AP Teachers School Complex Meetings 2023 Schedule, Dates, Agenda, Time Table for 2023-24

AP Teachers School Complex Meetings 2023 Schedule, Agenda Items, Time Table for 2023-24. The School Complex Meetings Schedule, Timings, Themes, Agenda Items, Time Table Released. The School Complex Meetings should be conducted according the norms released officially. Details of the School Complex Meetings for 2023-24 are given below.

UPDATE: Memo.SS-15/02/2023-SAMO-SSA, 19/07/2023 Released with Primary, Subject School Complex Meetings Dates, for All Months and guidelines for conducting school Complexes.

Sub: Samagra Shiksha, A.P – SIEMAT – AP.SS,-SIEMAT- Amaravati – Conduct of Primary & Subject School Complex meetings cum Trainings- Issue of Guidelines -Orders- issued -Reg.

The School Complex Meetings Schedule for 2023-24 is applicable for Primary Schools School Complex, High Schools Complex Meetings. 
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AP Teachers School Complex Meetings 2023 Schedule, Agenda Items, Time Table for 2023-24

All the District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators of SS in the State are informed that, the Cluster Resource centers are the most critical units for training onsite support to schools and teachers at gross root level. 

The NEP 2020 also indicates that A school complex will be a cluster of public schools in a contiguous geography offering education across all stages -Foundational to Secondary schools. The Continuous professional development (CPD) of teachers will be an important responsibility of the school complex. 

A comprehensive teacher development plan (TDP) will be drawn up for the purpose, including multiple modes of development. The aim of these school complex/cluster will promote greater resource efficiency and more effective functioning, coordination, leadership, governance and management of schools in the cluster

The activities of the School Complexes are as follows:
  • • Introduction of better methods of evaluation and for regulating the promotion of children from one class to another.
  • • In-service Training on pedagogy, TLM preparation and new programmes implementing by the department to all teachers.
  • • Organization of periodical meetings of teachers in the School Complex for Continuous teacher training programmes.
  • • o sharing the best practices and resources among the cluster schools.
  • • Inspection of Cluster School Head Master to lower schools for providing on job support
The CRCs (CRPs) need to undertake regular visits and organize monthly meetings to discuss academic issues and design strategies for better school performance. Periodic inspection and supervision of schools to observe the infrastructure and facilities and the administrative aspects is critical.

School Complex Meeting Schedule (Primary and Subject Complexes)

1st Complex Training 25-07-2023 & 26-07-2023
2nd Complex Trainings 28-08-2023 & 29-08-2023
3rd Complex Training 26-09-2023 & 27-09-2023
4th Complex Training 28-11-2023 & 29-11-2023
5th    Complex Training 28-12-2023 & 29-12-2023
6th Complex Training 29-01-2024 & 30-01-2024
7th Complex Training 27-02-2024 & 28-02-2024
8th Complex Training 27-03-2024 & 28-03-2024

Further all the District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators of SS in the State are instructed to make functional all the School complexes app roved in the PAB 2023-24. In this regard the APCs of S.S in the State are informed to issue suitable instructions for conduct of conduct 8 Primary School Complex trainings and 8 Subject School Complex trainings for improving the professional quality levels of Teachers in the State. The Primary Level School Complex meetings will be conducted in two phases covering 50% of teachers from each school without hindrance to regular school activities and to ensure each complex

30 to 40 teachers should attend the training with 100%. To make this happens MEO of that mandal may combine two complexes’ meetings at one place. First day at first school and second day at another school. The Detail Schedule and guidelines for Primary and Subject level School Complex meetings are placed in minutes approved by the State Project Director of SS.

All the District Educational Officers and Additional Project Officers of SS in the State are informed to communicate all the guidelines to School Complex Head Masters in their respective districts for smooth conduct of School Complexes as per the Schedule.
Convergence meeting is held at Conference Hall, Samagra Shiksha on 30.06.2023 with regard to the action plan for conduct of school complexes during the year 2023-24 with SCERT, The Department of Women and Child Welfare, SIEMAT, SAMO, all TSC of SALT project.

