6th round Janma Bhoomi Maa Vooru from 2-11th Jan 2019

Janma Bhoomi Maa Vooru (JBMV) The Government of Andhra Pradesh conducted five rounds of“Janma Bhoomi Maa Vooru”programme with an intention to take administration to the doorstep of the people, to redress their grievances and to make them active stakeholders in the development planning, implementation and monitoring.These five rounds were conducted during 2nd to 20th October, 2014, 3rd to 7th June, 2015, 2nd to 11th January, 2016, 2nd to 11th January, 2017 and 2nd to 11th January, 2018. The 5th round of JBMV was conducted to highlight the integrated approach of development and welfare in saturation mode of certain assurances at village and family level (i.e, Kutumba Vikasam, Samaja Vikasam) and also to realise the targets under Sustainable Development Goals and Vision 2029. 6th round Janma Bhoomi Maa Vooru from 2-11th Jan 2019

6th round Janma Bhoomi Maa Vooru from 2-11th Jan 2019

1.2. Continuing with the state wide outreach campaign, the 6th Round of Janma Bhoomi Maa Vooru (JBMV) programme will be conducted from 2nd to 11th January, 2019 in all GPs/wards in the state.
  • 2. Thrust areas of the 6th round JBMV programme- The State Government is committed to ensure inclusive growth with welfare and happiness of its people as the main objective. Thrust areas of 6th round JBMV programme are as follows. 
  • 2.1. Sensitisation on development and growth approach of VIADUCT which expands to Vision, Innovation, Accountability, Digitalisation, Uberisation, Convergence and Technology &Transformation - VIADUCT. 
  • 2.2. Awareness on the achievements since 2014 - by placing the list of all assets and beneficiaries (in Telugu) pertaining to all government departments through an online platform created by Department of RTG with the support of all the department concerned. The performance under Samaja Vikasam, Kutumba Vikasam and SDG should also be placed before the gramasabha. 
  • 2.3. Village/ Ward Development Plan for 2019-24- The VDP/WDP for next five years (2019-24) has been prepared by all the GPs and Ward during the Gram Darshini Programme. The VDP/WDP should be discussed during the JBMV programme duration and be finally adopted and released on the final day of JBMV on January 11th, 2019. 
3. Activities under 6th round of JBMV Programme: -The 6th round of JBMV programme will have two sets of activities as per the 5th round of JBMV.

3.1. Activity A –Mandal Level Team Visit - 
  • The Mandal/Municipal team shall visit GP/Ward and hold Grama Sabha as per the schedule and cover all GPs/Wards of Mandal/Municipality during the JBMV programme. The indicative agenda for the Mandal Level Visiting Team is provided in Annexure 1. 
  • 3.1.1. The Mandal Level Team should visit the assets created and conduct a village walk during forenoon and conduct Gram Sabha during afternoon. The Village Walk should be conducted to inspect the infrastructure and assets created, laying of foundation stones, inaugurations etc if any. The status of ODF and ODF+ should also be reviewed during the village walk with an aim to celebrate Swachh Sankranti. 
  • 3.1.2. The list of beneficiaries of all schemes of all departments, since June 2014 should be prepared in Telugu and made available to the Mandal Level team and Village Level Team for transparency and discussion. District Collector should ensure the printing and distribution of sufficient number of copies village wise. 
  • 3.1.3. GP/Ward Level satisfaction survey report on various programmes is to be provided by the Department of RTGS for discussion during the meeting. 
  • 3.1.4. Exhibition–An exhibition should be organised on the day of the visit of the Mandal Team to highlight the achievements and VDP/WDP for next five years. 

3.2. Activity B – Village/ Ward  
  • Team for Village/ Ward level Daily Discussion on Theme of the Day in all GPs/wards. The Village/Ward team shall conduct meetings every day throughout the JBMV programme and organise the Theme based discussions. This activity was introduced during the 5th round of JBMV and would continue wherein day wise discussions on respective assigned themes will take place at GP/ ward level to discuss the White Paper of the theme of the day and to review the achievements since June 2014 on key indicators, Sustainable Development Goals, SV, KV and Vision 2029. The discussion shall also focus on major challenges, key issues, best practices, national/International awards & benchmarks. The discussion shall be convened by the Person in Charge and/or Village Secretary and facilitated by the village level functionaries connected to the theme and students. All village level functionaries irrespective of the departments like VEO, VRO, Teachers, Agricultural Officer, Village Assistant, Veterinary Officer, Bill Collector, Sanitary inspector shall attend this activity daily in the respective GPs/ wards apart from the JB Committee members, ASHA workers, ANM, AWW, Sadhikara Mitras, NRTs and others.


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