persons shall be paid as per Teacher training norms. In this regard Project Officers are requested to make necessary arrangement to organize the trainings. Mandai level and Resource Person Training cost shall be met from the Teachers training budget of AWP & B 2013-14.
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