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The Andhra Pradesh Public Works Department Code. AP PWD D Code This Code is intended to define the scope of the administrative and executive functions of the officers of the Irrigation, Drainage, Roads and Buildings, Public Health & Panchayat Raj Engineering Departments. The detailed procedure to be adopted in accounting of transactions authorised by this Code is laid down in the A.P. Public Works Accounts Code. Part One Contents Chapters of the AP Public Words Department PWD Code is given below. Useful for Department Tests Paper Code 137 and Code 142 for Engineering Assistants Department Tests Syllabus. AP PWD D Code

The Andhra Pradesh Public Works Department Code AP PWD Code

          This Code is intended to define the scope of the administrative and executive functions of the officers of the Irrigation, Drainage, Roads and Buildings, Public Health & Panchayat Raj Engineering Departments. It does not deal with questions of pension or leave, nor with the detailed procedure to be followed in connection with the Public Works Department Accounts. The Rules contained in the Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary Rules thereto, and the Pension Rules (including Wound and Injury Pension Rules in the Civil Service Regulations) are applicable to the Public Works Department. Rules in the A.P. Financial and Accounts Code, relating to classes of transactions which occur in the Public Works Department as well as in Civil Departments are binding upon the Public Works Department except in so far as they may be overridden by express provisions in this Code or in the A.P. Public Works Accounts Code. The detailed procedure to be adopted in accounting of transactions authorised by this Code is laid down in the A.P. Public Works Accounts Code.
There are Six Chapters in the AP Public Words Department Code AP PWD Code. Below are the Six Chapters and this contents of the AP PWD Code


A. Introductory 1 
B. Organisation and Functions of the Public Works Department 2—4
C. Recruitment of Officers, Scales of Pay, Allowances, Advances, Leave, Etc. 5
D. Duties of Officers of the Public Works Department— 
I. Chief Engineer 6—12
II. Superintending Engineer 13—23 
III. Superintendent of Works 24
IV. Executive Engineer 25—48
V. Sub-divisional Officer 49
VI. Divisional Accountant 50
E. Compensation for Loss of Property 51
F. Service under Zilla Parishads, Etc. 52—53
G. Employment of Temporary and Workcharged Establishment
I. Temporary Establishment 54—57
II. Work-Charged Establishment 58—59
III. Miscellaneous Rules relating to Workcharged Establishment 60—62
H. Police and Other Guards 63—64
I. Medical Establishment—
I. General 65—66 
II. Pay and Allowances of Medical Establishment 67
III. Transfer of Civil Assistant Surgeons 68
IV. Leave, Retirement and Resignations of Civil Assistant Surgeons 69
V. Removal of Civil Assistant Surgeons 70
J. Miscellaneous Rules
I. Personal 71—73
II. Publication of Rules and Notice 74 
III. Anonymous Communications 75
IV. Procedure in regard to Law Suits 76—77
V. Stationery and Forms 78—83 
VI. Destruction of Official Records 84
VII. Recording of Plans and Drawings 85
VIII. General Rules of Office Procedure 86
IX. Periodical Returns 87


A. Classification of the Operations of the Public Works Department 88—94
B. Works Entrusted to Departments Other than the Public Works Department
I. Forest Department 95
II. Excise Department 96
III. Petty Construction and Repairs 97
IV. Public Works executed by Civil Officers acting as Public Works Disbursers 98
C. Administrative Approval and Technical Sanction 99—103
D. Demands by Civil Officers
I. General 104
II. Petty Original Works costing Rs. 2,500/- or less 108
III. Procedure in regard to Original Works costing more than Rs. 2,500/- 109
IV. Procedure in regard to Repairs 110
V. Limitation of Sanction 111

