Rc.582 Quality Monitoring Tools - Schedule for Collection of Data at Various Levels

Rc.No.582/RVM (SSA)/SIEMAT/(B14)/2013 Date: 8.01.2014. Quality Monitoring Tools-Schedule for consolidation of Data at various Levels.
Sub: Implementation of Quality Monitoring Tools communicated by NCERT at Various Levels -Seeking reasons from certain POs -Communication of schedule for 3rd Quarter of QMT-Reg.
  • l.Rc.No.582/RVM (SSA)/SIEMAT/(B14) /2013 dt 23.8.2013
  • 2 No.F.37-lISSA-QMT/YK/DEE/2013-14/2797 dt 22.10.2013
  • 3 Rc.No.582/RVM (SSA)/SIEMAT/(B14) /2013 dt30.10.2013
  • 4. Rc.No.582/RVM (SSA)/SIEMAT/(B14) /2013 dt12.12.2013
          All the DEOs and Project officers of RVM (SSA) are here by informed, that the Quality Monitoring Tools (QMT) were designed by NCERT for Quality Management in Elementary Education under SSA. The SIEMAT has revised the formats as per our State needs and communicated the formats to DPOs to send the 2ndquarter report in the Month of September, 2013. In this regard, a series of instructions (vide references cited above) were issued from time to time to all POs to implement the Quality Monitoring Tools.
          In the reference 1st cited, orders were issued to all the District. Project officers, RVM (SSA) to be submit quarterly reports i.e four times in a year as shown below.

QuarterPeriod Covered Submission
IApril to JuneJuly
II July to SeptemberOctober
III October to December January
IV January to MarchApril
     In the reference 2ndcited, a letter was received from NCERT in October, 2013 to submit the State level report with regard to QMT by November,15 2013. In the reference 3rd cited, orders were issued to all POs in the State to submit the report to SPO by November, 5th 2013 so as to enable the SPO to submit the consolidate and submit to MHRD.
        Further it is submitted that in spite of repeated instructions from SPO, only 5 Districts (Adilabad, Mahaboobnagar, Medak, Nizamabad, and Warangal) have submitted the Districts Monitoring formats to SPO. 
         In the reference 4th cited orders were issued to all POs to furnish the reasons for not submitting the District Monitoring Formats within the stipulated time to SPO. Further they are instructed to send the compliance report to this office by 18th December, 2013. But except Vizianagaram, District none of the Districts have submitted the reasons for not submitting the DMF.
Districts Report not Sent DMF to SPO
  • 1 Srikakulam
  • 2 Vizianagaram
  • 3 Visakapatnam
  • 4 East Godavari
  • 5 West Godavari
  • 6 Krishna
  • 7 Guntur
  • 8 Prakasham
  • 9 Nellore
  • 10 Chittoor
  • 11 Kadapa
  • 12 Ananthapur
  • 13 Kurnool
  • 14 Karimnagar
  • 15 Nalgonda
  • 16 Rangareddy
  • 17 Khammam
  • 18 Hyderabad
            Based on Quality Monitoring format reports, the POs are instructed to conduct the review meetings on the out comes of the Quality Monitoring reports at each level, as per the following schedule and take remedial measures to improve the quality at level. Further at each level, the concerned officers are directed to communicate the minutes of the meeting and Action Taken Report (ATR) to the next higher level.
 Schedule of Review Meetings based on QMT
Sl.No.LevelSchedule for Review Meeting
1.School Level20th to 22nd January, 2014
2.School Complex Level23rd and 24th January, 2014
3.Mandal Level27th to 29th January, 2014
4.District Level30th January to 4th February, 2014
As per the schedule of NCERT, the DPOs have to collect the data for the next quarter i.e., for 3rd quarter and the same have to submit to the SPO for further consolidation. QMT tools have become one of the agenda of review meeting at National level.
In this regard, the POs are directed to communicate the 3rd Quarter schedule of implement of QMT to the MEOs, School Complexes, and Schools.

The schedule for consolidation of data at various levels for 3rd quarter is as follows.
  1. 1. School Level: Completion of School Formats and handing over to School Complex HMs by 25th January, 2014.
  2. 2. Consolidation of School Formats and preparation of CMF at cluster level by 30th January, 2014.
  3. 3. Consolidation of Cluster level formats and preparation of MandaI formats by 8th February, 2014.
  4. 4. Consolidation of MandaI level formats and preparation of District level formats by 15th February, 2014, and communicate the DMF to SPO by 18th February ,2014. .
Further the POs are directed to scrupulously follow the above said schedule in collection of data at different levels and its consolidation in the prescribed formats. Further they are instructed to validate the data coming from each level. They may be also instructed to complete the DMFs of 2nd Quarter report immediately and send to SPO.