GO.68 Kanuma Festival on 16th Jan 2015 is Declared as Public Holiday

HOLIDAYS – Declaration of General Holiday on 16.01.2015 (Friday), instead of  Optional Holiday declared earlier on account of KANUMA – Notification – Issued. G.O.RT.No. 68 Dated:07-01-2015.
Read :-
G.O.Rt.No. 3956, G.A.(Poll.A) Department, dated:05.12.2014.

  1. In the G.O.read above, Government have issued orders declaring 16.01.2015 (Friday), as Optional Holiday on account of KANUMA. Government have decided to change the Optional Holiday declared on 16.01.2015 (Friday) as General Holiday instead of Optional Holiday declared earlier on account of Kanuma. 
  2. The Government, hereby accordingly change the Optional Holiday declared on 16.01.2015 (Friday) to General Holiday on the occasion of KANUMA.
  3. Accordingly, the following notification is issued and shall be published in the extraordinary Gazette of Andhra Pradesh:

In partial modification of the orders issued in G.O.Rt.No.3956, General Administration (Poll.A) Department, dated 05.12.2014, notifying the General Holidays and Optional Holidays, the Government hereby declare 16.01.2015 (Friday) as General Holiday on the occasion of KANUMA instead of Optional Holiday declared earlier.