The Andhra Pradesh Education Act, 1982 AP Edn Act 1982 Act No. 1 of 1982

The Andhra Pradesh Education Act, 1982 AP Edn Act 1982 Act No. 1 of 1982 Andhra Pradesh Education Act, 1982 (Act No. 1 of 1982) PDF Download Last Updated 12th August, 2019 [ap215]
[27th January, 1982] Published in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette, Part IV-B (Extraordinary), dated 5-2-1982. This Act may be called the Andhra Pradesh Education Act, 1982.

Andhra Pradesh Education Act, 1982 AP Edn Act 1982 Act No. 1 of 1982

  • Reserved by the Governor on 3rd June, 1981 for the consideration and assent of the President. Received the assent of the President on the 27th January, 1982.
  • An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the educational system in the State of Andhra Pradesh for reforming, organising and developing the said educational system and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental, thereto :
  • Whereas it is expedient that the educational system obtaining in the State of Andhra Pradesh should be so developed as to -
  • (i) be an instrument, for establishing and strengthening, consistent with the National Policy, a Socialist, Secular and Democratic Society and also for promoting National Integration ;
  • (ii) firmly link it at all levels with science and technology ;
  • (iii) inculcate moral, social and human values and promote respect for manual labour and a sense of patriotism and discipline in the children ; and
  • (iv) achieve an integrated development of the pupil's personality.Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Andhra Pradesh in the Thirty-third Year of the Republic of India as follows: -

CHAPTER I Preliminary

1. Short title, extent, application and commencement: -
(1) This Act may be called the Andhra Pradesh Education Act, 1982.
(2) It extends to the whole of the State of Andhra Pradesh.
(3) It applies to all educational institutions and tutorial institutions in the State except, -
(i) institutions for scientific or technical education financed by the Central Government and declared by Parliament by law to be institutions of National importance ;
(iii) colleges and institutions in so far as the matters pertaining to them are dealt with in the enactments, relating to the establishment of Universities in force in the State, including the University of Hyderabad Act, 1974 ;
(iv) educational institutions imparting intermediate education in so far as the matters pertaining to them are dealt with in the Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Education Act, 1971.
(4) It shall come into [force] on such date as the Government may, by notification, appoint.

2. Definitions: 

CHAPTER II Administrative Machinery, Board of Secondary Education and State Board of Technical Education and Training

3. Director and other officers:
4. District Educational Officers and other subordinate officers and staff at the district level:
5. Constitution of Boards:
6. State Board of Technical Education and Training:

CHAPTER III School Education

7. School Education:
[8. Establishment, maintenance, etc., of schools by local authorities:
CHAPTER IV Primary Education and Its Implementation
9. Schemes for primary education: -
10. Attendance authorities and their powers and functions:
11. Responsibility of guardian to cause his child to attend school:
12. Reasonable cause for non-attendance:
14. Children not to be employed so as to prevent them from attending to school:
15. Primary education to be free:
16. Age of child how to be computed:

CHAPTER V Examinations

17. Examinations:

CHAPTER VI Establishment of Educational Institutions, Their Administration and Control

18. Government to provide facilities for imparting education:
19. Classification of educational institutions:
[20. Permission for establishment of educational institutions:
[20A. Prohibition of individual to establish institutions:
21. Grant or withdrawal of recognition of institutions imparting education:
[21A. Prohibition of affiliation with Universities outside the State:
22. Special provisions in respect of existing institutions
23. Duties of manager of local authority institution:
24. Appointment and removal of manager of private institution
25. Duties of manager of private institution:
26. Private institution not to be closed down, etc., without sufficient notice:
27. Manager to hand over properties, records etc., to competent authority on closure, etc., of [private institution other than a registered school]:
28. Restriction on alienation of property of private institution:
29. Liability of manager to repay debts incurred in certain cases:
30. Parent-teacher association:
31. Inspection of educational institutions:
32. Registration of tutorial institutions:
33. Abhyudaya Pradhamika Vidya Samstha and Residential Educational Institutions Society:

[CHAPTER VI-A] Registered Schools

33A. Definition: 
33B. Permission for establishment of registered schools:
33C. Special provision in respect of existing schools:
33D. Cancellation of registration of the registered schools:
33E. Conditions of service of staff:
33F. Maintenance of registers and following of syllabus, etc.:
33G. Advisory Body:
33H. Functions of the advisory body:
33I. Grants:
33J. Properties of registered schools:
33K. Transfer certificate to be counter-signed:
33L. Examination for the students of registered school:
33M. Registered schools to make arrangements for conducting of examination:
33N. Duties of the Management of the registered school:
33O. Inspection:

