APSCERT Official Digital Lesson Plans -SCERT AP Teacher Resource Books PDF Download

APSCERT Official Lesson Plans -APSCERT Teacher Resource Books PDF Download. AP SCERT has officially released the Lesson Plans and Teacher Resource Material for making the Teaching Learning Process easier.

    The  "APSCERT Official Lessons" / "Teacher Resource Book' contains all the pedagogical techniques and suggested plans to bring ease and innovation to the professional life of the teachers in Andhra Pradesh who strive hard to make the vision and reforms of the Department into reality, impacting the lives of lakhs of children across the state. 

    It is based on evidence-based practices organized in an easy to read format, that will surely benefit the teachers and bring contemporary pedagogical practices and ease some of the burden of teachers across the state. We welcome the teachers' feedback and hope everyone enjoys implementing the activities in this resource book, as much as we enjoyed creating and designing them.

    APSCERT Official Lesson Plans -APSCERT  Teacher Resource Books PDF Download

    APSCERT Official Lesson Plans -APSCERT  Teacher Resource Books PDF Download


    PEDAGOGICAL PRACTICES: At the start of the Academic year, Teachers can use the TCM (Teachers Competency Matrix) and self-evaluate themselves across different domains. They can prioritise a few teacher competencies they would like to focus on and work on them. For every 1 month, teachers can come back to the TCM, see where they have progressed on the prioritised teacher competency, and practice on new competencies.

    SELF-EVALUATION QUESTIONNAIRE is a self-reflective questionnaire based on the TCM helping teachers to question themselves on their existing practices and thereby motivating them for their professional growth.

    GUIDELINES ON HOW TO CREATE LESSON PLANS provide guidance to teachers on the different aspects of the lesson plan template. There is also a detailed mention of different strategies and how they can be modeledin the classroom.

    MODEL LESSON PLANS are provided for a chapter. Synopsis provides an overview of the topics and key aspects of the chapter. Teachers can go through the synopsis before going through the textbook content in the chapter. Period plans are provided keeping a broader Teaching Learning Process. Teachers can go through the suggested activities and teacher references mentioned in the plans and make a detailed one as per the needs of their classroom. Components in the plan are also mapped with TCM to show the practical application of TCM behaviours.

    ANNUAL TRACKER is meant for teachers to get a bird’s eye perspective on different subjects they are teaching. At the start of the Academic year, teachers can plan for the whole year by allotting chapter names across all the months. They can come back to this tracker every month, and tick the chapters which were finished. This planner will help teachers to organise chapters based on priority.

    MONTHLY TRACKER will help teachers to plan for the entire month. Teachers can write the Sub-topics and Objectives to be covered in a given month for the chapters that will be covered in the month.


    1. Understanding of learners and creation of conducive classroom culture
    2. Policy, curriculum, and content knowledge
    3. Quality Teaching Learning Process
    A.Classroom Teaching: Planning and Facilitation
    B.Managing multigrade and multilevel (Differentiated) learning
    C.Integrating 21st Century Skills
    D.Assessing and evaluating learning
    4. English Proficiency
    5. Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning (SEEL)
    6. Collaboration with Students, Colleagues and Parent Community
    7. Professional Development

    APSCERT Official Lesson Plans Downloads Section

    • Overview of Teacher Resource Book
    • Guidelines on how to use Teacher Resource Book
    • Pedagogical Practices (TCM)
    • Self-evaluation Questionnaire based on TCM
    • Guidelines on how to create Lesson Plans
    • Model Lesson Plans
    • Annual Tracker
    • Monthly Tracker
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