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APPSC G.O.T 88 & 97 Department Test Syllabus, Useful Books

APPSC conducts Department Tests every year for Teachers and Employees. Department Tests are mandatory for award of Certain AAS Scales and for Promotions. Department Test for the Gazetted Officers of Education Department has two papers. This GOT Test is intended for Gazetted Officers Post of Edn Dept. As the Least level Gazetted Officer Post in Edn Dept is Gz Head Master, the Syllabus of GOT (Code 88 & 97) is also related to the duties of Gz HM.  Passing in GOT Exam is mandatory for award of 24 Years AAS Scale to SGTs and 12 Years AAS scale to School Assistants. The Detailed Syllabus, Exam Pattern and List of Books allowed for GOT Test as released by APPSC is given below is exclusively presented by The GOT is conducted in Objective mode for 100 Marks.

G.O.T 88 & 97 Dept Test Syllabus, Useful Books

G.O.T 88 & 97 Dept Test Syllabus, Useful Books
Syllabus for Gazetted Officers Test  G.O.T First Paper (with Books) Code: 88
  • Rules relating to Elementary Schools.
  • Rules relating to Provident Fund for Teachers in non-pensionable service
  • The Inspection Code
  • The Grant-in-aid Code.
  • Instructions to Local authorities and Inspecting Officers of the Education Department in connection with Universal Free and Compulsory Primary  Education in Andhra Pradesh.
Syllabus for Gazetted Officers Test G O T Second Paper (with Books) Code: 97
  • The Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Classification, Control and appeal) and the Hyderabad (Classification, Control and appeal) Rules.
  • The Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Samithis and Zilla Parishads Act 1959, and rules issued thereafter.
  • The New SSC (10th Class) Scheme issued in GO.Ms.No.63 Edn dated 16th Jan 1969 (Vide GO.554 Dated 9th Aug 1974).
  • Special Rules for Educational Service and Special Rules for Educational Sub-Ordinate Service.
NOTE: Candidates are required to be conversant with such amendments to Acts and Rules as have been issued or published prior to six months to the date of examination.
Brief Details of some of the Syllabus are given below:

 New SSC Scheme GO.63 dated 16th Jan 1969 (GOT Paper-II)

Candidates should be through with the Scheme of Secondary School Certificate (X class) Public Examination issued vide GO.Ms.No.63 Education (W-2) Dated 16th Jan 1969.
The Imp contents of the Scheme is as follows:
  1. Secondary School Certificate Details
  2. Board of Secondary Education
  3. Scope of Certificate
  4. Subjects of Study
  5. Award of Certificate
  6. Subsidiary Rules...
  7. Date and Nature of Public Examination..
  8. Academic Year
  9. Entries in regard to name and Date of Birth 
  10. Attendance and School
  11. Age Limit and amendments made to SSC Scheme thereafter...

Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Samithis and Zilla Parishads Act : (GOT Paper-II)

Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Samithis and Zilla Parishads Act 1959 and Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Samithis and Zilla Parishads Act 1987 etc should be referred...
Important contents:
  • Chapter-I Priliminary, Definitions of Andhra Area, Backward classes, Chairman etc...
  • Chapter-II Constitution, Incorporaton, Composition, Powers, Functions etc of Mandal Praja Parishads.
  • Chapter-III Constitution, Incorporaton, Composition, Powers, Functions etc of Zilla Praja Parishads.
  • Miscellaneous..

The Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Classification, Control and appeal) Rules: (GOT Paper-II)

The Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Classification, Control and appeal) Rules..
Important Topocs for reference:
  • PART-I Short title-Commencement and Interpretation
  • PART-II  CLASSIFICATION: Classification of Services, State Services. Subordinate Services.
  • PART-IV Penalties and Disciplinary Authorities 
  • PART-V Procedure for Imposing Penalties
  • PART-VI Appeals
  • PART-VII Revision and Review
Friends we will discuss these details of AP Civil Services in full in a separate post. The remaining Papers details will be made available soon...


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