The Following are discussed during the meeting
  • JD, SAMO chaired the meeting and briefed the background of school complex meetings.
  • • Smt. Sonali Consultant PMU explained the road map for Strengthening of School Complexes in the state.
  • • Dr.S.Prasada Rao, lecturer SIEMAT explained the previous practices for conduct of school complex meetings.
  • • SCERT Faculty suggested the academic activities to include in the meetings like syllabus completion, assessment and also suggested to change the nomenclature from School Complex meetings to School Complex Trainings.
  • • The Women and Child Welfare Department has requested to include separate slot for discussion on pre- primary education and also invite Anganawadi workers, supervisors and concerned CPDO also to attend the meetings.
  • • Each representative of TSCs has given suggestions for efective strengthening of school complex meetings.
  • • Suggested to include the PWC member in the state level school complex Committee for extend their support.
  • • Discussed the mechanism to finalise monthly agenda items for School Complex.
  • • Discussed the implementation and monitoring structure of complex meetings
  • • Suggested to strengthen the District, mandal and school complex pool of Resources
  • • DIET faculty should attend the school complex meeting as subject experts
  • • Complexes meetings should cater the needs of the pre primary to Sr.Secondary schools as per NEP 2020-20.
  • • School Complex trainings should be conducted in school complexes where reorganization has done.
  • • Each School Complex training should ensure minimum 30 teacher to be attended Samagra Shiksha shall issue guidelines to conduct the School Complex training as per the Academic Calendar as shown below

School Complex Meetings Schedule 2023-24

Complex Type Primary school complex meetings for Primary level
  • • 28th of every month 
  • • CRC for Primary Schools : 50% of primary teachers
  • • 29th of Every month 
  • • CRC for Primary Schools : 50% of primary teachers
 Subject complexes for Secondary level
  • • Language Complex : 28th of every month
  • • Subject CRCs : Telugu, Maths, Bio Science teachers
  • • Non languages: 29th of every month
  • • Subject CRCs : Hindi, English, Phy Science and Social studies teachers
• If any holiday comes in the above mentioned day, then the complex meeting should be conducted on the next working day.(As per academic calendar)

• One slot should be added for pre primary in the primary Complex meeting schedule

• Conduct orientation meeting to all AMOs(MEOs), Complex HMs and CRPs on organization of school complex meetings before the commencement of school complex meetings.

• Prepare agenda items in advance in every school Complex meetings and issue instruction to the teachers after fnalization of state level committee.

• PMU and IT team shall develop the monitoring app to track the attendance of complex meetings.

• Samagra Shiksha should release the budget Rs. 25,000 per complex as per PAB approval before commencement of the school complex meetings.

• Complex HMs should follow the agenda items given by the state office to discuss in the school complex meetings as shown below (Complex HMs should follow the agenda items given by the state office. The following are the agenda items that can be discussed)

School Complex Agenda - Model Schedule (1st - 5th) Primary Schools

School Complex Meetings Time Table and Agenda Items
Time Agenda Item
09:00- 09:10 Prayer
09:10- 09:30 Minutes of last meeting to be discussed
09:30- 10:30 Priorities for the month Model Lesson Plan discussion | TPD Course discussions and concerns (LFE)
10:30 -10:45 Break
10:45 - 1.00 Teach Tool Observations and suggestions to be improved (LFE)
1:00 - 2:0 Lunch Break
2.00 - 3.00 FLN - Observations from monitoring, trainings, TLM Usage, and innovative practices (Pratham)
3.00 - 4.00 Assessment Related Observations and Discussion (Ei)
4.00 - 4.15 Tea Break
4.15 - 4.45 Expert Talk (Based on theme)
4.45 - 5.00 Plan for next month | Information sharing by Chairman

Month Wise Themes and Items To be Discussed

  • • Every month one priority issue is needed to focus on the complex level meeting
  • • School complex HM should discuss and review on the completion of syllabus, assessments, correction of children workbooks , conduct of special days and sharing the best practices
  • • Within in the school complex all the schools under AP government (all government management schools) must be identified and mapped.
  • • Mapping of Aanganwadi/Pre primary schools to Sr. Secondary schools should be mapped with School Complexes.
  • • Establish FLN Model School under each School Complex and also establish FLN Model Classroom in each DIET.
  • • For Urdu School, 3-4 Mandals can together form one complex.

Month Wise School Complex Suggested Themes

The Following themes will be discussed in the complex meetings as shown below.

Suggested Themes Agencies Month

CCE, Formative and Summative Assessments - NAS and SLAS orientation/Philosophy of CBA question pattern

CBA Assessments July 2023
Teach tool Observations SCERT | LFE August 2023
Aanganwadi and Primary Education. Initiatives taken by the State.- TarL Pratham September 2023
Difficult Concepts in Mathematics SCERT October 2023
Education policies and its impact on AP context SCERT November 2023
21 CC skills and integration in Teaching -TCM SCERT December 2023
Leadership Development among Teachers LFE | SCERT January 2024
Inclusion and Exclusion practices   February 2024
Concepts – Demos   March 2024
Innovative activities   Extra Topic
Usage of teacher and upgradation of LFE guidebooks - Capturing the feedback   Extra Topic
ICT Tools and Techniques   Extra Topic
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