DTA Guidelines on March Payment of Salaries for AP Memo H5

Circular Memo No.H5/7668/2014 dated:03-04-2020. Computer No.1133532 Sub:-P.S.-T&A Dept.-Disaster Management Act, 2005 – COVID-19 Pandemic – Payment of Salaries / Wages / Remuneration /Honorarium / Pensions- Deferment of payment-Video Conference held by the DTA, AP, Ibrahimpatnam on 03-04-2020-Minutes of the meeting- Communicated–Reg. 

DTA Guidelines on March Payment of Salaries for AP Memo H5

1.G.O.Ms.No.26 dt:31-03-2020 of Finance(HR-V-TFR-AL-EWF) Dept.
2.Memo.No.FIN01-HR0TFR(FINC)/5/2020-HR-V DT:01-04-2020.
  • A Video conference was convened by the CEO APCFSS along with DTA ,PAO and the staff of Works Accounts, APGLI and State Audit Department on 03.04.2020 from 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM with all the DD's of Treasuries along with STOs and representatives of (5) pilot Finance HODs of HCM in the State. 
  • Some of the Treasury officers have raised some doubts in implementation of the G.O.Ms.No.26 Finance (TFR) Dept. Dt:31.03.2020 and Circular Memo No. FIN01-HR01TFR(FINC)/5/2020 -HR-V Dt:01.04.2 020. The following points were discussed in the Video Conference and the following clarifications were issued in this regard.
1. Pending Salary bills of March-2020 which are yet to be submitted by the DDOs :-
  • March-2020 Salary bills shall be prepared by the DDO for 100% Gross amount without any deductions. 50% of Gross Salary shall be credited to the Employee bank A/C and remaining 50% of the salary shall be deferred under Deduction Code 2111 which will be automatically credited to 8342-120-14.
  • 2. Whether 50% deferment to be imposed in respect of suspended employees also:-
  • As the employee under suspension shall be paid subsistence allowance which is equal to his half pay, hence 50% deferment may not be imposed.
  • 3. How to prepare March-2020 Salary bill for the employees paid from PD A/Cs:-
  • The bills may be prepared for the full month without any deductions. 50% of Gross Salary may be credited to the employee(s) bank account and remaining 50% may be retained in the PD A/C itself, until further orders. At no point of time, effort should be made to withdraw the retained amount, until further orders and the retained amount should not be diverted to any other purpose.
  • 4. Deferment of 50% of salary in respect of employees retiring in March-2020:- Deferment of 50 percent or as applicable in the Government orders and Govt. memo shall be effected.
  • 5. Court Attachments :- As court attachment is the employee's individual obligation, the employee should meet the same from his pocket.Wherever the DDO has given undertaking, the DDO should inform the court about the deferment orders issued by the Government and should request the court to exempt the attachments for the time being in view of the general orders.
  • 6. All the expenditure, which is shown under charged, is exempted from the Deferment of salary ex: Judges of Hon’ble High court and their establishment, APPSC, Hon’ble Governor’s establishment and State Election Commission, etc. However, the lower Judiciary from District to Muffasil shall attract salary deferment as per GO.26 and the Circular memo, as stated above.
  • 7. Deferment of Pension is not applicable to “Other State Government Pensions Paid Under MH 8793.
  • 8. Deferment of 10% of Honorarium shall not be enforced in respect of Village Volunteers/Ward Volunteers/part time masalchis who are paid consolidated amount of Rs.5000/- and 4000/- per month.
  • 9. Details of DH/SDH under which claims can be preferred during the financial
  • year 2020-21 will be circulated by the CFMS very soon. Provision will be enabled in the CFMS accordingly for submission of bills.
  • 10.Separate instructions will be issued to the PD Administrators for submission of bills duly enabling the provision.
  • 11.10% of the remuneration fixed to the outsourcing employees shall be deferred from monthly payment.
  • The above clarifications shall be informed/sensitised to the DDOs also whenever they approach the Auditing authorities. If there is still some clarification required, they are requested to contact the undersigned through director.dta@gmail.com.


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