E. Preparation of Estimates
I. General 112—121
II. Original Works
(a) Civil Buildings 122—125 (b) Roads 126—130 (c) Town-Supply Project 131—132
III. Repairs
(a) General 133—146 (b) Lump-sum Repairs Estimates 147 (c) Special Repairs 148
IV. Roads 149
F. Contracts
I. Methods of Execution of Works 150
II. Contract Documents and Enforcement 151—153
III. Tenders 154—156
Note :—The latest orders of the Government are printed under the Chapter ‘Tenders’ in Part II of this book.
IV. Forms of security for performance of contracts 157
V. Custody of Accepted Tenders and other Contract Documents Authority competent to give certified copies of Tenders and Agreements 158
VI. Officers Empowered to Execute Contracts & Rules on Contracts 159—161
G. Sale, Acquisition and Lease of Land 

1. Sale of Government Land and Immovable Property 162—165 
II. Acquisition of Land
(a) General 166—170
(b) Land held for Military Purposes 171
III. Lease of Lands in charge of the Public Works Department 172
H. Execution of Works
I. Starting Works 173—181
II. Scope of Sanction 182
III. Commencement of Work in anticipation of Detailed Estimates
of the complete Project 183—185
IV. Lapse of Sanction 186
V. Alterations in Design during Construction 187—188
VI. Miscellaneous Rules for the Execution of Works 189—195
VII. Water—supply to Government Buildings 196
VIII. Advances to Contractors 197
IX. Sanitary Rules on Extensive Works 198
X. Information for the Survey of India 199
XI. Construction and Maintenance of Mortuaries 200
I. Deposit Works 
I. General 201—205
II. Special Rules for Works wholly Financed from non— Government Funds 206
III. Rules relating to Construction Estimates for Irrigation and Subsidiary Works 207—208
IV. Government Works Partly Contributed for by Local Bodies and Private Parties 209
V. Clearing of Prickly-pear 210
J. Disposal of Estimates
I. Office of Record for Estimates 211
II. Communication of Sanction to Estimates to the Audit Officer 212
III. Supplementary Estimates 213
IV. Revised Estimates 214
V. Utilisation of Completion Report as revised estimate 215
K. Completion Reports, Certificates and Plans
I. General 216—220
II. Works Executed on behalf of other Departments 221—222
III. Record drawings 223
IV. Office of Record 224


A. General
I. General Rules 225—228
II. Fixtures and Furniture
(a) Fixtures 229 (b) Furniture 230—233
III. Purchases, Sale and Transfer of Government Buildings
(a) Purchase of Buildings 234
(b) Sale and Dismantlement of Buildings 235—238 (c) Transfer of Buildings 239
IV. Hire of Office Accommodation for Officers of the Public Works Department 240—242
V. Renting of Buildings 243—248
VI. Custody of vacant Government Buildings 249
VII. Taxes 250—251
VIII. Remission of Municipal Tax for vacant Buildings and for Buildings wholly or partly demo lished 252
VIII-A. Taxes on New Buildings 253 
IX. Sanitary and Water-Supply Installation 254
X. Electrical and Sanitary Works 255—256
XI. Buildings of Historical Interest 257—258 
XII. Use of Government Buildings by Auxiliary Forces 259
XIII. Inspection of Public Buildings 260
XIV. Registers and Plans of Buildings
(a) Register of Buildings 261 (b) Plans of Buildings 262 

B. Residences for Government Officials 263
C. Construction, Acquisition or Leasing of Residences for Government Officials— I. General 264—267
II. Classification of Residential Buildings 268—269
D. Miscellaneous 270—282
E. Upkeep of the compounds attached to public buildings 283—284
F. Inspection Bungalows 285
G. Ryo t s’ S heds 288
H. Hostels 289


A. Initial Records of Accounts— 290
I. Muster Rolls 291
II. Measurement Books 292—296
III. Progress Reports of Works 297

B. Custody of Cash
I. General 298
II. Precautions to be observed for cashing or remitting of Government money from one Officer to another 299

