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GO.68 Stop Recovery of Contribution for Employee Health Scheme until Further Orders

GO.68 Dated 20th Feb 2014. Govt has ordered to Stop recovery of Contribution for Employee Health Scheme from Salaries/Pensions scheduled from March 2014 Salaries until further orders from the Govt. Employees JAC have met Chief Secretary and requested to postpone the Subscription Recovery. The Recovery decision will be made by the New Governments after the Assembly Elections in the New States namely Telangana and Andhra Pradesh after the June 2nd Appointed Day

G.O.Ms.No. 68, Dated:20-03-2014 Stop Recovery of EHF Contribution Recovery

Read the following:-
O R D E R :-
  1. In the Letter dt:14.03.2014 of A.P. Secretariat Association, Hyderabad, The Letter dt:14.03.2014 of Secretariat Telangana Employees Association, Hyd.  and  Lr.No.34/TNGOs/CU/2014-1, dt:19.03.2014 of TNGOs Central Union, Hyd, the Associations have requested the Government to postpone the recovery of contribution towards Employees Health Scheme from the Salary/Pension of Employees /Pensioners starting from March, 2014 payable on 1st April, 2014, till another date that may be decided after June, 2014 by the two successor States i.e., Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 
  2. 2. Government after careful examination hereby order that the recovery of contribution towards Employees Health Scheme from the Salary/Pension of Employees/Pensioners shall be stopped until further orders. 


  1. In the said G.O.68 dated 20-3-14 mention has not been made whether Health Card Holders can avail themselves of the benefits of Cashless treatment until further announcement by the respective state governments. it is not clear whether the EHS Cards will be in force during the interregnum. Otherwise, a large number of employees and pensioners will have to suffer. Kindly clarify...M.V.Krishnaiah.

  2. I, a head master of a government school applied for health card in nov,2013. But I have received it till now what i have to do now

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