Electric 2 Wheelers (Bikes/Scooters) to AP Govt Employees on EMI Basis - Norms GO 4

Electric 2 Wheelers (Bikes/Scooters)  to AP Govt Employees on EMI Basis - Norms GO 4 Electric Two Wheelers to Govt Employees on EMI Basis - Norms GO  G.O.MS.No. 4 Dated: 06-07-2021 NREDCAP- Promotion of E-Mobility-Providing Electric 2-Wheelers to Village Secretariats, Ward Secretariats and other Government employees on EMI basis- Deduction of EMI amount from the salary of individual employee based on the undertaking of the individual employee and recommendation of the Drawing and Disbursement Officer (DDO) in Andhra Pradesh State-Orders-Issued. Electric Bikes to AP Employees

Electric 2 Wheelers (Bikes/Scooters) to AP Govt Employees on EMI Basis - Norms 

GO 4 ENERGY (POWER.II) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 4 Dated: 06-07-2021 
Read the following
  • 1. G.O. Ms. No. 34, Energy, Infrastructure & Investment (Power.II.2) Department, Dated.08.06.2018.
  • 2. G.O. Ms. No. 74, Industries and Commerce (P&I) Department,Dated 08.06.2018.
  • 3. The VC&MD, NREDCAP Lr. No. NREDCAP/EV/17-64/2020-21,Dated 05.02.2021.
  • 4. The VC&MD, NREDCAP Lr. No. NREDCAP/EV/17-64/2020-21,Dated 23.02.2021.

O R D E R:-
New & Renewable Energy Department Corporation of Andhra Pradesh (NREDCAP), has been designated as State Nodal Agency vide reference for policy formulation, implementation & promotion of Electric Vehicles and related mobility technologies in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

2. As per the E-Mobility policy of the Govt. of A.P. vide reference 2nd read above, it is targeted to phase out all fossil fuel based commercial fleets and logistics vehicles in top 4 cities by 2024 and all cities by 2030. In order to begin the phase out of ICE vehicles, considering the EV 2- Wheelers availability in the market, the Vice Chairman & Managing Director, NREDCAP has submitted proposals to the Government vide references 3rd and 4th cited and informed that, NREDCAP has formulated a scheme with funding support from NTPC/EESL and other agencies to supply EV-2 Wheelers on EMI basis to Government Employees on request made voluntarily without any investment from state government.

The scheme highlights are given below:

  • Down Payment – Zero
  • EMI – 24 to 60 Months
  • EMI Amount – ₹.2000 - ₹ Rs.2500 Includes 3 years AMC
  • Range > 40 to 100 Kms per single charge, which may vary from Model to Model and Brand to Brand
  • Speed > 25 to 100 KMPH, which may vary from Model to Model and Brand to Brand
  • Scheme is Voluntary
  • Government Investment-Zero

3. Taking into consideration of E-Mobility Policies and the proposal of the Vice Chairman & Managing Director, NREDCAP, the Government hereby authorizes the VC & Managing Director, NREDCAP to operate the EMI scheme for providing Electric Vehicles to all Government Employees including Cooperative Societies, Public Sector Undertakings and Pensioners, with a special focus on village/ward secretariat staff and other low paid employees who opt for this scheme voluntarily.
4. All the Head of the Departments and Drawing and Disbursement Officers (DDO) are requested to encourage the adoption of Electric Vehicles by their employees on voluntary basis to achieve objectives of Andhra Pradesh E-Mobility Policy. NREDCAP has developed a web portal and mobile app for processing, approval and monitoring of 2 wheeler distribution program on EMI basis to Government Employees.

Detailed Explanation Video - How to APPLY Online

5. NREDCAP will act as Single Window Agency and Employees and DDOs are requested to follow the guidelines mentioned below:
  • a. Interested employees have to submit the application duly filling all the required fields through evnredcap mobile app or web portal www.evnredcap.in and the application will be transferred to DDO login.
  • b. Based on the employee application, the DDO has to verify the application of the individual employee and examine the salary details for eligibility and deduction of the EMI amount from his/her monthly salary. Upon satisfying the details, DDO has to submit the undertaking for deduction of EMI amount from the monthly salary of the concerned employee. The same has to be uploaded in the portal duly signed with seal of the DDO.
  • c. Upon receipt of application duly signed by both employee and DDO, NREDCAP will verify and process the application.
  • d. DDO has to deduct the monthly EMI from the salary of the employee and remit the same to NREDCAP account. The remittance detail has to be uploaded in evnredcap portal by DDO on monthly basis.
  • e. NREDCAP will sanction and deliver the vehicle as opted by employee after receipt of first EMI amount from DDO.
  • f. NREDCAP will monitor the collection of EMIs and submit collection note to the DDOs periodically for remittance of EMIs towards of supply of vehicles to the employees.
  • g. The DDOs shall ensure the monthly deduction of the EMIs to NREDCAP against the cost of the vehicles and in case of any unforeseen conditions like termination/ death of employee, the due amount shall be deducted from terminal benefits of the employee or any other means.
  • h. All DDOs are directed to follow guidelines of NREDCAP from time to time in the above matter.
6. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No.FIN01-FMU0ASD(IC)/39/2021-FMU-IIEIC, dated.14.04.2021, Computer No: 1371802).
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