APGLI/TSGLI Maturity Calculator, Bonus Calculator, Retirement Calculator

APGLI, TSGLI-Bond Maturity and Interest Rate Explained. APGLI/TSGLI Maturity Calculator, Bonus Calculator, Retirement Calculator. Here in this Post, We will try to learn, How the APGLI/TSGLI Retirement Maturity is Calculated, and APGLI/TSGLI Bonus is Calculated at the Retirement of an Employee. The Maturity Value of APGLI/TSGLI at the time of retirement is the sum of Sum Assured and Bonus. We have prepared a Online APGLI TSGLI Bonus Calculator, APGLI/TSGLI Maturity Value Calculator at the time of retirement. After reading this post, One will get a clear idea of calculation of APGLI Retirement Maturity Value along with Bonus Value and One can also Calculate using the Online APGLI TSGLI Bonus, Maturity Calculator.APGLI/TSGLI Maturity Official Calculator, APGLI Official Bonus Calculator, APGLI Official Retirement Maturity Calculator
Table of Contents of this Post
  • APGLI/TSGLI Bonus Table - Bonus Calculation Guide
  • APGLI/TSGLI Retirement Maturity Calculation Guide
  • APGLI/TSGLI Online Maturity Calculator Software

APGLI/TSGLI Maturity Calculator, Bonus Calculator, Retirement Calculator

About APGLI/TSGLI Type of Insurance:
  • APGLI/ TSGLI is an Endowment type of Policy. Endowment Policy is a life insurance policy which provides you with a combination of both i.e.: an insurance cover, as well as an savings plan. Any life insurance plan with a saving component and lump sum maturity benefit can be termed as an Endowment plan. Endowment plans, thus, fulfill the dual need for a life cover and savings under a single plan. Some portion of APGLI Policy goes for Insurance and remaining for Savings.
  • The APGLI/ TSGLI policy holder gets his/her sum assured on a fixed date in future as per the policy terms and conditions. However, in case of sudden death of the policyholder, Government will pay the sum assured (plus the bonus, if any) to the nominee of the policy.

APGLI / TSGLI Bonus Table - Bonus Calculation Guide

As per the Rule-8 of APGLI Fund, Terminal Bonus will be announced by the Govt. for every 3 years i.e. triennium- (Rule-8). Interest will be announced annually to the fund by the Govt. from time to time
  • There are some wrong notations that Bonus is paid on the Premium. Bonus is paid on Sum Assured Only not on Premium Amount paid in that year.
  • For Every 1000 Sum Assured per annum, Bonus is declared.
  • Below is the APGLI/TSGLI Bonus Table which was declared from time to time.
Bonus Rs. Terminal Bonus in Rs. Bonus Declared vide Govt Order
1951-1954 10
1954-1957 10
1957-1960 16
1960-1963 16
1963-1966 17
1966-1969 18
1969-1972 20
1972-1975 24
1975-1978 28
1978-1981 40 3
1981-1984 56 4
1984-1987 60 4
1987-1990 80 4
1990-1993 100 5
1993-1996 100 5
1996-1999 100 G.O.Ms.No.162,Fin(Admn.II), Dt.23.06.06
1999-2002 100 G.O.Ms.No.328,Fin(Admn.II), Dt.29.10.10
2002-2005 110 G.O.Ms.No.132,Fin(Admn.II), Dt.25.06.11
2005-2008 100 G.O.Ms.No.290,Fin(Admn.II), Dt.19.10.13
2008-2011 100 G.O.Ms.No.76, Fin(Admn.II), Dt.04.04.14
2011-2014 100 G.O.Ms.No.110, Fin(Admn.II), Dt.21.07.18

Calculation of Bonus Example
As per the above Table, Basing on the Sum Assured of Your APGLI/TSGLI Policy, Bonus is declared.
For Example: Raju has a APGLI/TSGLI Policy with Sum Assured value of Rs. 1,50,000/- and commencing from 2005 to 2012. Let us find Bonus for that Policy as per the above table:
Sum Assured: 150000
Number of Thousands in Sum Assured : 150000/1000 = 150
Bonus Declared from 2005 to 2014, each year is Rs. 100 for every 1000 sum assured as per the above table.
Hence Bonus for the policy is 150 * 100(bonus) * 8(years) = 120000. Hence Bonus earned is Rs.120000

APGLI / TSGLI Retirement Maturity Calculation Guide

We have calculated the Bonus Value of APGLI/TSGLI Policy. Now let us find out the Maturity Value / Retirement Value of APGLI/TSGLI Polic. 
Retirement Maturity Value:
Retirement Maturity Value of Policy is the Sum of Sum Assured and Bonus Declared for the entire period.
  • Maturity Value = Sum Assured + Bonus
Example for APGLI/TSGLI Maturity Value Calculation:
In the above Example, We observed that Sum Assured Value is Rs. 150000 and Bonus earned is Rs. 120000.
Hence Maturity /Retirement Value = 150000 + 120000 = Rs. 270000.
Imp Note:
  1. As there are more than One APGLI/TSGLI Bond with every Policy, The Maturity Value, Bonus Value Calculation should be calculated for each Bond since the commencement date changes for every bond.
  2. The Bonds are with Suffix Names like A,B,C,D.....
  3. Each Bond has its own Premium Value and Sum Assured Value. Basing on that, Maturity Value also changes.
  4. For more details, one can visit APGLI Office and get the clarification.

APGLI/TSGLI Maturity, Bonus Value Online Calculator

We have designed an Online Bonus, Maturity, Retirement Value Calculator for APGLI/TSGLI Policy.
It is very simple, and let us know your maturity value. Though there are some limitations, you will get the nearest values.

How to Use APGLI/TSGLI Online Maturity, Bonus Calculator
  • Click on the Link provided below to go to the Online Calculator
  • Enter Your APGLI/TSGLI Policy Number Exactly. No Need of any Suffix. (No A,B,C,D..)
  • Enter Your Date of Birty.
  • Click on Calculate Button.
  • The Online Calculator will caalculate the values and gives you the result in the next page.