Nadu Nedu Phase-1 SMF Funds for School Maintenance 2023 Guidelines

Nadu Nedu Phase-1 SMF Funds for School Maintenance 2023 Guidelines Cir.No.2286844 /MBNN/2023, Dated: 04/12/2023
Sub: SE – MBNN -Phase-I Schools – School maintenance of all the assets created under Nadu Nedu , Phase-I – Guidelines Reg.

Government has decided that by 21st December all Phase-I Schools are to be given a facelift by taking up a comprehensive maintenance of all the assets created during Phase- I of Mana Badi Nadu Nedu programme.

All the District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators are directed to take up the following maintenance activities. For all the Central Procurement items which are under warranty, the suppliers should be contacted and repairs and necessary maintenance should be taken up through as per the SLAs(Service Level Agreements).For all other items the Head Masters should take up maintenance and repairs through the Funds provided under School Maintenance Funds.

General Guidelines:

Maintenance of assets provided by CPM Vendors:
All assets including painting within the warranty period will be taken up by the companies. Head Masters has to raise tickets for the repairs or maintenance of the assets. The companies has to resolve the issues within 7 days from the raising of tickets.

Maintenance of non-CPM assets:
School Maintenance Funds will be utilized by HMs to take up maintenance of non-CPM assets.

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu 10 Components:

1. Toilets with Running Water:

There should be separate toilets for boys and girls. Continuous water supply must be ensured at all hand-wash stations. The following activities can be taken up with the SMF funds.

i) Wall repairs (gaps and plastering)
ii) Flooring Repairs including tiles repair.
iii) Hand wash station
a) Replacement of taps
b) Replacement of Grating of out let for hand wash station.
iv) Sump and Over Head Tank repairs
a) Constructions of cast-in-situ water tank in a place damaged pvc tanks
b) RCC tank leakages
c) Electrical motor repairs
v) Septic Tank repairs
vi) Doors and ventilators repairs
vii) Replacement of damaged doors and ventilators
viii) Roof slab repairs
ix) Others identifed as essential and needful.

2. Class Room Civil Repairs:
i) Wall repairs (gaps & Plastering)
ii) Roof slab repairs
iii) Flooring Repairs
iv) Doors, Windows & Ventilators Repairs
v) Ceiling Repairs
vi) Sunshades, Ataka, Almirahs Repairs vii)Others identified as essential and needful.
3. Drinking Water Supply:
Ensure that all Drinking water systems are functional. Conduct regular testing of the drinking water to meet safety standards related to water fixtures, pipes, and storage facilities to identify and address any potential issues and see that there are no disruptions in the drinking water supply. Ensure that the water is free from the contaminants such as lead, bacteria, and other potential pollutants. Attend regular preventive maintenance activities to address wear and tear on water infrastructure. Identify and replace any plumbing or fixtures that may contain lead, especially in old buildings.

i) Battery repairs
ii) Pump Set Repairs
iii) Water Pipe Connection Repairs
iv) RO Plant Repairs including Filters Replacement
v) Others identified as essential and needy.

4. Electrification with Fans and Tube lights:
Ensure that all fans and tube lights are in good working condition. All wiring equipment must be properly insulated.

i) Ceiling Fans
ii) Tube Lights, Batten Holders, Street Lights
iii) PVC pipes
iv) Wirings
v) Switches, Switch Boards
vi) Service Connections
vii) Others identified as essential and needy.

5. Kitchen Shed:
i) Wall repairs (gaps & Plastering)
ii) Roof slab repairs
iii) Flooring Repairs
iv) Doors, Windows & Ventilators Repairs
v) Ceiling Repairs
vi) Sunshades, Ataka, Almarahs Repairs
vii) Others identified as essential and critical.

6. Painting to entire campus:

Maintaining paintings in schools is important for preserving their aesthetic value and ensuring a positive learning environment. Ensure the painting surfaces are clean, no dust, dirt and signs of damage such as cracks, faking, peeling of painting or discoloration.

i) Class rooms Painting (Internal, External)
ii) Toilets Painting (Internal, External)
iii) Kitchen shed (Internal, External)
iv) Compound Walls (Internal, External)
v) Doors, Windows, Ventilators & Gate
vi) Others identified as essential and required.

7. Compound Walls:

There should not be any sign of damage, such as cracks and damages

i) Wall repairs (gaps & Plastering)
ii) Fencing Repairs
iii) Gate Repairs
iv) Others identified as essential and needy.

8. Old Furniture (Not covered in CPM items):
i) Identification of repairs
ii) Repairing of Furniture
iii) Painting to Furniture

9. Green Chalk Boards/IFPs: Covered in CPM items, Tickets shall be raised and get them repaired within 7 days.

10. Maintenance of School campus, Play Ground and Courts (Only High Schools):
i) Cleaning of Campus and keep free from debris
ii) Maintaining Playground and courts as per the requirements.

General Cleanliness:
Maintain a clean campus and its surroundings, which is very crucial for creating a healthy and conducive learning environment. Ensure proper markings, sign boards from entrance to classrooms, corridors, restrooms, and other common areas. Ensure that waste bins are strategically placed throughout the school and regularly emptied.

District Educational Officers/ Additional Project Co-ordinators shall ensure that this activity is taken up in a mission mode and completed before 21st December. Necessary instructions and guidance may be issued to all the Head Masters Executing agencies and Vendors.

Managing Director, APEWIDC to ensure that the CPM Vendors attend to this item of work on Priority and complete the issues raised within the SLA period.Appropriate instructions may be issued to all concerned including field staff.