NISHTHA Module 8 Model Portfolio Download Video

 AP NISHTHA Module 8 Model Portfolio Download Video. "AP DIKSHA Module 8"  Pedagogy of Environment Science Model Portfolio Activity Lesson Plan is explained in the below video. The PDF can be downloaded in the given in the video.

AP NISHTHA Module 8 Model Portfolio Download Video

After going through this NISHTHA Module 8 Portfolio module Teachers will be able to;
  • appreciate EVS as an integrated curricular area at the primary stage
  • relate its objectives with the concepts and issues included in the syllabus > locate the concepts and issues in textbooks and be aware of different approaches to their transaction in classroom 
  • plan and design context and need specific learning experiences for children sorganise learning situations to enable children engage meaningfully in both, face to face and distance mode of teaching learning use varied assessment strategies to map the learning progress against learning out comes in EVS


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