C. Cashiers 
I. General 300—302
II. Security Deposits (Subordinates) 303

D. Stores 
I. General 304—306
II. Acquisition of Stores
(a) Purchase of Stores 307—312 (b) Indents 313—321 (c) Purchase from Government Workshops 322 (d) Manufacture 323
III. Reserve of Stock 324
IV. Stock-taking 325—327
V. Famine Tools 328
VI. Disposal of Stores—
(a) Loss of Stores 329—330 (b) Sale of Stores 331—339
VII. Hire of Tools and Plant 340—341
VIII. Mathematical Instruments 342
IX. Insurance of Government Property 343

E. Departmental Revenue
I. Sale of usufruct of trees, etc. 344—346
II. Rents of buildings and lands 347
Ill. Navigation Revenue 348
IV. Rents and Freights of Boats and other Floating Plant 349
V. Public Works Department Toll-Gates 350

F. Miscellaneous
I. Maintenance of Ferry Boats 351
II. Bridge over Irrigation Canals and Channels 352
III. Supply of Medicines 353
IV. Store Keepers 354

G. Rules for Divisional Workshops 355—357

H. Transfers of Charges—
I. General 358—359
II. Executive Engineers and Sub-divisional Officers 360—365
III. Other Officers 366


A. Introductory 367—369

B. Works For which capital and revenue accounts are kept
I. Production and Unproductive Works — Definitions 370—372
II. Conditions relating to Productive Works 373
III. Unproductive Works 374
IV. Classification 375-377
V. Principles for determining what expenditure is chargeable
to Capital and what to Revenue 378—379

IV. When Capital and Revenue Accounts should be kept 380—381
C. Works for which only revenue accounts are kept 382
D. Works for which neither capital nor revenue accounts are kept 383
E. Minor irrigation works irrigation less than 200 acres 384
F. Investigation of New Irrigation Schemes 385—388
G. Debit of expenditure on investigations 389
H. Preparation of projects — irrigation works—
I. General 390—392
II. Particular instructions as regard Storage Projects 393
III. Irrigation Projects affecting Indian Sites 394
IV. Embankment 395
V. Project Estimates 396
VI. Sanction to Projects 397—398
VII. Closure of Construction Estimate 399—400
VIII. Completion Reports 401—402
IX. Capital expenditure after closure of construction
estimate before submission of completion report 403
X. Expenditure after the approval of completion report 404—405
XI. Rules governing the submission of estimates for and
the construction of Irrigation Works, the cost of which
exceeds the powers of sanction of State Government 406


A. Powers of Government

I. Fundamental Conditions 407—409 
II. Reports of probable excesses 410
III. Revised State Expenditure 411
IV. Transferred Expenditure 412
V. Famine Relief Works 413
VI. Powers of Re-appropriation 414

B. Powers of Chief Engineer 415—416
C. Powers of Superintending Engineer
I. Roads and Buildings—
A. Original Works 417
B. Repairs 418
C. Tools and Plant 418-A—419
II. Irrigation Works 420
III. Photographical Charges 421
IV. Contracts 422
V. Stores 423
VI. Powers of Re-appropriation 424
VII. Miscellaneous Powers 425—427

D. Power of Executive Engineers—
I. Roads and Buildings—
A. Original Works 428
B. Repairs 429
C. Tools and Plant 429-A II. Irrigation Works 430
III. Contracts 431
IV. Stores 432
V. Powers of Re-appropriation 433
VI. Miscellaneous Powers 434

E. Electrical Engineer’s powers of sacntion 435
F. Powers of Sub-Divisional Officers 436
G. Powers of Assistant Superintendent, Public Works Workshops, Hyderabad, Seethanagaram and the Junior Superintendent incharge of the workshops at Dowlaiswaram 437

H. Powers of Civil Officers—
I. Accord Administrative approval—
A. Original works other than Residential Buildings
and electrical works 438
B. Residential Buildings 439—441
C. Electrical Works 442
D. Powers of the Military Secretary to His Excellency
the Governor 443
II. To accord Technical Sanction 444
III. To pass excess over estimates 445
IV. Contracts and agreements 446
V. Stores 447—448
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