Jagananna Vidya Deevena Scheme Guidelines G.O.MS.No. 14

Jagananna Vidya Deevena Scheme Guidelines HIGHER EDUCATION (EC) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 14 Dated: 23-03-2020. To ensure seamless and effective execution of ‘Jagananna Vidya Deevena’ Program, the Government has issued the guidelines for registration and empanelment of Educational Institutions located in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Application for Empanelment of Institution / College under Jagananna Vidya Deevena (Full Fee Reimbursement Scheme).

Jagananna Vidya Deevena Scheme Guidelines G.O.MS.No. 14

Higher Education –Jagananna Vidya Deevena Scheme – Guidelines – Orders Issued. HIGHER EDUCATION (EC) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 14 Dated: 23-03-2020

G.O.Ms.No.115, Social Welfare (Education) Department, dated 30.11.2019.

O R D E R:-
The Government of Andhra Pradesh is committed to transforming the quality of education, nutrition, health care services, etc., apart from making major investments for women empowerment, farmers’ development, far reaching decentralized governance reform, etc., and overall economic development. In this direction, the Government has been implementing a range of major programs covering all sections of people across the State, which together are titled ‘NAVARATNALU’.
2. As an integral part of the Government’s strong resolve to improve the Gross Enrolment Rate (GER), provide quality higher education, ensure continuation of students in the stream of higher education, and equip the students with skills essential for the Fourth Industrial Era, the Government has decided to launch a scheme titled ‘Jagananna Vidya Deevena’. Under the scheme, Government will provide ‘full-fee reimbursement’ to eligible students who are native to the State of Andhra Pradesh, pursuing degree education in the State. The Government has already defined the date of applicability of the scheme, beneficiaries of the scheme, eligibility criteria in the Government Order (GO) read above.

3. To ensure seamless and effective execution of ‘Jagananna Vidya Deevena’ Program, the Government hereby issues the following guidelines for registration and empanelment of Educational Institutions located in the State of Andhra Pradesh:
  • a) Empanelment of Institutions: To participate in the Scheme, the Managements of Higher Educational Institutions established in the State of Andhra Pradesh shall apply for Empanelment of the Institution under the Scheme
  • b) To be eligible for coverage under ‘Jagananna Vidya Deevena’ Program, the Educational Institution is required to submit an application with the supporting documents to the Department of Higher Education in the format prescribed by the Government. Upon receipt of application for Empanelment, the Department of Higher Education would examine the application and Empanel the Applicant Institution for coverage under Jagananna Vidya Deevena Program, provided the institution fulfils the following requirements:
  1. i. Shall accept the Fee Structure notified by the Government, which is based on the recommendations of Andhra Pradesh Higher Education Regulatory and Monitoring Commission.
  2. ii. Shall not charge any Capitation Fee or any Unauthorized Amount under any other head or guise (i.e., donation etc.), either directly or indirectly, other than the fee notified by the Government, as collection of any unauthorized amounts would amount to capitation fee. The surplus (profit) generated from the collection of the Fee must be for the benefit of the institutions and cannot be diverted for other purposes or for personal gain.
  3. iii. Shall not Withhold the Certificates of students eligible for Fee reimbursement under any circumstances.
  4. iv. Shall comply with guidelines issued from time to time by their concerned Affiliating Authorities and Regulatory Authorities such as UGC, AICTE, PCI, APSCHE, etc.
  5. v. Shall Adopt Online Affiliation Module and Online Admission Module to avoid data errors/missing data/delays that could adversely affect the system integrity in sharing admission data.
  6. vi. Shall Upload the Academic Performance Record of each student in the Student Academic Service of the Institution immediately after declaration of results of Semester / End of Year examinations as applicable to the course and share the academic results data, on a real-time basis, by secure web service in prescribed format to the concerned affiliating authorities. The academic performance of the Institution / College which depends on the performance of the students in the semester / end of year examination will be the basis for being eligible for renewal of empanelment of the institution.
  7. vii. Shall Implement Daily Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System for all teaching and non-teaching staff (regular/contract/outsourcing) and for all students (admitted in the convener, management, NRI quota of seats and spot admissions, etc.), whether or not receiving the fee reimbursement, to avoid fragmented information on admissions and attendance relating to the students studying in the institutions. Not less than 75% of aggregate attendance of each student so recorded shall be used for the full fee reimbursement scheme. There shall be no provision for entering backlog attendance.
  8. viii. Shall follow Security / Data Privacy Protocols as issued by the Government from time to time to provide hassle-free services for all the stakeholders while making the education ecosystem resilient, secure, seamless and paperless to the extent possible. 
c) The institutions are informed that the fixation of Fee structure by the Andhra Pradesh Higher Education Regulatory and Monitoring Commission will not by itself enable or permit the managements to run the relevant courses in their institutions unless the courses are recognized and permitted by the Government or concerned Regulatory/affiliating authority at any relevant time.

d) In case of any established willful delay / misrepresentation / non- compliance with any guidelines issued by the Government, the management of the institution including the person responsible are liable for penal consequences including debarment of the institution from participating in the fee reimbursement scheme. The concerned affiliating/regulatory authority may Suo moto after proper enquiry may recommend to the Government for taking necessary actions against the violations.
4. For the purpose of enabling its students, subject to their income eligibility, to apply for Full Fee Reimbursement Scheme, every College or Institution, which is affiliated to State / Central University or recognized by State / Central Government recognized Board or its equivalent body, shall register itself by submitting an application (as in the format appended to this order) duly authorized by the appropriate signatory. However, Deemed-to- be Universities and Private Universities are not eligible for benefits under this scheme. The students pursuing distance/correspondence courses and students admitted under management quota, NRI quota or spot admissions are not covered under the scheme.

5. The Social Welfare Department will be the Nodal Department for execution of the scheme in close collaboration with the departments of Higher Education, Tribal Welfare, Backward Classes Welfare, Minority Welfare and the Department of Finance.


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