CHAPTER VII Education Funds of Local Authorities

34. Definitions:
35. Education Fund of Local Authority:
36. Education fund where to be deposited and how to be drawn upon:
37. Levy of taxes:
38. Rate of levy of taxes under Section 
40. Budget of Education Fund:
41. Audit of accounts of Education Fund:


42. Government to set apart sum for giving grant-in-aid to certain recognised institutions:
43. Authorities which may sanction grant:
44. [x x x]
45. Application for sanction of grant and the conditions to be fulfilled on such sanction 
46. Power of Government to withhold, reduce or withdraw grant: 
47. Utilisation of funds and movable property of private institution:

CHAPTER IX Accounts, Audit, Inspection and Returns

48. Accounts:
49. Annual audit of accounts:
50. Inspection or Inquiry:
51. Furnishing of returns, etc.:

CHAPTER X Prohibition of Transfer of Properties by Aided Educational Institutions

52. Definitions: -
53. Prohibition of transfer of lands and buildings by educational institutions without the permission from Government in certain cases: -
54. Consequence of breach of provisions of Section 53
55. Effect of orders under Sections 53(2) and 54
56. Land or building to vest in Government absolutely on possession being taken:
57. Recovery of sums due under this Chapter:
58. Court not to attach, sell, etc., in the absence of permission of the Government:

CHAPTER XI Taking Over of Management, Requisitioning and Acquisition of Educational Institutions

59. Definitions:
60. Taking over of management of educational institutions in public interest: 
62. Contracts etc., made in bad faith may be cancelled or varied:
63. Avoidance of voluntary transfers:
64. Requisitioning of an educational institution:
66. Release from requisitioning and discharge of liability of the Government:
67. Acquisition of property:
68. Principles and methods of determining amount for property requisitioned or acquired:
69. Payment of amount for property requisitioned or acquired:
70. Appeal from the award of the Arbitrator under Section 68 in respect of amount:
71. Arbitrator to have certain powers of Civil Court:
72. Powers of entry and inspection and calling for information:
73. Provisions for existing staff of Educational Institutions:
74. Posts of employees of educational institutions vested under this Chapter to be treated as a unit for certain purposes:

CHAPTER XII Transfer of Control and Management of Certain Schools
75. Powers of Government to take over control and management of schools, belonging to local authority:
76. Transfer of control and management of schools to Zilla Parishads:
77. Transfer of control and management of schools to Abhyudaya Pradhamika Vidya Samstha:

CHAPTER XIII Constitution of Educational Service
78. Constitution of Educational Service:
[78A. Age of superannuation of the staff in aided private educational institutions:
78B. Pension to the employees of aided private, Junior and Degree Colleges:
[78C. "Special representation in.appointment to the posts
78D. Abatement of claims of appointments in Private Educational Institutions

CHAPTER XIV Payment of Salaries and allowances to and Disciplinary action against Employees of Private Institutions
79. Dismissal, removal or reduction in rank or suspension, etc., of employees of private institutions:
80. Appeal against orders of punishment imposed on employees of private institutions:
81. Appeal to Government:
82. Special provisions regarding appeal in certain past disciplinary cases:
83. Retrenchment of employees:
84. Pay and allowances of employees of private institutions to be paid in the prescribed manner:
[84A. Penalties for contravention of this Chapter:

CHAPTER XV Welfare and code of Conduct and Rules of Conduct of the Employees of Educational Institutions
85. Welfare of employees and their code of conduct: 
86. Conduct rules:

CHAPTER XVI Penalties and Procedure
87. Penalties for contravention
88. Offence by companies:

CHAPTER XVII Miscellaneous
89. Appeals:
90. Power of revision by the Government:
91. Review:
92. Powers of Government to give directions:
93. Delegation of powers of Government:
94. Emergency powers of Director:
95. Power to enter and inspect:
96. Penalty for obstructing officer or other person exercising powers under this Act:
97. Protection of acts done in good faith:
98. Managers, employees etc., to be public servants:
99. Power of Government to make rules:100. Exemption:
101. Repeals:
102. Power to remove difficulties:

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