Memo 14021 MA Education Notional Seniority to School Assistants

Memo. No 14021/69/2018 Services 2 SECT. Dated 20/12/2018. Sub: School Education Dept - Notional Seniority to the applicants who possessed MA Education, qualification and promoted to the post of School Assistants as per Government Orders - Notional Seniority on par with their juniors promoted with regular B.Ed. qualification - Orders - Issued

Memo 14021 MA Education Notional Seniority to School Assistants

1.G.O.Rt. No.75, Education (SE TRG) Dept. dt.09.06.2008 
2.G.O.Rt.No.66, Education (Ser. In Dept., dated 04.07.2009 
3.GO Rt. No 67, Education (Ser.ll) Dept., dated 04.07 2009 
4. From the C.SE, AP, Ibrahimpatnam. Lr Rc.No.3907/Estt.111(DI3)/2011, Dated 03.07.2018.
  1. The attention of the Commissioner of School Education, A.P.. Ibrahimpatnamn is invited to the references cited. She is informed that orders were issued in G.O.Ms.No.66, Education (Services. II) Dept., dated 04.07.2009 G.O.Ms No.67, Education (Services.II) Dept., dated 04.07.2009 relaxing the orders prescribed in G.O.Ms.No.11, Education (Ser. 11) Dept., dated 23.01.2009 & G.O. Ms.No.12, Education (Ser II) Dept., dated 23.01.2009 respectively, who have qualification of MA (Education) also eligible for promotion from S.G.T. to School Assistant post subject to other requirements for promotion. This concession will be available only to those candidates who passed MA (Education) during the period from 1981-2009 from Andhra University.
  2. 2. The Commissioner of School Education, AP, Ibrahimpatnam is directed to assign notional seniority to the applicants in the cadre of School Assistant on par with their juniors promoted with regular B.Ed.qualification


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  2. Sir please send copy of
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