Department Test EOT 141 Syllabus Material - APPSC E.O.T Exam Material

Dept Test EOT Code 141 Syllabus - AP Department Test EOT Syllabus, APPSC E.O.T Exam Material. Books, Material and Syllabus for APPSC Department Test for Executive Officers Test E O T Code 141. The EOT is intended for Executive Officer Posts. Hence the Syllabus of EOT is also inline with the duties related to the Executive Officer Posts. The E O T Test is also mandatory for Gz Head Masters Post in Education Department. Hence all the Teachers who are in award of Gz HM Post or Scale should qualify the EOT Paper 141. The Syllabus of EOT mainly deals with Financial, Treasury, Budget Matters. The E O T paper will be conducted for 100 Marks in Objective type. The Detailed Syllabus for APPSC EOT Paper Code 141 is given below: 
APPSC AP Departmental Tests EOT Code 141. The Accounts Test for Executive Officers (WITH BOOKS) A.T. for Gazetted Officers of the Education Department(141).

Dept Test EOT Code 141 Syllabus - APPSC E.O.T Exam Material

The Syllabus for the EOT is as follows.. Candidates should note that they can buy Bare Act of Govt Publishers or they will be permitted to use private publishers books of compiled bare acts. They cannot use Guides/Model Question Papers.

The AP Financial Code Syllabus for EOT Paper code 141

The Important Contents and syllabus for EOT in AP Financial Code is from Chapters I-VIII and XII to XIV. Chapter wise content is as follows:
  1. Chapter-I Introductions, general, Receipts, Expenditure, Accounts
  2. Chapter-II Definitions
  3. Chapter-III Receipts, their collection and Check
  4. Chapter-IV Expenditure, General Principles and Rules
  5. Chapter-V Establishments, Claims of Government Servants and Recoveries from them, Deductions from Pay Bills of Government Servants.
  6. Chapter-VI Contingent Charges
  7. Chapter-VII Stores
  8. Chapter-VIII Works a) Introductory b) Allotment of Works to Departments c) General Rules d) Rules applicable to particular departments
  9. Chapter-XII Responsibilities for Loses of Public Moneys or Properties i) Security Deposits ii) Loses.
  10. Chapter-XIII Local Funds
  11. Chapter-XIV Miscellaneous Subjects.

The AP Budget Manual EOT Syllabus

Syllabus for The Andhra Pradesh Budget Manual in EOT Exam and Important Points is as follows. Candidates note they need not study the whole AP Budget Manual. Only the Below mention chapters are enough for EOT Test:
  • Chapter-I General Introduction to the Budget or The Annual Financial Statement
  • Chapter-II Need for a Change in the Existing Budget and accounts classification
  • Chapter-III Broad Objectives of the New Budget and Accounting Classification
  • Chapter-IV Evolution of the Classification Structure and Accounting System in India
  • Chapter-V Main Features of the proposed New Classification of the Accounts
  • Chapter-VII Classification of Expenditure on Revenue Account
  • Chapter-VIII Classification of Capital Expenditure.
  • More Details and Downloading the AP Budget Manual Click Here

An Introduction to Indian Govt Accounts and Audit

The following Chapters and contents will be the syllabus for EOT Test:
  • Chapter-I Introduction, Accounting, Compilation of Accounts, Audit, Fundamental Principles
  • Chapter-II Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Duties and Powers regarding Audit, Audit Reports.
  • Chapter-X Other Accounting Organization and Internal Check, Central Civil Ministries/Departments, Defense, Budget Estimates etc..
  • Chapter-XIII Accounting in Indian Audit and Accounts Department, Main processes of compilation in State Accountant General's Office, Transfer entries, Monthly Accounts of State Government
  • Chapter-XV Functions and spirit of Audit, Spirit of Audit, Procedure for Audit Scrutiny, Audit as an Aid to Government
  • Chapter-XVI Regularity and Propriety Audit a) Audit against Regularity b) Audit against propriety
  • Chapter-XVII Economy Efficiency and Effectiveness of Audit, Meaning of Three Es, Planning the Review etc..
  • Chapter-XXIV Works and Forest Accounts and Audit
  • Chapter XXV Stores and Stock Accounts and Audit
  • Chapter XXVII Railway Accounts and Audit
  • Chapter XXVIII Defence Accounts and Audit

The Andhra Pradesh Pension Code EOT Syllabus

The AP Pension Code and Revised Pension Rules up to date is the Important syllabus for EOT Exam. Candidates should be through all the Rules and GOs..Here we are giving some of the topics.. We will discuss in detailed in a separate post.
  1. Counting of Service for PENSION in different aspects.
  2. Addition to Qualifying Service
  3. Emoluments,  Average emoluments,  Superannuation Pension, Retiring Pension, Invalid Pension, Compensation Pension, Compulsory retirement pension, compassionate allowance, Minimum compassionate allowance
  4. Retirement on attaining the age of superannuation, retirement on completion of 20 years, retirement on completion of 33 years.
  5. Amount of Pension
  6. Retirement Gratuity
  7. Lapse of Retirement Gratuity
  8. Nominations, Family Pension, Sanction of Anticipatory Pension a) Service Pension b) Family Pension c) Sanction of Anticipatory Gratuity
  9. Provisional pension where departmental or judicial proceeding may be pending etc...
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