Duties of Teachers Job Chart of Teachers GO 54

Duties of Teachers Job Chart of Teachers GO 54. The Duties of Teachers were specified in the annexure of GO 54 Dated 1.6.2000. We have already discussed about the HMs Duties - Job Chart which were mentioned in this GO 54. Now Let us see the Duties and Job chart of Teachers as per the GO 54. Though these are the primary duties of Teachers, along with them, Teachers, as nation builders, have the responsibility of creating a better future of the children. Duty Chart / Job Chart/ Functions of Teachers are explained below as per GO 54 Dated 1.6.2000 of Govt of AP

Duties of Teachers Job Chart of Teachers GO 54

Duties of Teachers 
1. Academic Duties of Teachers 
  • a) To teach all allotted subjects during the allotted periods 
  • b) Guiding subject to junior teacher, if any 
  • c) Correction of written work of the pupils regularly 
  • d) Correction of answer scripts relating to all unit tests and terminal examinations
  • e) Developing aptitude for professional advances participation
  • f) Implementation of minimum academic programme chalked out in his subjects
  • g) Recognizing pupil's deficiencies and conducting remedial teaching
  • h) Proper use of teaching and learning materials available in the school
  • i) Improving Black Board Work
  • j) Undertaking action, research and innovating practices.
Class Room Administration :
  • a) Maintenance of classroom discipline
  • b) Maintenance of attendance register
  • c) Encouraging pupils in maintaining personal hygiene and classroom cleanliness
  • d) Attending the class regularly
  • e) Assisting the Headmaster in the sale I distribution of text books, teachers' day flags etc., fl Participation and organization of National Festivals in the school
  • g) Arrangement and organization of Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • h) Encouraging pupils to follow dress restrictions and general discipline in the school
  • i) Adhering to the duties and responsibilities specifically designed to the subject departments
  • j) Any other duties and responsibilities assigned to him by the Headmaster under orders of his superiors.


 Each Class should display the following:
  • 1. Timetable — Subject-wise & Teacher-wise 
  • 2. Pupils Roll and Attendance 
  • 3. Division of Syllabi — Subject-wise and month-wise 
  • 4. Proverbs and Moral sayings 
  • 5. Code of conduct for pupils 
  • 6. Display of TLM (Teaching Learning Material) 
  • 7. List of highest achievers — subject-wise to motivate the students to fix their targets to break the previous records 
  • 8. Chart showing the House / Squads 
  • 9. Talent search chart with the list of students interested/talented in co-curricular activities like songs, dramas, drawing, quiz, debating essay writing, handicrafts etc.


  1. Teachers also play an important role in the classroom when it comes to the environment. Students often mimic a teacher’s actions. If the teacher prepares a warm, happy environment, students are more likely to be happy.
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