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APTC FORM 58-BillsScrutiny Items || Medical Reimbursement Bills || Download Form 58

APTC FORM 58-BillsScrutiny Items || Medical Reimbursement Bills || Download Form 58. APTC Form 58 Bills (Fully Vouched contingent Bills) is used for Claiming Medical Reimbursement Bills, Telephone and Utility, Scholarships and Stipend, Other Office Expenditure, Other Payments, Other Expenditure, Bus Warrants, Conveyance Allowance, Water And Electricity and etc.. Details of General Procedure Certificates and Forms required along with the APTF Form 58 are given below.
APTC FORM 58-BillsScrutiny Items || Medical Reimbursement Bills || Download Form 58

APTC FORM 58-BillsScrutiny Items || Medical Reimbursement Bills || Download Form 58

Common List:
Here are the General and Common List of Items for Form 58 Bills.
  1. 1. Whether the bill is signed by the D D O, head of a/c is noted in 7 tier system, discharge endorsement and non-drawl certificate with official seal in original (corbon copy not accepted) ?
  2. 2. Whether the specimen signature on record is matching with the specimen signature on the bill and covered under proper(ink signed) sanction by a competent with corrections and alterations are attested with full signature of the DDO ?
  3. 3. Whether the sanction proceeding enclosed is given by the competent authority and it is within the financial powers delegated in G.O 148 and other G.O's?
  4. 4. Whether all sub vouchers or Invoices exceeding 1,000/-(proforma invoice not acceptable) are passed for payment with full signature of the DDO and enclosed to the bill in support sanction amount?
  5. 5. Whether the sales tax is recorded in the invoices and the income tax is recoverable at source on gross amount with prescribed rate?
  6. 6. Whether the articles or materials have been purchased in prescribed system of Art. 125 A.P.F.C and recorded in the stock register/log book in the prescribed manner with page no.?
  7. 7. Whether the advance stamp receipt/advance receipt is enclosed and the discharge endorsement is in favor of third party?
  8. 8. Whether the claim is with in allotted budget?
  9. 9. Whether the work order/purchase order is enclosed?
  10. 10. Whether the bill is preferred in prescribed APTC Form?
  11. 11. Whether the Bank details are enclosed?

Medical Reimbursement Bills

  1. 1. Whether the sanction order should be supported by medical bills in original along with apllication form(appendix-2)?
  2. 2. Whether the essentiality certificate is counter signed by the medical officer, discharge summary, emergency certificate and scrutiny letter from the concerned authorities enclosed?
  3. 3. Whether the bill is preferred within the time limit from the last date of treatment(normal cases 6 months)?
  4. 4. Whether the cash memos contain the name of the entitled person and also within the period of treatment and all documents/bills given by the hospital are contain the hospital seal ?
  5. 5. Whether the hospital is a referral by the Govt. for the treatment of Govt. servants and the claim is within the limits ptescribed by the Govt.?
  6. 6. Whether the items like primary food, tonics, toilet preparations, disposables etc. are not included in the claim?

Remaining Other Bills under Form 58

Telephone and Utility
1. Whether the all telephone calls are used for official purpose and the calls are within the limits prescribed by the government?

Hiring vehicles
1. Whether the G.O's permitted the department to engage higher vehicles and the claim is within the agreement period?
2. Whether the higher vehicle is having pollution certificate and registered under transport vehicle?

1. Whether the contingent employees are appointed prior to issue Act-2 of '94?
2. Whether the contingent employees are categorized into skilled/unskilled/part time/full time and is noted on the bill by enclosing attendance certificate?

Rent,Rates and Taxes
1. Whether the administrative sanction order is enclosed?
2. Whether the rent is fixed by the R&B Dept. officials by consider the present rates and area of the building?

Scholarship and Stipend
1. Whether the utilisation certificate is enclosed against previous drawn along with the attendance certificate ?

Other contract
1. Whether the post sanction/post continuation orders are enclosed for the first bill of every Financial Year along with Agreement Bond ?
2. Whether the previous month drawn Service Tax,Provident Fund,ESI are remitted to concerned authorities of Govt. and P.T deduction is made as per existing rules in force?
3. Whether the attendance certificate is enclosed ?

Petrol oil and lubricants
1. Whether the petrol/diesel purchased is within the prescribed limit fixed by the Govt?

Advt and publicity
1. Whether the permission is taken from the I&PR dept. for advertisement in news papers?

Motor vehicles
1. Whether the repairs have been made in the private workshops after getting the no objection certificate from the Govt. work shop/RTA Authorities?

Whether corresponding vouchers are enclosed? for the following Bills:

Other Office Expenditure, Other Payments, Other Expenditure, Bus Warrants, Conveyance Allowance, Water And Electricity, Materials and Supplies, Pleaders Fee, Payments to Home Guards, Secret Service, Reimbursement of Trap Amounts, Other Expenditure Rewards
Download Form 58 for Medical Reimbursement Bills
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