Memo.13112 Acts.67-2 Dated 1-3-58, GO.50 Dt 1-2-1968 Compensatory Leaves (CCL)

Compensatory Casual Leave CCL as per Memo.No.13112, Acts./67-2 Dated 1-3-1958-Granting Compensatory Holidays (Leaves) (CCLs) for working in Holidays. GO.50 Dated 1-2-1968 Extending the Benefits of Compensatory Holidays for Panchayati Samithis and Zilla Parishads. Govt in the Memo.No.13112 has made clear that "Not more than Ten CCLs in all May be taken in a Calendar Year and No Compensatory Casual Leave can be taken after the expiry of Six Months from the Public Holiday for which it is substituted. For GO.50 Dated 1-2-68 Click Here
Details of Memo.No.13112 Acts./7-2 Dated 1-3-1958 Compensatory Holidays
           With Reference to the Letter No. 4560, dt.30-10-57 From the District Treasury Officer, Warangal Government has issued the following Guidelines in Memo.13112.
          The District treasury Officer, Warangal is informed that a Government servant who is called on to attend office on authorized public holiday , except as punishment should be granted another day in its place when opportunity offers subject to the following rules.
  1. Such holidays may not be taken by any government servant without the previous permission of the officer who is competent to grant him casual leave . An officer who is allowed to avail himself casual leave without obtaining the previous permission of higher authority should intimate his intention of taking such holiday to the authority to whom he makes similar intimation in respect of Casual Leave.
  2. Not more than ten such holidays in all may be taken in a calendar year and no such holiday shall be taken after the expiry of six months from the public holiday for which it is substituted. It will however be within the discretion of head of an Office to call on the subordinate effected to take such holiday on any date within the 6 months which the head of the office finds to be convenient.
  3. Not more than seven holidays may be accumulated and lower number may be fixed in his discretion by the head of the office.
  4. Such holidays may be combined with casual leave or other authorized holidays, provided that the total period of absence from duty shall not exceed ten days.
  5. Gazetted Officers who are subordinate in an office, may be granted such holidays under the foreign rules, in the case of a gazetted officer in independent charge of an office the same rules will apply but if the permission of any authority to take a holiday is necessary under rule (1) above such authority should before granting the required permission, satisfy himself that owing to the exigencies of the public service the said gazetted officer was unable for permission to take a holiday.
  6. A question has now been raised whether a Government servant touring on public authorized holidays in connection with the performance of his duties will be eligible for compensatory holidays in view of holidays on which he performs journey. They are not entitled to this concession of compensatory holidays in view of holidays on which they perform journeys, not only because the condition that Government servant should be called on to attend office on a holiday is not satisfied but also because the very nature of their touring makes such compensation unnecessary as traveling allowance are usually claimed by them for such days.
Details of GO.50 Dated 1-2-68 Extension of Benefits of CCLs for ZP, Samithis
Holidays-Compensatory Holidays for Panchayat Samithis and Z.P's - Orders - Issued. . Govt Vide GO.50 has extended the Benefits of Compensatory Holidays issued Vide Memo.13112 to the Employees working in Panchayat Samithis and Zilla Parishad.

Detailsof  G.O.Ms. No.50 Date 1-2-1968.
Read the following for References :-.
1. G.O.Ms.No.241, Health , Housing and Municipal Administration, dt.13-3-54.
2. Memo.No.13112, Fin.Accounts/57-2, dt.1-3-58.
  • 1. In the G.O.Ms.No.241, Health , Housing and Municipal Administration, dt.13-3-54 , orders were issued in respect of staff working in the former District boards and Municipalities to the effect that the Officer or Servant who is called on to attend office on public authorized holiday keep ordinary turn duty should be granted a holiday in its place, when opportunity offers on the same conditions governing the grant of compensatory holidays. Subsequently the government in the finance department have issued in the Memo.No.13112, Fin.Accounts/57-2, dt.1-3-58 certain instructions in respect of granting compensatory holidays for government servants. Some of the Secretaries of Z.P.s have represented that the same benefits be extended to the employees working P.SamithiĆ­s and Z. Parishads.
  • 2. The Government after careful consideration direct that the benefits allowed to government servants in the Memo. Cited be applicable in respect of staff employed in P.SamithiĆ­s and Z.Parishads. also subject to the conditions and restrictions imposed in the memo cited above.