Memo.N1/10389 and Memo.138-Instructions to DDOs/Treasury on Implementation of E-Payments

Memo.N1/10389 and Memo.138-Instructions to DDOs/Treasury on Implementation of E-Payments. Treausry Department has issued instructions DDOs to submit the Bank Account Details of Employees for E-Payments for all Transactions through Treasuries w.e.f 1.4.2014. Detailed Process for Process of E-Payment and entering the Bank Account is already given-Click Here for Process. Govt vide Memo.138 has directed how to present the Bills in Electronic Payment Systyem.
Memo.10389 Instructions to DDOs on E-Payment System
1. Memo.10389 Instructions to DDOs on E-Payments-Click Here
2. Memo.138-Processing Bill in E-Payments system and Presenting at Treasury-Click Here
3. How to Add Beneficiaries for Electronic E-Payment System-Click Here

Memo.No.N1/10389/2012 Dt.04-03-2014-E-Payments from 1.4.2014-Instructions to DDOs

Memo.No.N1/10389/2012 Dt.04-03-2014 Sub: T&A Dept  Implementation of e-payments for all transactions processed through Treasuries wef 01.04.2014 - instructions - Issued- Reg.
  • 1 DTA, AP Memo No.N1/10389/2012 Dt.21-01-2014 
  • 2 DTA, AP Memo No.N1/10389/2012 Dt.28-01-2014 
  • 3 DTA, AP Memo No.N1/10389/2012 Dt:30-01-2014
  • 4 Govt Memo No.138/36/TFR/2014 Dt.19-02-2014 
  • 5 GO.Ms.No.48 Fin(TFR) Dept, Dt.19-02-2014
  • 6 DTA,AP Memo No.N1/1038912014 Dt.26-02
Personal attention of the Deputy Directors of all District Treasuries is invited to the references cited. The Government have directed this department to implement electronic payments for all transactions processed through Treasuries wef 01-04-2014. In this connection, the following instructions are issued.
  1. Conduct awareness campaigns like workshop/meeting for all DDOs on electronic payments.
  2. Ensure that the master data of all beneficiaries is fed by the DDOs by 12-03-2014 through the logins provided to them in HRMS package.
  3. Since, the Treasury Officers are Drawing officers in respect of pensions, the bank account details of the pensioners have to be updated in IMPACT-Pensions package by respective Treasury Officers. The Treasury officers have to obtain the account numbers of all pensioners (new format account) along with IFSC codes from all bank branches and update the same in pension data. This should be completed by 12-03-2014. 
  4. The DTOs should complete all preparatory works for transmission of pensions for the month of March-2014 payable on 01-04-2014, in electronic mode.
  5. The procedure for master data entry, modification of erroneous account , numbers, tracking of failure transactions and preparation of text files in respect of failure transactions for re-transmitting the same is already made available to the Treasury Officers through 3rd and 6th cited.
  6.  Instructions for opening of CINB accounts for transmission of payments in electronic mode at Sub Treasuries will be issued shortly.

Memo No.138/36/TFR/2014 Dt.19-02-2014 -Presenting the Bill in E-Payment System

Govt Memo No.138/36/TFR/2014 Dt.19-02-2014 -Implementation of Electronic Payments Processed through Treasuries_instructions.
The Director of Treasuries has requested the Govt for implementation of E-Payments to credit the amounts directly to the Beneficiaries BANK accounts, in respect of all Bills Processed through Treasuries for smooth Implementation of HRMS Package.
Govt after careful examination the matter here by decide to implement E-Payments to credit the amounts directly to the Beneficiaries BANK accounts in respect of all Bills Processed through Treasuries. Now, in view of the decision for electronic payments the DDOs have to submit the following Details along with the Physical and Electronic copies of the Bills to the Treasury.
  1. The DDOs have to feed the Bank Account Details of all Employees, DDO Bank Account Details, Third Party Details at using their Login Details.
  2. The DDOs will submit the bank details of all beneficiaries for each bill while submitting electronic copy.
  3. The DDOs shall take a print out of the Beneficiary Details from the Above System and enclose it to the Bill under proper signaturies.
  4. The Treasury will inform the status of Each Bill in the above portal from Time to time based on the Information received from the Bank.
  5. Whenever a transaction Is failed, the DDOs have to submit the correct beneficiary bank account details both electronically and physically (hard copy) for reprocessing/
  6. Govt have decided to implement E-Payment System initially in Ranga Reddy District with effect from 1.3.2014 as pilot basis and other treasuries from 1.4.2014.