School Sanitary Aaya Cleaning Duties Further instructions Memo ESE02-27021 Dated:27/04/2022

Memo No. ESE02-27021/45/2022-MDM Dated:27/04/2022 
Sub:- School Education - School Sanitation - Toilet Maintenance Fund - Engaging Ayahs in Govt. Schools and Junior Colleges Implementation of duties -SOP- Orders- Issued- Regarding.

School Sanitary Aaya Cleaning Duties Further instructions Memo ESE02-27021 Dated:27/04/2022 

  • 1.G.O.Ms.No.22 Sch. Education (Prog-1) Dept, Dt.12/3/21.
  • 2.This Office Memo No.ESEO2-27021/7/2021-MDM-CSE,Dt.5/2/213.
  • 3.This Office Memo No. ESEO2-27021-/75/2021-MDM-CSE, Dt.14-12-21.
All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that , the Government created the Toilet maintenance Fund (TMF) under School sanitation in the reference 1st read above for maintaining cleanliness of the Toilets, Urinals, dress change room, wash basins and other associated items of the toilet complexes in all the Government schools and Junior Colleges in Rural and Urban areas. As part of the scheme orders have been issued to engage the sanitary workers i.e., Ayahs through the Parent Committees/ College Development Committees in the Schools/ Junior Colleges.

A detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), mentioning the use of Chemicals/ Tools , frequency of cleaning, Do's and Don’ts were already circulated / communicated to all the concerned for implementation. In the Chapter 3 (1) ( c ) and (d ) ,(g), (h) of the SOP the duties of the Ayahs are enlisted for performance in day to day cleaning activities. The Ayahs shall clean the Toilets once in a day during vacation also.

In addition to the duties assigned in the SOP, the Ayahs should be instructed to attend to (i) Cleaning of Campus (ii) Cleaning of Water tanks (iii) Cleaning of Drinking Water Systems (iv) Collection and disposal of  debris into community / Municipal dust bins regularly for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. All the Headmasters/ Principals of Colleges, Parents Committee/ College Development Committees shall ensure the implementation of the procedures regularly.

All the District Education Officers / Principals of other Institutions are requested to take necessary action in the matter.